Okane ga Nai Wallpaper: Show me your Love Worth 200,000,000 yen

Tohru Kousaka, Okane ga Nai, Locked in Heaven, Yukiya Ayase Wallpaper
Tohru Kousaka Mangaka Okane ga Nai Series Locked in Heaven Artbook Yukiya Ayase Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

grrrr! I accidentally pressed "back" and now I have to write this all over again....
:angry: it might be alittle short....

Im getting really obsessed with this manga not because of just the art but the story as well, I even went and bought the all the mangas! ....the problem is it.. it a yaoi manga *hides it under the bed* if anyone finds it... I'm as good as dead. OX Im so bad....! but I love the manga so much... I cant help it
I got the title from one of the quotes I got from the manga "Show me your Love Worth 200,000,000 yen" XD
I used like 20 different scans, from the artbook and random scans from the manga.
Main scan: No Heart by Eowyn (and alot more)
-about 2 days to complete
Layers- 71 (no-merged image)
credits on image of the clock goes to psimau on http://psimau.deviantart.com/

[Full View please!] lots of details that you cant see from the thumb! okey? ^_____^
Thank you so much for viewing! and please comment!
ps. one more thing... please try not to judge this wallpaper..... just because it's yaoi Im pretty sure there are some people who really hate it ^_^'

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  1. Milkiyo Jan 15, 2006

    omg... *.* zomg..ur art is priceless LOL XD
    it's very beautiful in an exotic way..plus the scan...very majestic..but what's that small white fluff thingy by his neck? o.0 left over feathers? XD
    +fav >3 very cool! XD

  2. Arashi-san Jan 15, 2006

    really nice wallpaper =D
    a fov from me

  3. Moonlightprincess Jan 15, 2006

    very nice ayasal! I love it! just like what Milkiyo said!
    its an fav from me!
    good job!

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 15, 2006

    OMG, you and me are the same *hides yaoi mangas from parents and siblings*
    Back to the wall:
    Absolutely wonderul. Love the scan and the background is awesome! The texture is fantastic and the colors fit well. Great job!

  5. nolove Jan 15, 2006

    again, you really so love okane ga nai >__< this wall is so cute, that's ur style, and so so love it, yep the scan is nice, i dont care it is Yaoi or sth but the wall is really deserve lots of favs ><

  6. sukie Jan 15, 2006

    wooo so ncie! i lvoe the texture that you used! =D great job!

  7. Faikenshin Jan 15, 2006

    This is soo good i love it!

  8. EevaLeena Jan 15, 2006

    Another Ayase-chan! And I really how you made the background.. So cool! You're getting obsessed with Okane ga Nai, ne? Don't worry, me too! *ran away*

  9. Inuyasha-FAN Jan 15, 2006

    Another amazing wall! Great job! that is so cooool!

  10. Tama-Neko Jan 15, 2006

    .....you could at the very least give me credit for making the clock >_>

  11. Amru-chan Jan 15, 2006

    Wow, a very very very nice wallpaper >______<. The scan is very cool >___<. Fav from me XD.

  12. Ayasal Jan 15, 2006

    Quote by Tama-Neko.....you could at the very least give me credit for making the clock >_>

    did you make it? I found the stock from deviantart.com
    here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/21202437/

  13. wind12 Jan 15, 2006

    Well done Ayasal, Its a very wounderful artwork :D

  14. zaira Jan 15, 2006

    weee coool clock! *save save* wee i've save the link! thanks aya-sama & tama-sama!
    well i like the loky grungy style + the scan is soo cool! love the one wing! XD kya! goes to my fav! *hug*

  15. Tama-Neko Jan 15, 2006

    Quote by Ayasal

    Quote by Tama-Neko.....you could at the very least give me credit for making the clock >_>

    did you make it? I found the stock from deviantart.com
    here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/21202437/

    Ah. My apologies. The clock I vectored was the same as you used, only I had a different stock (from stock exchange.)
    My apologies.

  16. lunacrystal Jan 15, 2006

    Yaoi? Ayasal is bad! *hit you on the head* ut anyways, I like it. Fav++

  17. AngelKate Jan 15, 2006

    Wow, really cool! All the detail you put in your walls is amazing. Great work! ^^

  18. shinorei Jan 15, 2006

    I like the clock behind the person. And the grainy texture's just lovely.
    The expression of the person fits the whole background. Just nice. ^__^

  19. acid-awakening Jan 15, 2006

    ermm... a little short... yeah rite
    Anywayz... beautiful wall
    Everythin is juz great
    Not much to say when it's all great is there?
    Well thanx for sharing once again

  20. Kiako Jan 15, 2006

    nice wallpaper
    the ideea for it is good
    the background is very nice i like the texture and colors.
    keep it up

  21. Asahi Jan 15, 2006

    hmm.. i didnt seems to me that ayasal used the wallpaper clock from tama... because of that resean: the clock here show more time on it .. an tamas wall it did not.

    its not a braking law to used the same stockphoto in wallpaper in my eyes.

    BTW ... its nNOT a STOCK photo because its not in this special category.. do you have asked the photographer for using it BOTH (tama, aya) ?

  22. Susan-chan Jan 15, 2006

    to judge?:D hehehe..funny:D
    i love the bg ( because if the textures and the design and everything:D ) and i think the guy looks also great :P

  23. royaldarkness Jan 15, 2006

    oh wow, gorgeous wall ayasal ^^ beautifyl choice of colors!

  24. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jan 15, 2006

    How absolutely beautiful. I loved the scan & I love this wall. The old Victorian style clock casting it's mechanical shadow over him is so fitting with his physical beauty & his open mechanic heart ~ just stunning how you've created something so elaborate from what's essentially a simple looking drawing ^.^

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