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:) I name it 'Xephonia's' is because that has been my nick for many forum. I didn't use it in Minitokyo is because someone else used the name. T_T
Anyway spend a lot of time in this drawings... OX. But actually im happy with the result although i took a lot of time :nya:. For the BG i copied one of Ito-sama(SnS artist)'s artwork. I really run out of idea wad to do with the background ^_^'. Im still learning CG anyway, so i have a lot of questions about photoshop.... :sweat: One of it is that how do i blend the colours smoothly? I currentlt using eraser tool for that but it didn't turn out too well. x_x

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  1. Ayasal Jan 15, 2006

    owww! it looks GREAT! I just love all your artwork! I wish I can do something like that! good job!

  2. Kiako Jan 15, 2006

    it looks very good
    the chara is pretty and i like her clothes and the red thing there, the shades are also well done.
    keep it up

  3. Impera Jan 15, 2006

    Ahhh very nice !
    Thanks !

  4. skye Jan 16, 2006

    Cute! and cool too with those ribbons? or whatever they are - it looks great.

  5. eden13600 Jan 16, 2006

    yo my friend, finally your first CG is out! :D walau, you did a really GREAT job on your first CG! i see that this time your character got no mistake, and the cloth and the other staff is really great! and the colour.... it's just great! but that's not all of the photoshop can do, so you need to be work hard.... i should never said that because i'm the one that don't know how to used photoshop.... :( hmm yeah, i know that bg, you copy from Ito Noizi's artbook right? but anyway, it's a GREAT job! :) see ya!

  6. Ryuuen Jan 17, 2006

    Uwah... so good! o.O
    I want your skills! 8D~

  7. julian1 Jan 18, 2006

    very unique, very pretty. this is your best one so far!

  8. chisana Jan 18, 2006

    Wow, you've got awesome skills, this is such a pretty drawing! :D
    The coloring looks so good, you use the colors correctly ^^ if you want to blend colors, ereaser is a nice idea, and you can also use the blur tool too.
    I think the bg is nice, wether you copied it or not. ( don't be sure that Ito Noisi is the only one who make bgs like that ;) )
    The character looks pretty and cute too, nice design!
    Keep up the great work! ^__^

  9. fidiou Jan 18, 2006

    Bravo! Very great doujinshi young man!

  10. CLAMPchic Jan 19, 2006

    *whistles* Wow...I gotta agree with all the other comments; this is a really great job, Liberia. The detail and precision is impressive, in my opinion. And the color tones and/or shading looks awesome; definitely impressive! :)

  11. Carmen Jan 19, 2006

    I like her... but is she riding her weapon? Or what is it?
    Anyway, I like her eyes, are cute, but I think that you still have some problems with the curves (in the hair). When I make a picture in the computer, I begin with paint and then I go to Photoshop, so I don't know how to make an smooth blending...
    Congratulations and keep going :)

  12. Magicalmoonangel Jan 20, 2006

    Wat a kool wallie, great job! ;)

  13. HOLIC Jan 20, 2006

    Excellent Doujinshi to color... definitively one of the best works done in this category......

  14. PhoenixNox Jan 21, 2006

    awesome coloring... i need to practice that more.+fav

  15. Akane-baka Jan 21, 2006

    looks great! ^^

  16. Anjhurin Jan 21, 2006

    ahah since i faved that one, i have to give my reasons (i guess ^_^')

    It is just awesome :) .... i really love the way you blended the scythe and the clothes (her tie, that thing that wrap around her). the proportions are great, and the level of detail is top notch. the shading reminds me more of some warcraft 3 cinematic than some anime though, and it kinda contrasts with the face (i don't know if that's a flaw though :) ).
    the bg is okay, though the upper part is a bit pixelated (especially the "big" scythe).

    great job anyway XP

  17. darkxkenchi Jan 22, 2006

    wow, it does look pretty good job!@@

  18. miyano Jan 22, 2006

    nice doujinshi :)
    what's cg? :x ... computer graphics? >.<
    anyway,nice drawing and colouring..how do you colour it ><?

  19. pegassuss Jan 22, 2006

    Beautiful drawing! ^__^ I really like the way you drew the character and her pose is really nice. The clothes are well drawn and the foldings are well done. Shading is very well done too! ^^ Coloring is great too, the colors are well chosen and I like her expression and her hair ^^ The tatoo and the tie are great details and the "weapon" is very original, it's great. I think you did a great job! ^_^ Keep it up!

  20. blue-chan Jan 23, 2006

    oh my that is so kawaii ^_____^ I like this picture so very much. very cool work on cg colouring. you are a very artistic artist. ^__^and I'll be looking forward to see more of your great artworks.

  21. Ephemeral-Garden Jan 23, 2006

    Usually I use burn tool for darkening the original colour and dodge tool to brighten up the original colour. :) But you used eraser? Hm, maybe I should try that one out! ^^

    Btw, very nice colouring skills. I thought it was from some anime that I've yet to know! >.<

  22. MPhnx Jan 24, 2006

    guess by the time you got this, you probably figure things out already (photoshop wise). but if not... I'm kinda new at CG too, try using big brush for the eraser.

  23. FlowerDog Jan 27, 2006

    Whoa, that's very impressive work you have done. :) The character is so cute and I love her pose, outfit, staff, and everything about her. About blending colors with PhotoShop, does different layers work? Hahah! XD I am no help. ^_^' I have PS but I don't know how to use it after all of these years. I feel like you have done a great job and I love this work of yours. Please keep it up! I am stalking ya. XD

  24. Kumiko-H Feb 02, 2006

    Definitely impressive. I like the background. It is far greater work than I could create :). The color/shading is wonderful!

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