BECK Wallpaper: By All Accounts, Today Was A Disaster.

Harold Sakuishi, Madhouse, BECK, Yukio Tanaka, Yuji Sakurai Wallpaper
Harold Sakuishi Mangaka Madhouse Studio BECK Series Yukio Tanaka Character Yuji Sakurai Character

1280x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I know I know, "isn't that HK's wall?" well no..actually it isnt :p although the hasty bastard(:p) beat me to the precious BECK scan, it was an inevitable fact that I would wall it eventually as well...simply because its the only BECK scan which actually depicts a minor slice of what BECK really is about. Anyways, on to the wall; Im currently working on a computer which uses a primitive resolution of 1444x900(although I had to crop it for MT <_< you guys need to add this resolution in), so I decided to make this scan into a wide screen wall, this is by all means the first wallpaper which I make to fit MY and only MY visual preferences, because BECK is one of my all time favs, I hope those of you who share my ancient resolution enjoy it as much as me. It does seem like a fairly simple scan clean up and texture slapped wall, but theres a little more to it, I felt that the character's clothing didn't enlight their presonalities very well, so I gave them shirts of bands I currently listen to, adore and would prefer they wore :3 all of this i did by vectoring, also..not as major of a change, but a bit noticable, changed the clothing color to a more darker one. Also, I changed the car's license plate to resemble that of an NJ car =] I had orginally also given Ryusuke a tie but I felt this was too "greenday-ish" and didn't quite go with him so I retracted on that idea rather quickly, all of these were changes I thought would be noticable and appearance changing but would still allow the scan to keep the same careless dogday it originally displayed. Other than some major scan cleaning, minor vectoring and inspired creativity theres not much else to the simple wallpaper. Enjoy!

here are the band shirts;

Minami Ryusuke - Folly
Tanaka Yuiio(Koyuki) - Fear Before The March of Flames
Sakurai Hiroshi(Saku) Ghinzu
Taira Yoshiyuki - Pink Floyd
Chiba Tunemi - Vaux

sorry it seems like I stole your idea highknees. =[ but I love beck to damn much to pass on this scan. =]

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 19, 2006

    This is awesome. Love the texture and the scan is awesome! The shirts are the best part and I love the title XD
    Great job!

  2. rafaellaGP Jan 19, 2006

    hehe very cool! XD
    i like the dog! XD
    the background is relly nice! wow the clouds and the mountains is soo cool!o.o
    great work!^^

  3. Rhonda21 Jan 19, 2006

    yeah really cool. So creative with the shirts. Looks great!

  4. DeeDee Jan 20, 2006

    YAY! a wallie to fit my screen! and its really cool! Great job ;) :nya: The best part is the background! Its just wonderful! The clouds.. the mountain-thingys! :D

  5. ayaki Jan 20, 2006

    i like ur version of this wall...then hk's :)
    changing all their T-shirts into dark color ones kinda make them unified as a group/team...
    nice texture also.
    great job!~

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 20, 2006

    I was womdering why this wall seemed familiar.... XD i like the rocker band style t shirts they have to change the perspective and the atmosphere is much different from HK but great job! :P

  7. vodkamint Jan 20, 2006

    lol! omg, nice wallie. It gave me a feeling of... freedom. Yes, freedom! Wohoo! Nicely done (: Keep it up! And of course, *adds to faves* XD
    cya around!

  8. fawna-chan Jan 20, 2006

    Yup! :) Very nice wallie. The shirts are super cool and the background's so awesome! It's so creative! :D Sorry about the laying it on thick but it's true! >.<

  9. souseki Jan 21, 2006

    nice wall, I like

  10. walkure245 Jan 21, 2006

    Tbh, I'm not a fan of beck but I love their music. XD Simple in its look but it's really has a nice texture and gives a sort of home video look. Really nice work~

  11. kai81220 Jan 24, 2006

    O__O possibly one of the best works ive seen today going through my notes XD

    nIICE ^__^

  12. flyindreams Jan 24, 2006

    Lol X3 I definitely like this better than HK's as well... :) Everything looks wonderfully done, and I like the moodiness that's really characteristic of your works :D

  13. soryane Feb 05, 2006

    i like you pic ^^ beck is one of my fav right now ! thanks a lot sharing ! they are great on this pic !

  14. alexiel01 Feb 18, 2006

    The background's very realistic! I like the shirts too... and the wall of course! :)

  15. LeeAnn Mar 26, 2006

    hahha! cute! lol!
    looks realistic. i kinda like it..

  16. Lolita69 May 09, 2006

    Frickin awsome man totally digging it

  17. lostdevil Jun 07, 2006

    rocking wall ... love it! ;)

  18. fifaifo Jun 25, 2006

    OMG I finally found some quality wallpapers for widescreen! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you *kowtows* Keep 'em comin!

  19. rifat1984 Dec 29, 2006

    kachoi arigato

  20. Gundamfreedom09 Aug 24, 2007

    Best BECK wallpaper I've ever downloaded thanks for uploading it, that dog rocks lol

  21. Hoodlum Mar 08, 2008

    Yeah, it's very cool wallie, but it's a shame that Maho doesn't present on it)) (just my fantasies)

  22. satsuiidx Jul 27, 2008

    cool! beck rocks!

  23. haruhi0217 Mute Member Nov 10, 2008

    hehe very cool!rocking wall ... love it!

  24. Lohitaksh Nov 21, 2008

    funky one liked it

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