Yasuyuki Tsurugi Wallpaper: Oh! Happy Day

Yasuyuki Tsurugi Wallpaper
Yasuyuki Tsurugi Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Oh! Happy Day - Let's run A W A Y

It was fun making this wallie. The bg and especially the clouds were hard to make, but I'm quite satisfied with the results.

I was kinda down these few days, so I tried to cheer myself up with this wallie. Hope you like it =3

More resolutions: www.Uchiki.de

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Leaf
Wall: Wolf's Rain ~ Cheza
Reason: Amazing vector work and atmosphere.


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  1. sukie Jan 22, 2006

    oh how cute! i love the scan you used! kinda childish...LOL the bg is really ncie! the clouds are kinda too big though T.T wanderful none the less! =D

  2. Sandra Jan 22, 2006

    I know that ypu put a lot of work here.It is another original , great work ;) And another FAV ! :D Thanks 4 sharing. Oww and I'm still waiting for comment from Ypu on my newest work Yuuna ;) +Fav !

  3. Machika Jan 22, 2006

    Kawaii! I like this wallie. Another great work from you. You said you were feeling down so I hope you're feeling better now :)

  4. DREAM Jan 23, 2006

    Ah Yina im sorry to hear you have been feeling down. :(

    but I am glad you have made a wall to cheer yourself up. ^^

    minor crit: as mentioned previously the clouds are slightly 2 large.. otherwise good job..

    :leaves Yina a red rose:
    keep walling, girl. :)

  5. Sakura0chan Jan 23, 2006

    That's a very cute wallpaper. XD I like the scan very much. ^^ The girl is so cute. :)

    I like the background because it blends well with the character. :) The colors look very nice too. ^-^

    Good work again Yina! Keep it up! :)

  6. zaira Jan 23, 2006

    wow! yina-sama! this si sooo happy! XD
    love the cute scan + the bg!
    like the clouds and the buildings! XD
    me soo happy so you should be happy! XD
    *hug* +FAV!

  7. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 23, 2006

    I recommenf you try the song "Im walking on sunshine" since it sounds beautiful when you sing it while in the shower XD but yeah i love the happy feel i get from this wall, the rapturous movement especially your text. Lovely job girl! :P

  8. fukushuusha Jan 23, 2006

    Hmm....I already commented on AP...but but...
    Why is Yina feeling down T_T *cheers up*
    Great wall <3

  9. Frosty Jan 23, 2006

    lol... well a Happy Day to u too... lol...
    and don't forget.. *sing a song to u* if you are feeling down, put on a happy face XD haha ^_^' don't feel down, try to cheer up. ^_^ and be happy like ur wallie. ^^
    The wall looks really cute...
    and the mood of the whole wall is very cherrio. ^^;;;
    nice job yina-chan.
    gives u a score of *9.5* for the wallie and *Grade AA+* for a very cute looking wallie. ^^

  10. RonWeasley Jan 23, 2006

    looks really good, I like it! the girl looks cute :D

  11. royaldarkness Jan 23, 2006

    very cool wall, yina-san ^.^ makes me cheerful :D

  12. phaerax Jan 23, 2006

    heh, funny one.... it looks totally crazy. :) +fav

  13. flyindreams Jan 24, 2006

    Aww... :/

    *Gives Yina-chan a Mokona hug*

    Anyways I do love the clouds and the background :D I hate to say this... but for some reason the shading on the girl's breasts look really funky to me @_@ And I think I'd prefer a textless version of this wallie :) Ehhh it's still a nice wall though... Hope it cheered you up and that you're feeling better :D

  14. harakiri Jan 24, 2006

    Did you do the outlines work for the background? If yes, then it's done quite well. I really like the happy atmosphere of this wallpaper and the font is very well chosen either.

  15. storm-dragon-girl Jan 28, 2006

    the character and the background go wonderfully together. Good job

  16. tian82 Jan 29, 2006

    This wallpaper bring a lots of happy and cheerful feeling. The background look nice and clear. Really beautiful and skillful too. Great and good work.

  17. ocelotisun Feb 04, 2006

    Wow! I must say that it really made me smile when I took a look at it. You really did a great job. The background looks really gorgeous and really seens fitting. :) And I just love the girl's expression! XD Great work!

  18. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Feb 10, 2006

    Awwwww, now this is what I'm talking about, something so incredibly adorable as this is just too perfect. I really love this scan and it's too bad that there aren't more walls for this artist, cause I love his work. Such a cute girl and just a beautiful phrase as well, gotta love happy days :).

    As for the scan, a beautiful job cleaning it up. I went and hunted down the original and wow, you really did do a fantastic job cleaning it up, Yina. I applaude you there because she looks gorgeous. Just so cute and simple and her outfit is adorable too (I really love what the artist did there).

    The background is also rather simplistic, yet I can only imagine how much work it took making it. A beautiful job with the buildings and it gives the whole feeling of a up-beat city atmosphere, which I really love. The sky is gorgeous as well and it really does support with the whole background to give just a very positive feeling towards this entire wallpaper. The only thing I can really say is that is one huge cloud. Wow, that is seriously monsterous, but not like that is necessarly a bad thing, I think it's beautiful and really is surreal, which isn't bad because it fits the theme of the wallpaper, especially since it's snowing outside. Though the snow can be rather iffy since she isn't necessarly bundled up to be going out in the snow, but heya, when it's a good day, you don't care XD. I still have to say fantastic work overall with everything here, Yina, it's gorgeous and I love it. Especially how fluffy the snow is =3.

    Overall, what else can be said? The text is perfect, though I suppose if someone was nit-picky about their grammar, they might complain but a big pssssssh to them. It's a perfect wallpaper for the winter season to really brighten you up~ I love it and it's a favorite for me.

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