Hitsuji no Uta Wallpaper: Non-Objective Portrait of Karma

Kei Toume, Hitsuji no Uta, Chizuna Takashiro Wallpaper
Kei Toume Mangaka Hitsuji no Uta Series Chizuna Takashiro Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Ignorance is bliss no wise woman's failed to mention
and surely some koan suggests 'neglect leads to perfection'
but the more I turn my face from the crowd
the more I feel my backs' increasingly compelled
for the sake of escape, to turn a knife on itself,
a knife of relief, from all the petty insight
and finally I'll sleep, I'll sleep through the night.

Haven't made a wall in a while. Quite frankly I've been out of it lately, having thoughts which I should not be having, things that can land me in an asylum, supressing your feelings turns out to be harder everyday. On top of that, I've been having trouble concentrating, hence I've been unable to find inspiration lately. Today, though, I woke up and sucked it up, I dyed my hair black and sat on my computer and came up with this. Mainly its just some brushing, vectoring and montage from an original scan by the one and only Kei Toume.

P.S. listen to some Circle takes the Square

P.S.S is it just me...or does every word seem to be mispelled lately?

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  1. fawna-chan Jan 16, 2006

    hm...I can't download it...it says pwnd3 or something. But from what I can see from the thumbnail, it looks good...

  2. THE-DARK-PRINCE Jan 16, 2006

    Your work is a master-piece ^^
    It's rare to see those type of wallpapers....
    Nice work and ur touches on ur portrait are awesome...
    Good job and hope to see moe ^_^

  3. sacredsky Jan 16, 2006

    Ooh...nice work! The scan is perfect for the wallpaper. Keep it up, dude?

    P.S. Do they say "dude" in New Jersey? I bet I sound like totally funny to you :)

    P.S.S. Black hair is hot!

  4. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 16, 2006

    Its always good to have thoughts amongst your demons and angels.... even if it almost leads to the edge but dont over do it, doesnt help to have a heavy heart >__>.... But anyway the image flows nicely with the bg well, nice use of colors to make it come together... Nice job as always! :P

  5. Rhonda21 Jan 16, 2006

    This looks really great! I really like it a lot!
    I really hope you feel better. And you reminded me that I have to re-dye my hair black. my roots are coming out. Ah anyways you did a really awesome job with this wall.

  6. Erdbeermilch Jan 16, 2006

    Awesome job on this one. You've put everything nicely together. I didn't even notice you've vectored so I guess you did a great job ( I thought everything had been drawn ^^°)

  7. Sandra Jan 16, 2006

    Another great lookin wallpaper.What to say more : P

  8. walkure245 Jan 16, 2006

    I like the dark look and textures of the wallie. The adjustment of lightness and some of the grunge really give a nice look. Really nice work~

  9. Scarlet Jan 16, 2006

    Hmm... Most alluring sense of melancholy. I love her gaze... there seems to be something in there, as though a mute accusation or something. I know I sound weird saying this, but that's the impression I get.

    And thus we pass...
    A wisp of smoke above the ground
    We leave no trace, but memories alone
    Yet even those are quickly gone.

    You know I love you walls.


    P.S.: And yes, your impression is right. It's misspelled, not mispelled. XP Sorry, just teasing. But I DO love irony. *grin*

  10. AkinaSpirit Jan 17, 2006

    Well having seen this anime, the dark theme suits the wall.
    And- don't go through with da heavy thoughts you're having +_+

    PS. oohh glad you're not the sort to diss DBZ or DB! haha~ the good old days, they were fun to watch! Not bad as everybody thinks it is

  11. Kasai Jan 17, 2006


    Was this scan found on MT? I've been meaning to wall it for sometime. You got to it before me. Anywhoo, you've put your claws into it and I cant get it free. -lick- Great job as always, lovely.

  12. flyable Jan 18, 2006

    Hey sharingan...
    It's been awhile i have been out & you got 2 submit such a great art...hehe
    Good work...

  13. animefairy Jan 19, 2006

    OMG, SharinganKnight! >_< This wall is so amazing and pretty! The character is blended very well with the background! The extraction was done very well! Keep up this awesome work and effort! *adding to favs*

  14. DeeDee Jan 20, 2006

    Wow! This is the best wallie i've seen this year by faaaarr :D I love the colours.. and the way you combined everything, the little spots of blood.. the meaning! wow... it's just soo deep. This wall really got to me.. you are an amazing waller. Great Job

  15. GaiJiN Jan 22, 2006

    Thank you for making a Kei Toume wall, and a beautiful one no less :) . You did all what needed to be done to make it a wall without killing the artwork, well done!

  16. lthnadml Jan 22, 2006

    Beautiful wall! The image you have used is very nice and matches with the backfround pretty good . . . i like the colors and the little spot of bloods (or it is a rose petals?) it was an excellent detail . . . keep up the good work. XD XD XD

  17. flyindreams Jan 25, 2006

    Fantastic job on creating beautifully eerie and somber atmosphere... x3 Lovely work with this image :D

  18. AlterGhost Jan 29, 2006

    sweet man, it looks real, not like an anime pic at all. Wonderful masterpiece.

  19. alexiel01 Feb 18, 2006

    hmmmmmmm... (speechless) T_T

  20. LeeAnn Mar 26, 2006

    like its oldness..i mean the old look of the wallie..
    is that blood on the floor? woah! she looks pretty..reminds me of high school girls from old animes..
    the wallie has a good concept too..

  21. Sabbathiel Jun 20, 2006

    I love Hitsuji No Uta. This wallie is amazing, wonderfull! It looks so good!

  22. sherlain Jun 21, 2006


  23. Jhon4321 Mar 21, 2007

    All the work related to this manga seem to have a profound feeling behind them! I like the way the focus seems not to be the girl but the floor around her (not sure if youll underdtand whaty I mean ,, sorry)

  24. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Oct 11, 2007

    This is a great series! You definetly captured the mood and atmosphere of the manga to a T! Thanks for sharing! ;)

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