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Full view please.... there are MILLIONS effects in this wall >_<

Hi there everybody ^_^ Such a long time i didn't make a wall >_<! So now i finish one ^_^ This wall takes me nearly a month for the idea, and 3 days to make out this scene.
Well, for the very first comment, i want to say that i dedicate this wallie to Phill-chan She is so so so sweet and lovely. Without her advices and encouragement, i amnot sure i can ever have idea for any new works ^_^

Back to the wall ^_^

Well, about the history for the idea of this wall, it is really long .... As it said in the layers, i did made it to 237 layers O_o, such an unbelieable one. But sure i del alot so it can't be counted like that ^_^

When i see the scan, i did want to make it into a sand beach scene.... but no matter how i made, it turn out to be my latest work *Sleeping Beauty*... and so i just find an end in my idea....

So then i try to make a grass scene ^_^ It is always my dream to make a flower garden atmosphere and i think this wall has turned out a bit my dream ^_^ I did try pretty hard, with all the effect i have and i learn .... so believe me, there are really millions effects in this wall....

Oh sure i want to say my biggest thank to some wall i take as guidement from some talent members of MT ^_^ as Semanga-san for her Show me the way... wall (i am impressed so much from the first time i vist MT so this work also is a high reach from me >_<) ; Emma-san for her October Breeze that is so lovely ^_^ and Gundamzz-chan for his Starlight Angel that bring me the beautiful feeling of sky ^_^
Oh yup i use alot of wall to create out my idea ^_^ So thank to all of you again.

About the timeline and hard stuff

Time to work: 3 days and yes, 20 hours aday (my back is hurting right now for sitting to long... gonna go take some message *cry*)
Layers: exactly 107 layers ^_^ This time i did spend some minutes to count.
The thing i add in:
- Grass: well as i said in *Gentle side*, grass is one of my biggest weak point ^_^ So i still try to hang out to ensure that i can get used to making nice grass >_<
- Some dot fly as small leaves ^_^: i think add them in make the scene more beautiful ^_^
- Some butterflies: around the girl and above the grass ^_^
- Lighting effect : tons of lighting effect here, just see it yourselves ^_^
- Some trees ^_^: I add in some leaves as Phill-chan advise >_<
- A fence: also add in as phill-chan advise to make the wall less empty >_<
- A lovely sky: I really lke the sky i made this time ^_^ The color is so calming in my view ^_^
- Text: i did try to make it nicer >_<!
- A lovely scan: you can see it original here:
GotoP scan

Okay, so now enjoy ! Faves and comments are welcome as always ^_^ Love you all so much *kisses*
And today is also our LUNAR NEW YEAR EVE So best wishes to all Asian members ^_^ Have a nice night hanging around the street and enjoy the atmosphere :nya:

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Fukuu-san
Wall: I Still...
Reason: So COOL! Love the idea >_<! (the fact is that i love all Fukuu's works....)

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 28, 2006

    Wow! This is really awesome! I absolutely love the colors and that scan is too cute! One thing bothers me though: that tree in the back (the one with the green leaves). Look a tad weird. Other than that though, excellent job!

  2. enchantressinthedark Jan 28, 2006

    Wow.....This wallpaper....really stunning and impressive! Your walls are alll so nice and this really has loads of details! I love it!

  3. keevang Jan 28, 2006

    this is awesome. >_<
    so pweety~ *_*

  4. chau-chan Jan 28, 2006

    The wallpaper looks very awesome! I liek how you made the sparkes in the background. The the orginal background of the sky and the grass.

  5. strawberrt Jan 28, 2006

    WHOA.. you took THAT long to plan it out and make it? >_< you must be crazy. But the outcome is really nice. The scan is so cute, and the background: gorgeous.

  6. nolove Jan 28, 2006

    so so fabulous Ha-chan. what can i say? it's really winderful, i can understand how hard you become since you make such awesome wallie like SLeeping Beauty, but this one turn out really great till i cant believe my eye over 200layers >.<. but i did so great job Ha-chan, new idea, totally different from the previous ^^, awesome, i must have this one in my fav from now ^^

  7. AngelKate Jan 28, 2006

    Oh my god....sweetie this is beautiful! I love the butterflies, and the grass, and everything is just so wonderful! I can tell that this took you a really long time. Wonderful, wonderful job!

    EDIT - This went straight to my desktop! And I haven't changed it in over a month. :)

  8. aishiteraburu Jan 28, 2006

    thuha-chan's another great work

    i don't know how u do it but u just do it
    i'm always amazed by your works
    and this one is just fabolous
    everything in it is great
    so it obviously is going to my fave

  9. Machika Jan 28, 2006

    This is absolutely fabulous! As expected from you thuha-chan! I always like the way you make backgrounds! This bg is very nice, I love it! Fav from me :)

  10. Tinbad Jan 28, 2006

    Lovely wall :D

  11. kelsal Jan 28, 2006

    Very Very nice indeed.^_^
    l really like it.

  12. knightstar3 Jan 28, 2006

    wahh! so cute! XD very pretty sparklies, and the butterflies are beautiful! ^^
    i really love the trees in the back with the autumn leaves, very nicely done.
    another awesome wallie from you. >-< keep it up! ;)

  13. LostRain Jan 28, 2006

    This picture is beautiful! The theme is intriguig and very enchanting. It have a peaceful back ground to it, and a calm aura around it. Keep up the good work.

  14. vodkamint Jan 28, 2006

    Wonderful, Thuha-chan! You're getting better and better! I love the wallpaper. It's so dreamy and warm.
    Just a few suggestion though, shouldn't the tree on the left has leaves on it too? Even if it's just a little. Because it looks kinda weird that the other tree has and only that tree doesn't.
    But other than that, VERY VERY NICELY DONE! (:
    Fav for sure! Keep it up, Thuha-chan!

  15. somebodyelse Retired Moderator Jan 28, 2006

    The only odd thing I noticed is the one butterfly on her sleeve; it just looks like a very flat spot over the scan and takes away from the "suspension of disbelief" effect of the rest of the wall. Maybe you could put a "bent" one in, or take a picture of a real butterfly (a blue one would look nice) and run it through a blur filter.

    It took me about 5 minutes to see that though, I was so floored by everything else. The glitter spiral and the grass must have taken an awful lot of work. The scan's extracted perfectly- I couldn't find a single stray pixel. The sky color matches the scan perfectly. Interesting idea with the arch fence- it took me a minute to figure out it WAS a fence. It was like I was there looking at her- until I saw that darn flat butterfly!

    Overall this is excellent, I'm definitely fav-ing this one. Now go fix that butterfly * cough *

  16. wolfling Jan 28, 2006

    you did a beautiful job adding this one to favs for sure!
    please keep it up

  17. Darkbeat Jan 28, 2006

    Pham...once again you have shown that your work gets better and better with each new wallie you submit. Truly...I love this one and it brings so much tranquility. It somewhat makes me miss Autumn period ^^

    A wonderful piece of art that was made by a person I hold dear...my sweet phamthuha. Keep up the great work, because you know I will be watching you ;)

  18. ShiXon Jan 28, 2006

    such lovely wall with fantastic effects pham-chan, i'm extremely jealous >__< i like the grass most in this wallie of yours <33 the scan is really cute and everything blend and makes a really wonderful wallie and i think phill will totally love this wallie of yours phamthuha since you made it so beautifully ^____^ aah i just can't stop praising this wallie xDD

  19. rene3088 Jan 28, 2006

    really awesome wallie pham~(^0^). really wonderful and I can get the atmosphere. I agree with ShiXon that Phil will love this wallie so much. and I can take my eyes far from it..kawaii

  20. Phill Jan 28, 2006

    ^^ thank you , Ha :"> I was so happy when you said this lovely wall is for me , thank you really much ^0^ , you did a great job
    keep up awsome job
    + fav ( 2 hours ago :"> just come back to add comment ^0^)

  21. Leaf Jan 28, 2006

    Nice! ^^ It's very sparkly as usual XD (which is a good thing) lol Anyways I love the light effects that you used! They look really nice. The only thing is that I think there's too much going on.. maybe.. it's just hard to look at all the effects all at once.., o_O; but it looks wonderful! ^^ Awesome work! ^^

  22. KittyCyn Jan 28, 2006

    Very nice Pham! I like a lot the colors! What I like the most is the grass...I can say you spent more time there than in the rest of the BG ;) lot of work can be seen ^^
    The fall trees are also very nice touch!
    Mmmm the only thing I think could be more worked are the butterflies I know they are brushes, but maybe an interesting idea would be to use stock butterfly pics...cause the grass and the rest of the BG is very realistic and worked, and those butterfly brushes are too flat and simple XP
    Other than that is an amazing wallie!
    +Favie ;) Keep it up ^^

  23. Ayasal Jan 28, 2006

    owww! its so pretty! I love all the MILLIONS effects in this wall! XD such a lovely wall with fantastic effects. its just so magicly XD XD
    good work as always! hehe~
    keep up the good work!
    and its a fav from me^^

  24. dianas Jan 28, 2006

    ..lovely wallie..cutie Pham-chan..this atmosphere from your walls
    is tipical for you..so magical..i always like how you make the sky.. :)
    cute butterflys you have added ..and the chara ..hehe she si sweet ;)
    of course you will have a fav from me for your work :D

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