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Well a new wallpaper from me! FINALLY! x_x I was actually working on three different wallpapers all at once.. and surprisingly this isn't one of them! XD After watching all of Wolf's Rain yesterday and the day before I had the urge to make a wallpaper with either Cheza or Toboe in it XD And so at 11:00am this morning I started on it.. it took me till 11:00pm to finish.. x_X; you do the math cause my brain is dead.. This is my first time vectoring and I did everything myself! ^^ *ish proud* Also I took many different pieces of Cheza to turn her into what she looks like now, seeing as that image of her didn't have her feet or legs so I redrew the other half of her body.. -__-; took me forever. I drew all the flowers and used a mixture of bushes and patterns for the background behind her. The shadows on her body are of wolfs... I hope you enjoy! @_@;

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(please view in full for better look at detail)


Chosen by Sheqel and shyxsakura

stylishly beautiful.
everything about this wall is beautiful and mellowized <3

Proposed by Sheqel and highlighted by shyxsakura.

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Browse Wolf's Rain Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. phamthuha Jan 28, 2006

    Hey! You really got a stylish way of design ^_^ I love wall like this so of course +Fav. Keep it up Leaf-chan!

  2. Asahi Jan 28, 2006

    awww.. saw it a few minutes ago on ap ... love your work very much. all the detail. the vector work - very clean. its fantastic work done <3 +fav

  3. cyd84 Jan 28, 2006

    very delicate and detailed wall
    I love the flowers except the large faded one in the left corner looks a little out of place...maybe if it was larger/more outlined
    Great job for a first vector!

  4. Yina Jan 28, 2006

    ehh? it was you on AP? x____x
    i didn't recognize your nickname.. haha stupid me.. ^_^'
    nyaa.. so go and read my comment on AP kudasai.. >D
    +fav.. for a wonderful work =3

  5. Emma Jan 28, 2006

    OMG I love the style! Like those flowers ^^ I like how the wall seems to have a bit of texture to it too. *giggles* I see more flowers above her head so faded. Very nice composition! And I luv the scan. Never saw Wolf's Rain, but she seems so sad. It moves the wall. Very stylish wall ^_^

  6. sylvacoer Jan 28, 2006

    Oooo, I love teh fantasy myst background, it's spiffy! I don't even want to know how many layers that took you... ^_^' Ne ne, is Wolf's Rain a good series? I was vaugely interested in it because Yoko Kanno did the OST, but never got around to actually watching it...

  7. acid-awakening Jan 29, 2006

    Great Wall
    Btw... when you sed.. you did everythin yourself
    Does that mean that your other walls are
    You know, you had help from someone else?
    Anywayz... nice work on the wall
    Thanx for Sharing

  8. Zoamel Jan 29, 2006

    So beautyful. I love this soft colours :)
    The flowers are simply great :D

  9. umidori Jan 29, 2006

    I love the colours and the composition. And the vectoring is really well-done! The outlines look very delicate. The flowers are a nice touch too. Beautiful wall! ^^

  10. Sandra Jan 29, 2006

    I Love Wolf's Rain Wallpapers XD

  11. AngelKate Jan 30, 2006

    Oh wow! That's really beautiful! Such a unique style! The little details are so amazing. Great job! ^_^

  12. unicorn2006 Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2006

    First time vectoring? @_@ Nice job.. I guess I still have ways to go. ~_~
    The soft color scheme is nice and easy on the eyes, the transparency of the flowers and the effects give it an additional touch of soft mystery. It's visually very appealing. ^^

    This might be my personal preference, but the strong contours and solid colors on Cheza kind of creates a disconnect between her and the background. The pattern of wolves as her shadows I think kind of alleviates it, and I guess that could have been intentional. Hm it does draw more attention to her so maybe that's actually better. Anyway nice job~

  13. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2006

    beautiful wallie Leaf-san! i love the color scheme and especially the background! the flowers really add a nice touch! (you drew them all? @_@) the only thing that i can see is that her legs look a little funky when i viewed in full mode... the golden colored line-y things are too straight... perhaps a break at the knees would make them seem less stiff...? but otherwise great job! you really are very talented! :D

  14. niina02 Jan 30, 2006

    i like it!
    so pure~... so beautiful...~
    great work!
    + fav

  15. Sumomo- Jan 30, 2006

    Simply beautiful. I love the anime and this wallpaper really complements it.
    Fave for sure.

  16. krysmoon Jan 31, 2006

    I haven't seen the anime yet but this wallpaper is very beautiful. Your work really paid off.It looks great

  17. karuu Mute Member Jan 31, 2006

    joli ^^

  18. kaisui1tatsu Feb 01, 2006

    I love this show! Cheza looks great! I like the faded look that you gave it and the layout is great! Thanks for sharing!

  19. windyroller Feb 01, 2006

    I like the idea behind this and the way you've pulled it off. I love walls with the stained glass effect.
    There is just one thing bothering me: am I the only one who has a problem with Cheza's hips? The proportions are seem to be off. :?

  20. narutofan92 Feb 02, 2006

    So this is the wall that you said you were posting hmm?
    I think it's awesome, I had seen it a while ago, (when you told me about it actually)
    but hadn't the time to come comment until now.. x_X'

    The background, looks very well done it suits cheza and the colors of her body very well, it's a good contrast I like it. As for all the vectoring it was done exquisitely, you could hardly tell it was your first time doing it. ^_~
    Although I slightly find it strange that she is well just floating there...o_o...but heh, that is just a silly observation. Over all I love this wall, and it's awesome to see it's highlighted on the frontpage. ^_^
    Can't wait till you release your other 3 walls! -lol-

  21. Omega-Knight Feb 02, 2006

    The blending of colors looks nice.

    merged: 02-02-2006 ~ 06:21pm
    The blending of colors looks nice.

  22. mintytwinblademaiden Feb 02, 2006

    I like the flowers, I haven't seen wolf's rain so I can't say that much about the person but I think it looks nice.

  23. Dreksesthai Feb 03, 2006

    That is fantastic. It reminds me of DaVinci's Vetruvian Man. Bravo.

  24. GallyAngel Feb 03, 2006

    Wow, that's amazing. I love the textures, and the blend of colors. First time vector? Nice Nice! ^_^

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