Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata Wallpaper: Persevering Hope

Hyung-Tae Kim, Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata, Calintz Jerevinan Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

As always, yes it's been a while since I've created anything :sweat: . Not to worry though everything is settled down on my side and I've started up a few projects and such. I'll be fixing up the Aspiring Mafia a bit too ... seems I forgot to change a few of the links coding on the group page and such.

On to the wall. It's nice and cold outside so I decided to make a winter wall. The character designs of Magna Carta have always caught my attention for their level of detail and the emotion they seem to show. The image of Calitnz collapsed caught my attention. I've been working with the image trying to figure out just what type of environment to put him in and finally decided on snow after many experiements. The wall is subtle for the most part to have more of an emotional aspect, but filled with many smaller details so that all the focus is brought to Calitnz.

Blue is the primary lighting of this wall, with subtle colors of yellow to match and accompany Calitnz's outfit. I've put various details as said earlier such as footprints, snow marks where Calintz's body had rested on, snow on Calints himself, snow on the trees, grass poking out from the snow, of course falling snow, birds, and various other details. I'm not one to usually do the whole two moon thing for the obvious reason that strange skies are overused, but I never have and it added to the mood quite well ^_^' . The rest of the sky besides the clouds was left barren to portray the desolate atmosphere. I still feel like something is missing, but whenever I add something else it just detracts from the overall look I was trying to achieve ... so if it appears empty it looks much better that way and I'm rusty at this XD .

The story of this wall is that he has been traveling for some time across this snowy plain on a journey. His strength has been gradually weaking due to conditions, but he tries to persevere. The moment that this wall takes place at is when he finally collapses falling backward. He falls to the ground hopeless, feeling as though his purpose has been lost, that he has failed. He looks down and to his suprise he sees a small patch of delicate yellow flowers growing out of the snow. He wonders how it is that these small flowers can grow in an environment like this, resisting the very thing that has enveloped the rest of the land with it's cold slumber. He picks one of the plants and looks at it as thought fly through his mind about his quest. He begins to stand up once again ... this time unwilling to give up and resist the snow much as the flowers have done.

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Emma
Wall: January Snow
Reason: A very well created snow themed wall with an eye for detail that clearly show that amount of effort and thought put into it.
Full-View looks best, so I highly recommend it or else everything looks too much like blobs in the thumbnail.

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Browse Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Kiako Jan 26, 2006

    nice wallpaper
    the scene looks so cold, you did a good job with the trees and the chara's pose.
    keep it up

  2. bqc Jan 26, 2006

    very nice

  3. trinigirl524 Jan 26, 2006

    oh wow. you can actually tell the how moving this wall is, with the character expression and the harsh coldness. anyways its a wonderful piece of work, everything fits really well together. overall nice job ^^
    its a fave+

  4. knightstar3 Jan 27, 2006

    woah...now that is one awesome scan. i totally agree with you, magna carta's characters are so detailed. ^^ very nice bg you made to go with it. :)
    i love how everything just blends together although myabe it's me but the scan could be a bit better quality, otherwise everything is absolutely awesome. XD
    keep it up, love to see more works. ;)

  5. phamthuha Jan 27, 2006

    WOW OoO I am speechless already.... How did you bring out such an amazing wall that contain a truely realistic feeling like this? So admirable OX
    Oh sure a fav ^_^ I really love the snow, wish someday i can make this scene comes true >_<!

  6. lthnadml Jan 27, 2006

    Excellent wall . . . awesome scan and beautiful background. i like the snow very much, very realistc , , , nice effects too . . . you have fone an excellent work. Thank you for sharing it. XD XD XD

  7. Devildude Jan 27, 2006

    it takes u ages to come by and wall once, when u do, it is really good. This wall is indeed one helluva wallpaper, wonderful snow effects, carries a deep meaning on its won, everything is clean cut and well blended in with the effects. Wonderful! A fav from me.

  8. jasaiyajin Mute Member Jan 27, 2006

    its nice, he's getting up like i was today, all messed up and tired!

    but the burning sensation 0000000000000000000

  9. Onime-no-kyo Jan 27, 2006

    WOW, I had seen this artwork of MagaCarta before, but your BG is simply AWESOME, wow the ammount of details, the snow, the footrpints, everything blends to well with the MG character. Really really nice work! A masterpiece XD

  10. Farewell Jan 27, 2006

    NIce job.

  11. ricer853 Jan 27, 2006

    wow i love it :)

  12. kiukirilya Jan 27, 2006

    WOW! Your wall is awesome! the scan is beautiful and the bg fit perfectly with it!
    I like the details and u did such a great job! a fav' for sure ^^

  13. Milkiyo Jan 28, 2006

    yeah..I've always like the artworks..this is ok..very beautiful bg but the lighting on the hand is a bit weird..kind of a bit too dark on the fingers and the scan looks a bit huge for the scenery but anyway..it is still a nice one^^

  14. Ikorus Jan 29, 2006

    You've outdone yourself once again, Tantaga. As usual, your perspective is clear and gives the picture depth. The biggest tree looks really well done. The emotions on his face reflect on the whole wallpaper which is rare to have on many walls. And, yet again, your amazing attention to detail! The footsteps on the snow, how the trees should fade lightly as they are further in the distance and the cold and low fog from the snow. Beautiful. A definite fave for me. (I would actually have preferred one moon, though, high in the sky. Doesn't really matter much. Or at all. ^_^)

  15. Emma Jan 29, 2006

    OMG This is amazing!
    You truly do pay attention to details. I mean, you even focused on the color layout and perspective. You really put so much effort into this wall. I mean, you even put footprints! Smart move with having those little twigs popping out of the snow. There is so much in this wall catching my eye. I love your horizon. It fades out perfectly. Goodness, I love everything with this wall....so realistic indeed. You should be proud of yourself!
    *reads story* You know--without reading your description, your wall and title conveyed that mood and story all by itself ^^
    Unbelievable work! Definite fav, definite fan!
    P.S. Thank you dearly for the plug-in.

  16. euna Retired Moderator Jan 31, 2006

    wow... nice job tanta-chan!
    the colours go together well and i like the overall concept.
    looks very good - especially the snow and the footprink (those footprints are great!)
    i quite like the blur effects on certain trees.
    looks very good. great work!

  17. upheaval325 Mar 02, 2006

    wow...the wallie is very nice indeed...i like how the character blends well with the snow-covered ground and the winter landscape in this wall is awesome, marvelous work!

  18. amadeus34 Mar 26, 2006

    isent he supposed to be a girl?

    merged: 03-26-2006 ~ 09:28am
    isent he supposed to be a girl?

  19. Nubes Apr 01, 2006

    i always were magnify for this wall... at 1rst i looked at it asking what is it? but then i studied nice and i saw Calintz...

    this wall, if my memo doesnt go wrong, is one of my top 10 faves. becuz i enjoyed for a loooooot time, and each time i see it is magnificent:p


  20. ShiXon Apr 05, 2006

    i say the full view of this wallie somewhere~~ forgot on some anime wallpaper site of course >xD
    and my first thought was.. omygod calint'z look so cool~ OwO
    i adore how you manage to make some sort of depth with the snow and thus make some sort of distance in this wallie!
    the snow effect is what i call flawless <33 the snow storm and all that
    super good job! >P

  21. weary_samurai Apr 15, 2006

    awesome work. i enjoy how big the wall is and how the colors mesh with each other. excellent.

  22. acido Jun 05, 2006

    wow, i really like this wall, it is awesome, all the ambient, cold, freeze, it's great!..... also the scan makes a better ambient

  23. Sabbathiel Jun 05, 2006

    awesome wallpaper, I love the concept and the whole bg, great work!

  24. Alercard Jun 20, 2006

    H**y Sh**, this wall is cool for all sides, Congratulations again Tantaga

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