Apocripha/0: Apocripha/0 : Platina & Jade 1

Apocripha/0, Platina Pastener, Jade Davis
Apocripha/0 Visual Novel Platina Pastener Character Jade Davis Character


Enough bishoujo for the day, time to please the girls =P

The bishie with silver hair is Platina, the green-hair is Jade, art by Yuhki Azusa, scanned by me

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  1. Angelette Mar 26, 2004

    Whheee!! Apocripha! xD

  2. Trowble Mar 26, 2004

    I never heard of the series, but the character design is pretty sweet, thanks for sharing.

  3. bucket-shot Nov 03, 2004

    Wahh~! Platina-sama! XD Haha... he's so cool. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. kilani Nov 16, 2004

    Ah... Platina. Odd... there is so little Apocripha here! -_- makes one feel very down...^^ noticed you did two of em. YAY! but where is the rest...lalalala... so hapi this is here! but i cant download it yet......

  5. Leena Jan 17, 2005

    Yeah~~~~~~~~ Apocripha! Platina! Jade! Love them all. Platina is perfect. Great scan. I have a artbook of apocripha but it doesn't have this picture. Thx for sharing.

  6. HontoniKawaii Feb 24, 2005

    wow!!!! What an amazing image of my most favorite couple from Apocripha 0 - Platina & Jade!!!!! I havent seen this image before!!! - It's such a great image!!! Platina & Jade are linked together by the white ribbon!!! and I really love all the feathers that are flying around ^^

    Thanx for sharing!!! ^_________^

  7. Lore589 May 02, 2005

    wow, I've had an image of Apocripha/0 and I didn't even know it . . . How sad and whats worse is that I,ve never herd of it. Either way from what I've seen here it's probably really good. thanks for sharing

  8. jpanamaneechot1 Jun 20, 2005

    Wai!! X3 Jade/Platina is my OTP for this series--thank you so much for sharing, I've always loved this pic! Yuhki Azusa's character design is really nice, isn't it? ^___^

  9. K1R31 Sep 28, 2005

    Wow! Platina really cool! Jade too! Nice scan! Thx for sharing. ^_^

  10. inuwolfram Dec 14, 2005

    PLATINAPLATINAPLATINA!My dear platina!oh, I wish I had that game...(I loved the manga...but they never transleted the rest!they stayed in the 2nd volume!BBBUUUAAA!)It's one of my fav charactersª^^I never get tired of those eyes...

  11. mnmnmnmnmnmnmn Nov 09, 2006

    Ah! Platina! Ah! Jade! They're awesome! ILOVETHEM!ILOVETHEM!ILOVETHEM! Can't wait to download! Great pic!

  12. MysteryGreenTea Nov 09, 2009

    Ooo, pretty hot pic! And it's so pretty! ^O^

  13. sherryzxt Jul 15, 2010

    thank you for sharing~ ^^

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