Operation Sanctuary Wallpaper: Operation Sanctuary: Winter Esc

Operation Sanctuary, Honami Fujieda Wallpaper
Operation Sanctuary Series Honami Fujieda Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

havnt made a wall for awhile :nya:

bah i dun really like this one...<---making another XD

hmm lets see..the anime is "operation sanctuary", comming soon :) (mt doesnt have this anime on category so sheqel...go add it >_>)

and thanks to angellette for pointing out teh scan colors and for not eatting me >_>

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  1. sammo Retired Moderator Jun 23, 2004

    its the shit!~ i dont see what you didnt like about it >_>

  2. Kev Retired Moderator Jun 23, 2004

    hoho, damn ur snowman

    "uses fire on snowman XD"

  3. YoukoxLover Jun 23, 2004


  4. Kuza Jun 23, 2004

    I think you should of made the background closer to her and move the snow man left more would look better. but this ones ok.

  5. b4byfac3 Mute Member Jun 23, 2004

    i love it

  6. Cloudnine Jun 23, 2004

    A winter wall in the middle of summer?! @_@ what have you been smoking? XD

    great wall =3 though frosty is missing an eyeball XD

  7. AkinaSpirit Jun 23, 2004

    Nice~! :D

  8. Kane Jun 23, 2004

    Wee......a winter wall in the middle of the summer. That's my way of thinking XD
    Really nice, man. Really nice.

  9. Junior2k4 Jun 23, 2004

    wow...this whole thing fits together really well. i wasn wondering when you would do another wall :)

  10. Furnace Jun 23, 2004

    Brrr! I get the chills from looking at this one :) bring on winter! Great job, I really like how it blends!

  11. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Jun 23, 2004

    looks real good except for the snowman and the girl's positing is werid......i really like the BG tho.....the girl stands out too much compared to the white/blue BG XD haha....

  12. biriwilg Retired Moderator Jun 23, 2004

    Snowman! *glomp*

  13. ProjectZero Jun 23, 2004

    good job osi ^_^
    it looks great

    ignore ZZ...LOL
    he's just power hungry ^_^

  14. may Jun 23, 2004

    Nice nice...~ As always a beautiful piece by Osiris..~~ lol, PZ.. =P He's bein' honest. The girl stands out too much, but you know what? I don't really care ^^;; .. It's really pretty. You set up an awesome atmosphere here.. the pastel colors blend together nicely. The reason she stands out is because the rest of the background is sort of blurred.. but other than that, it is just another masterpiece by Osiris ^_^

  15. Angelette Jun 23, 2004

    LoL @ PZ. xD

    I like the faint pretties behind title... perdy~

    And I don't eat people...!! .__.

  16. tiagosg Restricted Member Jun 23, 2004


    good job

  17. Cressoit Jun 23, 2004

    I love this wall!

  18. neji-neji Jun 23, 2004

    looks realy good =D good background also

  19. crapmonster Jun 23, 2004

    ah sweet scenic bg osi, great wall man!!

  20. exentric Jun 23, 2004

    looks really awesome~!!
    wonder why you dont really like it...
    oh yah!

  21. DeviousOni Jun 23, 2004

    very cute--I love the snowman! XD

    ::wishes it were winter here::

  22. Dark-Sakura Jun 23, 2004

    Amasing BG..... :O + kawaiii girl :nya: = perfect wall XD

  23. Natsu Jun 23, 2004

    very cute

  24. KohakuXP Jun 23, 2004

    Abominable snowman... XD

    Color is great. The pixs is just my size too. :D

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