Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Our Destinies [For Yureika]

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne, Kira Yamato, Athrun Zala Wallpaper
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Series Lacus Clyne Character Kira Yamato Character Athrun Zala Character

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Artist Comment

Our Destinies
The official crazy extractor is back! XD This time I present to you the three main couples of Seed Destiny! But *sobs* Everyone ish together except Athrun and Cagalli... Don't blame me, blame the group scan I found on MT! The positioning of the characters were inspired by the group scan of the six of them


But the quality wasn't that good, so I decided to use seperate scans and combined them into one! Took me 2 hours more to finish this wall, and I've put lots of details in it.

First off, Kira's hair >.< I don't know if you noticed any flaws, but the top part of his hair was drawn out by me >.< So GOMEN to all Kira fans if I've ruined your Kira's beautiful hair o_0

Second, Cagalli. I can't seem to find a scan that has her left arm along because it ish oh so rare, so I used this method and hah! You'll find this funny for sure! I extracted her left arm only from the original group scan, and I enlarged it and did loads of cleaning. Then, the rest of Cagalli's body ish from a high quality scan (which is without her left arm) ^^ I sorta combined both of them together XD

Well, the others...erm...the lower part of Shinn and Stellar looks cut off cause I just don't have the faintest idea how to draw it. >.< So er...excuse me about that ^^

This ish an ULTRA SUPER DUPER MULTI early birthday pwesent for my girl fwend, Yureika! *hugs* I know your birthday ish in Feb but then, school ish killing me plus, Chinese New Year ish coming up, I'm afraid I can't make it in time so here's an early birthday pwesent! Hope you'll like it and HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE!

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  1. revontulet Jan 27, 2006

    Oh wow! Sasuga enchantressinthedark :D
    What a magical background and beautiful scan (i have this scan on my wall ehehe)...poor asucaga ey :( Well done like always +fav!

  2. Milkiyo Jan 27, 2006

    oh oh...It's feb? why didn't she tell meh? hahaha...the bg is beautiful...a bit blur but then the original one is isn't it?
    nice drawing and touching up u did^^

  3. Kzaer Jan 27, 2006

    Nice wall, I like the bg~Thx~ XD

  4. nolove Jan 27, 2006

    wow, so lovely XD, im getting in love with GSD, ur lovely wall has a very nice BG which fit the scans so much, oh but why Cagalli and Athrun in the opposite site ~_~

  5. phamthuha Jan 27, 2006

    your skill is IMPROVING PRETTY FAST I am so admire OoO sweetie! This wallie is simply wonderful ^_^ Love it love it love it *kisses*
    Ah ha, you did introduce it to CW ^_^ So glad sweetie *dance* I will feature this work, you really deserve TONS OF FAVES for your trying so hard, for the way you deal with the scan pretty nice and for the beautiful bg ^_^
    Keep it up, Enchan-san!

  6. Devildude Jan 27, 2006

    It actually depend on a lot of arrangement skills, first reading that, I noticed Cagali's arms part, it still looks weird, I would have suggested you look for a similiar uniform, and cut the arm out from there instead.
    Blend it in and do the works from there.
    I cannot see any flaw with Kira's hair, so thumbs up.
    Arrangement of Stellar and Shinn should have been in front, so that they don't look awkward, instead, place the full bodied characters in back so they look natural. It also makes the wall floaty.

    Nice BG, kinda cluttered IMO, but it can be done, keep up the good work!

  7. laurent Jan 27, 2006

    Kawaii ! They all look great together. And the bg is really very nice and detailed. I agree Cagalli's arm still looks a bit strange, but if I would have done it it would be just like that too :D I can't see any flaws in Kira's hair, so good job ! Another great wall by the great enchantress ! *claps hands* +favie of course
    ja-ne ^^


  8. Lacuslover81 Jan 27, 2006

    aesome group wallpaper I love it. It is a grea wallpaper i just love Lacus and she looks great in it awesome job

  9. athrundaisuki Jan 27, 2006

    wow... a nice wallie! ^^ Thanks for sharing....!

  10. strawberrt Jan 27, 2006

    =( too bad cagalli and athrun arent together! There is always something interfering with their relationship >_< Onto the wall, it looks really nice! I envy your background on this wall. ehehe

  11. Millenia Jan 27, 2006

    Wow enchantress-chan! very good job! the bg is great with a lot of details and the scans looks perfect. Cagalli arm is good too! ^___^ +fav!

  12. walkure245 Jan 27, 2006

    Another nice one. I like the fact, that this time, I can see your lovely bg. It's so pretty and soft and I like the clock. That adds a really touch to the wallie. The extractions were done well and everyone looks well placed. It's all right about Shinn and Stellar. I wouldn't have noticed until you mentioned it. XD Really pretty and soft. Great stuff!

  13. xenogear238 Jan 27, 2006

    wow this is a nice wallpaper good job

  14. Rikimaru-jp Jan 27, 2006

    Great work enchantress, your wallie really looks beautiful and very colorful!
    the background is well done and it suits so well with the characters!
    keep up the good work!

  15. ZonSlashSykato Jan 28, 2006

    Nicely done, I liked the background and the characters too .... they r just perfect.^^

  16. Frosty Jan 28, 2006

    1ooo the gangs all here.. lol.. ^^
    very nice gundam seed wall... ^^
    good job.. ^^
    gives u a Score of *9.65* and *Grade AA* for the nice wallie.. ^^

  17. moonescape Jan 28, 2006

    Wow! I love this a lot! It's so pretty and nice. It's dedicated to someone's B-day. Well happy B-day to them then. I love how the background looks like especially too. Can't stop drooling.

  18. xianghua Jan 28, 2006

    Wow! Beautiful! Great bg! +favs


  19. Emma Jan 28, 2006

    Again, I admire how much time and work you put into these walls especially with the extraction! Love the colors of the backdrop and the details! And the title fits the wall just right. It seems so magical with the group there and all. You definitely have skill with this type of style ^_^

  20. WingsofFreedom Jan 28, 2006

    its so beautiful^_^
    your such a dedicated friend!
    Yureika is such a lucky girl!

  21. Yureika Jan 29, 2006

    kyahh ! thankies so much en-san *domo arigatou*
    shed tears...
    about the wall ....
    another awesome wall from u *yay*
    umm u didnt ruin kira's hair
    i think it just perfectly fine...
    and love ur bg so much OX tooo addicted ! all the clocks and everything ...
    very detail !

    definitely going to favvie *thumbs up !

  22. paintmearainbow Jan 29, 2006

    Nice wallie^^ Love the background and effects.
    Maybe it's just me but I feel the left hand of Kira holding Lacus's hand is kinda yellowish OX
    Great job anyway! Hope to see more of your works :D

  23. CagalliYulaAttha91 Jan 29, 2006

    Nice nice ! XD I wubb it ! XD *claps hands* Yup another crazy extraction of yours ! XD but....buu....AsuCaga ish seperated ! TwT Make sure the next wallie u make they are together XP Till then!
    +favvies ! XD

  24. keevang Jan 29, 2006

    awesome BG >_<

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