Loveless Wallpaper: The Light (Loveless)

Yun Kouga, Loveless, Ritsuka Aoyagi Wallpaper
Yun Kouga Mangaka Loveless Series Ritsuka Aoyagi Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well.Finally i made it ! My newest wall ! :D
I get inspiration from Kalicodreamzs wallie.
I totally love it and i think its one of the best and the most brilliant wallpapers ive ever seen in MT ! Really !

Vector belongs to GALLYANGEL ( Thans very much it's really awesome! )


This one took me....3 days of work X___x

More About it : This wolf is not stolen from Kalicos wallie ! I made it from the scan of a wolf which i found in Wolfs Rain Section.This wolf is kinda blurred because i wanted the chara to be the MAIN stuff here.
I used some brushes , a lot of effects and my crazy ideas to make it ^_^
And i must say that im proud of this one !

DEDICATION : To my Boyfriend =* and my friends from MT <sorry that im so untalkative>
Thanks for all comments , critics and favs

PLEASE FULL VIEW ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Kalicodreamz
Wall: Delicate Paradise
Reason: One Of The Best Wallpapers Ive Ever Seen *___*



Darken Version ^__^


Chosen by Sheqel and shyxsakura

this has got to be sandra's best work yet plus this wall is just great in it's own way. a lot of thought was put into this, so for that much love <333

Proposed by Sheqel and highlighted by shyxsakura.

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  1. Devildude Jan 22, 2006

    it is not very clear, but talk about texture whoring, this is one hell luva great wall. I love it, the golden brown hue, the way it is presented, everything makes a perfect coordination. I must say this is one great wall worth faving, everything is great even though it is not clear, which makes it even better. I feel like I am stepping on sand and surrounded by a sort of serenity when I view this wall.

  2. alterlier Jan 22, 2006

    this wall immediately got my attention, the texture you used is awesome and the character behind the wolf or whatever is seriusly attracting to the eye, wow I'm just fascinated with this.
    great creation.

  3. cyd84 Jan 22, 2006

    Very beautiful composition...I love how the girl and the wolf are both pointed in the same direction
    a very fitting texture and matching font
    Personally I find it a little too much brown...but a nicely done wall overall :)

  4. trinigirl524 Jan 22, 2006

    it is dark, but its fits perfectly with the title with the lighting effects above the chara.
    the texture done here is beautiful as well as the oldish tones of colors. overall its an attractive piece of work. wonderful job ^^ fav+

  5. AngelKate Jan 22, 2006

    Whoa...that's really cool! I love the texture that's over the whole thing. The way you blended the character with the background is really awesome too! Really great job! ^_^

  6. highknees Jan 22, 2006

    Good job, now you're texture whoring like me XD I'm sure this would do pretty well without any blurring.... you could've just made the effect with slight colour variations and contrast =P Anyway, this is a nice wall ;D +fav

  7. zaira Jan 23, 2006

    wow! nice grunge style! XD
    love the browny color! XD
    i like also the 2 scans! the wolf and ritsuka! :D
    they're both looking up which makes a nice combo! XD
    i love the texture + the vector of the loveless scan :D
    very nice wallie! sooo +fav!

  8. Milkiyo Jan 23, 2006

    it's like they fell into a bottomless pit...and the light is their only hope as long as they have faith n patience...this is a good wall plus the texture gives off a moody atmosphere..like at the sand dunes

  9. an-chan Jan 23, 2006

    nice I like this picture! wolf and cute woman !

  10. fukushuusha Jan 23, 2006

    Yeah...by the time I saw that wolf there I thought you typed the title wrong xD
    Really nice stuff here. Nice brushwork. It would be better if there is a light beam at the top of the girl but whatever. I adore the scan btw...about the blurness...well...devildude said it all.
    Really nice one Sandra

  11. nolove Jan 23, 2006

    very nice, stylist wallpaper of your ^__^, youu always did awesome job, Sandra-san :D, i must fav this one ><

  12. kalicodreamz Jan 23, 2006

    lmao xD
    my wallpaper feels special xD
    now, on to YOUR wall.
    while textures have been major whoring lately, i think yours actually uses em really well. and the main reason is the tone of the image. the desaturated sepia tones work with texture, because it gives that old photo/movie/painting feel.
    while i really like the wolves, i dunno what they have to do with loveless, but i can let it go becaus ei actually find it works.
    the only thing i might suggest is the background could use some more variation in contrast. some darker darks and lighter lights to make it have a lot of depth.
    other than that, it's so purdy xD
    adding it to my favs :3

    oh, and so you know, i have another wolfs rain wallie that goes with the that one of kiba. hopefully it'll be as well liked as my cheza one :D

  13. Rikimaru-jp Jan 23, 2006

    Oh my what a gorgeous looking picture :) you really made an outstanding job here Sandra-Chan :) the wallie is so charming and so beautiful!
    the scan you used is adorable and suiting so much with the background!
    I love the way you textured the wallie ;)
    *Rikimaru downloads it and adds it to his collection*

  14. kai81220 Jan 23, 2006


    sorry i hadnt checked out your recent subs

    hmm it really is a nice piece of work.
    like the colour scheme too, cause it looks antique XP

    brushwork is great too.
    only thing i would suggest is to make the light less diffuse like that.
    maybe focus light on her facial features like the cheek to give more depth to the wall.

    overall nice work ^__^

  15. phamthuha Jan 24, 2006

    That is so BEAUTIFUL, sweetie >_< Love everything in this wallie.... so of course a fav ^_^

  16. ayaki Jan 24, 2006

    waaa it's Ritsuka...
    lovely wall indeed...
    the colors and the texture are great...but i don't understand why there's wolves around him.
    makes me wanna make a loveless wall...... X_x
    great job!~

  17. flyindreams Jan 24, 2006

    Definitely, very beautiful wall Sandra! :D

    Agree with what Kalico said about making more contrasts between the light beams... and I'd probably suggest playing with slanted light beams because that could create a very nice effect.

    But yah, overall this is very lovely :) And wonderful textures work, for sure :D

  18. white-zero Jan 24, 2006

    Like D-Dude said, the texture is simply awesome.

    Seriously, I have nothing to say other than 'a fav'.

  19. Arashi-san Jan 24, 2006

    wow ^^ this is a great wallpaper
    i like the style i looks a little bit like a torn book ^^
    greats Arashi-san

  20. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 24, 2006

    It has this sort of aura which brings the light through the dark, like the overlays and shadows coming throught the wolf and the character but nonetheless the whole wall is beautiful. Nice job!

  21. blue-chan Jan 24, 2006

    Quote by Sandrasorry that im so untalkative

    That is okay, because your artwork is doing the speaking for you and you always do make some lovely looking walls. :) great job on this latest wallpaper Sandra-sama. it looks nice. but I think the colors looks a bit plain it is very good through. Nice job. ^_^

  22. beyondmeasure Jan 25, 2006

    The overall presentation of the wallie is great! No one could just see this and not mke this his fav.

  23. jchupa Jan 25, 2006

    Nice work, I am going to have to go through the rest of your gallery an see what I have missed since I've been away. Making Fav, thanks

  24. shadowbetrayal Jan 26, 2006

    Ritsuka-Kun! I love what you did to enhance his image. Beautiful...I already made it my wallpaper. This is just beautiful. Honestly.

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