Memories Off Wallpaper: Cara de Innocencia

Mutsumi Sasaki, Memories Off, Inori Misasagi Wallpaper
Mutsumi Sasaki Mangaka Memories Off Series,Visual Novel Inori Misasagi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

tell me what's the use again of having my walls seen by everyone, if you don't see it
this house is full of emptiness, My closet full of shirts I'll never wear,
My life full of people..... But you're my only friend, my best friend.

Hope it isn't too late to say, I love you.. Hope it isn't too late to say
that without you this place looks like London, it rains everyday...
the third part of this wall trilogy, chronological series, whatever you call it

Until Then ||| Jerusalem ||| Face of Innocence
* just see my gallery for the other titles..

this won't be anything grand...
I went to church last Sunday hoping to see Benjamin or any of my Church friends hoping I could give them their gifts, greet them a Merry Christmas and probably, I dunno, just see them for the last time. but now, they didn't go. And I am just hoping that they didn't leave for Norway until then... because my whole walling process would be all wasted if I never get to give it most to the very people I made them for. And that is basically the very reason, the very purpose why I came back to walling, in which maybe, I'd call it quits for now.
I dunno. Even though if I do appear goofed off or something, I am still serious about learning art,walling, etc.. but it's just not my purpose anymore and I guess I have to just, move on. I'm not completely quitting walling though, but I'm just not having as much fun as I was before, and I guess before I "end" that, I want to share my *ahem* last wallpaper for now with a bang. I dedicated a lot of time making this and I am hoping you guys appreciate and use it.
I did enjoy my comeback here. Emoticon and I really enjoyed the company in here for the last 5 days I could remembe staying here. But after making this wall, I realized that my purpose here for now, is done. And now, I have a mission to follow my heart. My friends who needs me most at this point.

Anyway, the wall is overall inspired by the many special people in my life. lol. time is running out for me and sooner or later, I'll be dealing with college life and well, maybe things will be even more completely different. that is why among the three, this is a bright wall. I want to credit Asahi for the wonderful scan. I know this scan has so many renditions of it already (as I've made my own a few months ago.. and it sucked..) but the scan is so rare to find. At least a scan big enough to wall. And I also took into consideration people with 1600x1200 resolutions. Here's this one wall for you. And it also helped me place more stuff in the wall than I've imagined. this wall is a whopping 200+ layers and it slowed my pc bad. Has a PSD file of 45+++ MB... >< I merged it eventually so it doesn't keep on lagging. Clouds were stock photos while the cherryblossoms were cged by me and I drew and painted the trees and mountains myself.. Adding texture was a pain. >< as it is my first time to make trees with texture and everything like that. Moon was also a stock photo. the hardest part making this wall was the overall background. Argh, I didn't want to go for something cliche and trendwhore (whatev you call it) but at the same time, I still wanted it to be displaying angelicness and fantasy. I ended up making this chinese inspired background with a slight touch of ethereal.

Critique lovers, go ahead and critique. I bet it has a few flaws you'd like to say. Emoticon It would really be helpful though if someone can tell me how I can improve my trees. Gladly appreciated.

that's all for this one. I feel like listening to the radio now or something.. and watch One tree Hill nextweek. ><
~ download and cheers!

quote: I didn't notice, but I didn't care. I tried being honest, but that left me nowhere. I watch the station, saw the bus pulling through.

And I don't mind saying, a part of me is left with you...


Why is it that this whole wallpaper trilogy reminds me of Narnia..., must be the weather or something. lol.

Anyway, there are a few more points I forgot to mention so I guess I can post all of that now. For surely, I felt like there is still than one missing essence of this wallpaper and that is its whole purpose. the purpose of making the whole trilogy, the purpose of coming back to AnimePaper, I understand all of it now, and it was all in accordance to God's plan the whole time. God surely works in mysterious ways. But in the end, it's all for the common good of everyone.

I came back here in AP not knowing what to expect, and I questioned myself as tp why after a 6 months hiatus of not walling -- I had an urge of simply coming back. And now, it simply makes sense. If I didn't, then I would never have made the three most personal walls I have ever made and I would never have the personalized gifts I have been meaning to give to my very loved friends, and even now, to my family.

I guess it's all been part of the process of becoming a stronger, better person. I've always induced in my art bits and pieces of me as that is how I would want to express myself. And even though if not everybody gets it, I don't care. I am simply being me without limiting myself to what I'd really want to do. It's not easy being steadfast in ones faith, as sometimes you end up struggling with questions and answers don't seem to be seen. But all that doesn't matter once you actually figure out the reason behind everything you do. In one of my previous deviations, I have ranted as to how hard it is to keep ones stand without compromising. But that was a long time ago, and now, Christianity has just become so much more natural for me to be. I guess, we all just have to pass that one test, after another and another, and in the end, we end up living up to our own character experience, time and everything else have molded us to be.

And then there's the people you love. It's fun getting comments and everything, it's also fun being able to share my work to everyone else in the world.. but all that doesn't make me happy. It's so temporal that I know I can live without. But everytime I would look at my walls, as to why I made them, I'd always remember those very very special people who have walked inside my life, and left a mark there. And I will never forget.. I don't want to forget.

And now for the missing piece, I have to complete that verse I quoted. In the immortal words of Michelle Branch, I'd say..

And One of these Days, I won't be afraid of staying with you. I hope and I pray, waiting to find a way back to you.. because that's where I'm home.

And then it was complete.

[I still wouldn't be making anything new though, at least not anime. I *might* share a few original works I have but right now, I really have other things to be thankful for, other things to do. Emoticon]

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  1. zaira Jan 23, 2006

    wtf! this wall is again heavy + the description! >.<
    anyways love the scan! yep yep! i was trying to find one but here in MT me can't download it! waah T_T
    very cool bg! love those m... can't explain it and dunno how to describe but those looky trees seems a bit weird but you did your best.. :D soo +fav!

  2. Milkiyo Jan 23, 2006

    not this scan again...I'm getting sick of it...
    lol...but u made a good wallie out of it..the trees may be weird to some but it actually looks unique to me..looks like crystal trees and the colour emits off a peaceful feeling n.n
    though...it'll be better without the sakura petals or at least change the colour to more whitish..

  3. Pyxis Feb 03, 2006

    I don't like the object of the wallpaper but the way all the colors (white bg, her dark hair and beige-ish uniform) all blend together that catches my eye. For some reason, it just stands out amongst the other walls. Nice work ;)

  4. ltmiles Jun 22, 2006

    the white background really goes well with the scan and the pedals are a pefect shade. the trees could have been a tiny bit lighter but its fine as it is. the scan has been used a lot but for me i like this wall the best. awsome job!

  5. Toya999 Nov 30, 2006

    you know how i usually comment, your work is really attractive andneat, great wallie...to ma favs...good luck.

  6. nguyenhuy0906 Dec 22, 2007

    The colours on this wall are very soft which i think is easy on the eyes. I really like the scan and the background is very winter like.

  7. Maniac12 Jul 16, 2010

    sooo cute *-* thanks for share

  8. haruka2007 Mute Member Dec 13, 2010

    it's really good picture..
    thanks for the sharing...

  9. HaroHaro Dec 20, 2010

    Very sweet and gentle looking girl, thanks for the nice wallpaper

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