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Whoa, I haven't been on in such a long time. ^_^' I am trying to catch up on the new functions and submissions. I think I may have done something stupid while I was trying to check up on everyone on the watch list. XD I'll try and see what I could about that later. :hmpf:

I am just gald to be back and to share some of my untalented works with all of the members of MiniTokyo. Here is an original character that I had shared with everyone a while back. I practice hard in coloring with CGillust and Adobe elments 2.0 (I am cheap XD). I used a tablet to help me color instead of using the mouse this time around.

This message may be late but I hope that everyone is having a great new year. Sorry for being out too long. Now I have to catch up.

If anyone would like, I don't mind comments base on improving because I know I have to improve. :nya:

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  1. ventures Jan 25, 2006

    hiya flower-chan ~ nice to see u submitting sumthing again XD
    aaah , an original chara ~ *thumbs up for originality lol* I love her pose and the kitty is just too cute . I like how u made the lines kind of sketchy cos it makes the pic look fuzzy and warm~ :P
    nice c-gying flower-chan :) . the shadows r well placed and the tones r good . what more can I say ~ overall , everything looks good and I hope we'll get to see more from u soon ~

  2. blue-chan Jan 25, 2006

    its Flower-sama *bows* welcome back and we mess you lots. *another bow in respect* ^_^' Oh my, your drawing skill improve so much. The coloring of your drawing is so very nice and the picture is so cute. I like your kitty. thats cute. and you have improve lots. It looks like a nice welcome back showcase to me. ^_____^ good job. ^_^'

  3. irix Jan 25, 2006

    ...mmm i think that this cute illustration goes perfectly in the series of black cat! [i know that is original, but have some elements that's are similar with the manga/anime... ]
    and is good view again some of your works! :nya:

  4. rythem Jan 25, 2006

    lovely doujinshi n design ~~ *.* she's nicely proportioned n the cging is really well done ^^ I like her eye XD

    I like the pose n the kitty X3 the colours blends nicely n the shading is very accurate too ~ nice use of the airbrush :D hehe
    lovely work flower-chan ~ XD its realli cute >w<

  5. Frosty Jan 25, 2006

    oh wow... flower-chan is back. @_@ ! omg... LOL... XD
    welcome back Flower ^_^
    lol.. i see you took your game up a notch too and start cging... lol.. looks good but hmm.. u have my lineart fixing problem.. lol.. u may wana fix up the line a bit too.. XP
    overall, it looks great and I really like how it came out... and it is very cute too... ^^
    good job. ^_^
    gives u a score of *9.45* for the drawing and the nice coloring job. ^^ and *Grade AAA+* for the nice comeback effort. ;) and of course.. welcome back to MT flower-chan *huggiessss*

  6. Liberia Jan 25, 2006

    Its very nice and lovely^^
    I think she is a bit no expression. The hair need more bright tonning because i can see u did some.
    Overall i think u did a great job in the proportion and the pose. Its really cute!

  7. uchan Jan 25, 2006

    The cat really looks cool XD Pretty nice, well done picture!

  8. RonWeasley Jan 25, 2006


  9. harakiri Jan 25, 2006

    Welcome back, flower-chan, and don't say such negative things like "need to improve" because I think that your drawings are very well done. I think your latest one is quite cute and I especially like the cat's design. So you're using the tablet now? I think the colouration turned out nice - you should do more of that.

    Have a nice day and thanks for the support!

  10. HOLIC Jan 25, 2006

    nice doujinshi^^

  11. KittyPuchiko Jan 25, 2006

    Great doujinshi. +fav ^^

  12. Criox Jan 25, 2006

    Hi Flowerdog. XD Oh....a new doujin from you. Nice indeed. Such a cute one. You still have the talent to cg. Not too shabby. Keep it up! I will be looking forward to your next doujin. n_n

  13. missy1066 Jan 26, 2006

    This is a lovely doujinshi... it's very cute indeed :) I think you've done an excellent job with the outlining, colouring and shading... the big kitty cat you've drawn really reminds me of Toulouse from Walt Disney's "The Aristocats" :D you've obviously put a great deal of effort into it as everything really seems to be "on the ball" to me :D thanks for sharing this with all of us as it's very much appreciated :) ;)

  14. walkure245 Jan 26, 2006

    This is so cute. XD The cat doll is absolutely adorable. I like the outline and the colors. Makes me wish I had a tablet. XD The cging was done really well and I love the characters. Really prettily drawn. ^_^

  15. DarkVirus Jan 27, 2006

    hey Flowerdog! it has been a while since u have submitted any artwork
    for a really long time.
    as always, ur work looks really nice and the cat looks evil XD
    hope to see more of your work :)

  16. KorganoS Jan 27, 2006

    Oh my god, that's soooo.. cute. And the drawing is very professional-looking. As expected from you, FlowerDog-chan :)
    This absolutely goes to my favorites. Draw more please :D I'm your forever fan...... XD

  17. Jormungand Jan 28, 2006

    ...saw a very cute doujinshi and clickie... OMG Flower-chan~! :o
    Love the character design, her eyes and clothes specially
    and the cat's expression looks really, really great too XD

  18. dans Jan 28, 2006

    nice ! haven't seen your drawing for a while.
    welcome back flower-chan. :D

  19. frozenwilderness Jan 30, 2006

    I love the gothic lolita look of this XD I think this got pushed down from my messages with all those scan notifications so I never saw it til now X__x;; But anyway.. your coloring looks like it's improved by a lot o_o I love the details.. keep it up flowerdog! ^^

  20. KurriKlown Jan 30, 2006

    Quote by frozenwildernessI love the gothic lolita look of this

    Gothic Lolita look? This? Hardly. She's just wearing a black dress.

    Anyway, back to the drawing. This is some amazing 'untalented' art! :) Your drawing style (and especially DJ P.Q. Quin's Crew) reminds me a bit of Cutepet. Maybe it's the eyes.
    Can't think of anything that needs improving, it looks great.

  21. chisana Jan 30, 2006

    Ooh! This looks awesome! I love the whole pic, both the drawing itself and the coloring is awesome! The cat ish cute too! :D
    Sorry, I can't give you any useful comments, I'm not as good as you yet T_T
    Thank you for sharing it! +fav for the awesomeness :D

  22. masterjesse89 Jan 30, 2006

    That is a really cute outfit! The cat reminds me of one of mine... we should totally get him a patch! Again nice coloring! Keep it up! Spiffyness!

  23. ezekiel366 Feb 01, 2006

    :DI love this so much mixture of pimp cat with an eye patch and cute little emo girl...but mostly i like the cat. KIKI! XP

  24. Spriggan Feb 09, 2006

    waa pretty cool looking..the black dress , no doubt I like it :D lol and this cat definitly have an attitude..he must be the leader >_< ..well , just like the whole art *missed them* ;_;
    and then you're coloring them now! nice , very nice..you sure are good to this ^^
    good to finally see once more of your drawing style *about time* >_> heheh great job!

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