Murakami Suigun Wallpaper: D's Vector Brushed to Oblivion 3: Addiction

Murakami Suigun Wallpaper
Murakami Suigun Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

The 3rd of the family of wallpapers entitled : D's Vector Brushed to Oblivion series.

Mood: Kinda groggy, was happy that it finally got completed.

Cueshe - Stay
Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl
Green Day -Wake me up when September Ends
Konishi Kayo & Kondoo Yukio - Lilium (Elfen Lied OST)
Seal - Human Beings
Sting - Fields of Gold

Time: add it all together maybe 7 days or so. (in between many things)

I made this wall originally for the free wallers competition, but seeing that it is just too diverse even for the likes of MT, judging by how much people seem to enjoy other styles. So I kept this one on the shelf. It was completed way ahead, but I changed it to green to match.
I mentioned that this wallpaper was originally supposed to be Black and White. I added an adjustment layer to alter and blue cyan it. Also cleaned up some unsightly brushes that are over cluttering, I kept the default however.

The method of this wall is quite special, I used no extraction if you all have noticed. all the vector brush are challenged by me, I used them all on ONE layer, nothing more. But the wallpaper background was about 40 layers or so, depending on depth and style, I adjusted many times where I want the shapes.

The scan was never duplicated.
Hence, beside myself deleting a bit of her hair, the rest is smack on the scan itself.

Not much on the scan itself, since this series focuses mainly on brush whore, it is meant to be just that. So don't tell me nothing about changing shapes and stuff, I don't have the right to manipulate the brushes, I can use them only.

As again, this is all based on PaulW's brushes. Thanks very much, you are my inspiration Mr. PaulW. Also known as Paul Willocks. Many Thanks.

As a dedication to all the people in the groups, Bj0rn, Zaira, Milkiyo, Rikka-san, Kitten, K1ru, White-Zero,so many more...all thanks to you, helping me realize the dream of S2O and making it so much better, Your presence I honor the most.

Keep it up people! Many many praises!

Do give me some comments Meaningful ones that is.

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: ExMachina
Wall: Mix It Up - Jin
Reason: Another surprising piece, said waller made with minimum effort and yet, the style is exorbitant, with great style and sense, wonderful by nature, exquisite touch overall. Another overlooked piece in Minitokyo that you all should check it out.

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Browse Murakami Suigun Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Milkiyo Jan 15, 2006

    eh...? o.0 LOL..this is really rare! 0.0" I have to state this clearer..it is not ECCHI! o.0 *not ecchi* unbelievable...LOL XD
    dunno bout d girl but she looks like a robot..lol..maybe it's because her eye looks metallic >.>
    hahaha...nice effects...one layer.... (o.0)"""
    huuu....the bg is very 'pro' like but the scan looks too well blended lol... >.> yeah..yeah..I know it's on purpose or accidental? o.0

  2. AkashaNosferatu Jan 15, 2006

    I think this wall is your best one. Nice colors and textures...feels techy. However, I think you should use less text or try to make them blend more with the background. You've got some nice elements going on in this wall, but its a little too busy lol...if you could subtract some things from it, and leave more open space...I think it'd be even better.

  3. Amru-chan Jan 15, 2006

    A very nice wallpaper >_____<. Of couse fav from me ^^. Ur vector are very very beautiful >____<.

  4. zaira Jan 15, 2006

    wow! an murakami suigun art? wow! very impressive devi-sama! i like the texture and the color! very digital! and of course! you even dedicate this wall to me! waah! i'm touched! better think of a wall to dedicate to you too! +fav! XD

  5. Akarix Jan 15, 2006

    Yay no more circle thingies~! Me glad u didn't used it here really.. ^__________________________^ anyway nice wallie beautiful XD good thing me like blue color ^_____________^
    To da fave ^^

  6. phamthuha Jan 15, 2006

    WOW! How excellent! I love the idea and all the effect is just amazing OoO Fav from me for sure >__<!

  7. Kiako Jan 15, 2006

    nice wallpaper,
    the girl's eyes fit well to the background, the colors are good.
    keep it up

  8. Bisuketto Jan 15, 2006

    hmm... this one is rather an odd one. I love the BG, the tech and even the text mix very well. I also like the greeny theme. However again the pic spoils it abit ^^. I couldnt suggest an answer, but it doesnt really show any emphasis to the pic.
    Even so, one of the better BGs, and maybe your first successful tech?
    Not knowing what you wanted to do with the pic, I will put the flamethrower away XD
    cheers ;)

  9. uchiha-vegeta Jan 15, 2006

    dude , i luv ur style , keep it up , and a fav for ya ^^

  10. ayaki Jan 21, 2006

    wooo nice move to turn it to this blue color instead of b&w ...
    u did a great job using all those brushes!~
    even if u said this series focuses on brush whore...i prefer less brushes.
    make them flow with the scan .....cuz i don't see a point having her in this wall. You could've make it w/o her anyway.
    keep it up!~ :D

  11. enchantressinthedark Jan 21, 2006

    Wow...your style of this wallpaper ish really very unique ^^ The background ish really very busy and I'm still trying to figure out the picture of the wall XD But you've done a great job with ze brushes!

  12. mughi Feb 14, 2006

    Hats off to your creativity. You always try to create something different in your work. I think this wallpaper does well to show off your technical and creative side. Good job and thanks much.

  13. shadowVII Jul 26, 2006

    very cool style, like the colors

    merged: 07-27-2006 ~ 03:52am
    hate the face though

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