Bleach Wallpaper: Broken Wings

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Byakuya Kuchiki Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Byakuya Kuchiki Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

A wallpaper I made dedicated to S2O, our short lived legacy, although we are not able to use our sigs here, we will not stop our artistic show downs, we will continue our battles, and we will make a name for ourselves. :(

One cut out character
No Background design
Circles, random
Paul W's techno brush shapes, customized with smudge and delete
fix up face a bit, might be blurry though...

Oh the wings are made with brushes, Paul W's technical ones, so i just make them a pit stitched, basically what i intended. hope it aint too bad.

I need feedback for this one, should I keep the one with the blurred facial feature? or should I submit the one with the rougher feature?

You people decide.


the rougher version as requested.

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Kitten-chan
Wall: R.E.M.I.X//Suigun
Reason: One of my all time favorite wallpapers that are simply wonderful, and just the type of style that I like the most, an absolute worthy of a great deserving wall.

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  1. missy1066 Jan 18, 2006

    This is a very interesting wallpaper... the circles you've used in the background make it look very modern and I like the way you've just kept it to black and white as it draws attention to his face more. I've seen lots of Angel wings in the past but none done like this before... they're very unique and make quite a nice change, also, I think they blend in very nicely with this whole contemporary look your wallpaper seems to have and the lettering you've chosen fits in perfectly too :) the only thing that doesn't look right to me personally is the shading on his neck, it looks a bit too patchy to me ^_^' on the whole though, I think it's refreshingly clean and modern and a very good effort on your part...

  2. darknesslight Jan 18, 2006

    Byakuuuya! Ilike his suit :) looks noble alright ^_^'
    Maybe it's just me but you shoud probably submit the rougher one. ~_~
    Great wall though! <('_'<) (>'_'<) (>'_')> Yeahh!

  3. strawberrt Jan 18, 2006

    thi is a very lovely wall =) its very original, and the scan and wings really match! Going onto favs for sure ^^

  4. Daikuro Jan 18, 2006

    ooo, i really like this one! and i've not seen this scan of Byakuya before. I'm really impressed by the technique used for the wings and background. It's much better than i could do.

  5. mistkm Jan 18, 2006

    I really liked this one, Byakuya looks reaaaaaallly good with the suit.

  6. Kiako Jan 18, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the way you made the wings is very good it's very original.
    keep it up

  7. Farewell Jan 18, 2006

    Dude awesome wall as usual i luv the brushes you used. Nice background and the wings look awesome. Nice job. Still don't know who the hell is that guy.. i hear that anime.. mm.. i have to watch it.... well nice job man.

  8. Strawberry011 Jan 18, 2006

    It's very nice!

  9. zaira Jan 18, 2006

    wow! aonther retro wallie! love the wings! very original!
    well the scan fits the color of course becoz its only balck and white ^_^'
    and again a very simple yet cool bg! :D

  10. apaajah Jan 18, 2006

    ooo, i really like this one! and i've not seen this scan of Byakuya before. I'm really impressed by the technique used for the wings and background. It's much better than i could do.

  11. uchiha-vegeta Jan 18, 2006

    dude , u really are a devil of wallpapers , this is outstanding , definitly a fav

  12. nolove Jan 18, 2006

    you're really great, devildude ><, so great wallie i saw you improve so much, keep it up ><
    one fav for this for sure

  13. revontulet Jan 18, 2006

    mmmm...byakuya! Very cool wallpaper! So many great wallpapers of him now ^^! Devildude, u did a great job on the wings and layout :D *faved*

  14. Susan-chan Jan 18, 2006

    uu! XD u knew i will fav this?:D of course:P oooh! byakuya sama:D the text is interesting..doesnt fit him perfectly :D but still like it:D

  15. Amru-chan Jan 18, 2006

    Very very nice wallpaper ^^. Fav from me ^^.

  16. Misato-Kun Jan 18, 2006

    OoOoOoO....very interesting! This wall is very unique and modern, the backround goes really nice with Byakuya. This is definately another add to my favs, great job devildude! Keep it up :D

  17. happygreendragonfly Jan 19, 2006

    Did I tell you I love your circles? WELL... I LOVE THEM!
    *hugs DD*

  18. venicequeen Jan 19, 2006

    Heheh you like circles :D
    You use them alot, but I must say, quite stylishly too. Goodlooking scan plus cool add-on with the wings.
    Yeh a fav, why not? :)

  19. SkyKing8 Jan 19, 2006

    Very nice concept! Hope to see more Bleach wallpapers from you! Thanks for sharing, much appreciated!

  20. rie-chan Jan 19, 2006

    i like this wallpaper! especially the wings and the circle bg ^__^ byakuya in a suit is hot ^^

  21. paintmearainbow Jan 21, 2006

    Really interesting concept! Great job on the background and the wings(: Awesome work!
    I hope to see more works of yours, especially Bleach XD

  22. ayaki Jan 21, 2006

    i like the wings.
    the only thing that i'm not liking in this wall is the background.
    the wings kinda give a grunge feel...and yet the bg is so clean and white and with all the circles. >_< i see ur previous walls have lots of circle too XP
    along with the phrase, i would prefer a darker background along with this scan and the wings to keep the atmosphere/mood consistent.
    nonetheless, great job!~ keep it up ^_^

  23. enchantressinthedark Jan 21, 2006

    Very interesting piece of work ^^ The black circles, are they bubbles? o_0 Well, it looks weird for bubbles to be around the wings...maybe you should add some feathers fluttering in the air ^^

  24. Milkiyo Jan 21, 2006

    the designs aren't bad but it doesn't really fit in together..like pieces forced together..the bubbles.
    the wings are ok but a less wider n butterfly wing style would look nicer in my opinion..
    btw...nice theme, it is like the trinity blood song...

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