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Kentaro Yabuki, Gonzo, Black Cat, Train Heartnet, Mr. Cat Wallpaper
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1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

We tend to go to places
places of rest and absolute continuity
dark corners of which our mind shapes us
to the phantoms whcihc guard the secrets
what which was, Is and what wasnt there was already gone

*Listening to Hustle Rose ~ Metric
Monster Hospital~ Metric
Breaking the habit ~ Linking Park
Midnight ~ DJ Shadow
All the love in the world ~ Nine inch nails*

This was solely inspired by the song "All the love in the world" ~ NIN because i love the way the piano or electric organ soothes my abrupt dysfuctional melancholy that burdens me once in a while.

I have no idea of the story behind Black cat , all i know is that the name of the character is Train? and he carries a gun.... But nonetheless i choose this since it portrays the mood im in nowadays since everything is happening slowly but not in a painful sense ofcourse. Re-Cging his left arm and right knee was killer easy, constructed a bed for him to sit on, made a shelf with books. (namely: Dantes inferno, 2045 A.D., Avente Noctum chapters 1-8, a green notebook and a picture frame with a possiblity that it is ME hahhahha! XD) Lastly i added some scratch textures, wallwritings and lastly a cocket because it had a roomy feel to the atmosphere.

The weird looking lines on the characters face, was is made intentionally? Well yes you fools because i was was trying out the "Window blind shadow method" because i dont know anyone yet who has ever done this type of method before.. if so prove me wrong! This idea was derived while i was laying in bed playing with light and shadows of the blinds sillohuetting around my hands and got me thinking..."I should do that!" 4 weeks later i did it finally! XD

Hope you like it because this is such a personal wall for me. ^__^
More resolutions coming soon in Imanimetions.net so hold on!


Personal intent:

3 days ago my friend found out that his friend died and was reported as the skiier/snowboarder who got lost in an avalaunche somewhere here in BC, Canada and last night him and his other friends came to see the body. He said to me after that he looked alive, he called out to wake him up but there was no answer.... he then said that death is a part of life and can take us anytime.

Ive always dwelt in death but i have never seen a dead body or been to a real funeral of someone dear to me... ive lost a small speck of humanity, caring less to the fortunate and more on the unfortunate and who are about to be. Anti hero always revolves around me, its just that the more i help people, the more i dont want to do or know anything about their lives since it will just make you suffer more....silence and selfishness is a bad combination and hopefully i wouldnt cross that path anytimne soon. I wish and hope that there is someone to hold on too in my life... even if it was a moment in time it wouldnt matter much. I just hope theres another who feels the way i do hoplessly hopeless to his dying hope.

"To have all the love in the world, is to have someone know that you did something good."

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  1. Midori-chan Jan 14, 2006

    wow! your new techniques of using the blinds shadow on the wallie is superb! XD
    the bg suits the scan perfectly and i ike the kitty a lot!
    meow~ =3
    i'm adding this great piece of artwork to my favs for sure!
    great job OA-san! ;)

  2. jaderabbit Jan 14, 2006

    + favorite.... course... i like all ur walls lol.

  3. asabatrain Jan 14, 2006


  4. akibana Jan 14, 2006

    The white cat looks kawayi.....^ ^

  5. Samanosuke89 Jan 14, 2006

    absolutely love it *O* love the colors, the scan and the grungy style


    and cat its too funny X3

  6. Milkiyo Jan 14, 2006

    eh...dah style is nice..though he looks a bit too pale..maybe from the blinding light n.n
    wahahha...nice switch XD seldom see one in walls >.> *electricity addicted* XD
    erm..ok..back to the theme..portrayed well^^ how can u not love a cat(a symbol of innocence)?

  7. Amru-chan Jan 14, 2006

    Wow, wonderful wallpaper >____<. Fav from me XD.

  8. chibicow Jan 14, 2006

    ... That is seriously depressing ... its so deep, so raw, so human ... And yet so beautifuly protrayed! cant say i know how you feel but i understand your intentions. ironically, this entire piece reminds me of a friend who's just recently experienced the same thing, however in that case, his friends death was a result of suicide... (dont you go thinking stupid thoughts or i'll smack you upside the head, you hear!)
    excellent work however, it deserves my +fav.

  9. fukushuusha Jan 14, 2006

    Mann....OA; this is seriously awesome. The mood and emotions coming out of this is so strong for me.
    The execution is soo good as always...but I dunno something is special about this one somehow. Rcging is seamless I must say. Color scheme is calm yet a bit depressing. The lighning strike on his face is the best part for me...different...unique...
    One of your best I must say. Wonderful piece of work again my king xD

  10. Sandra Jan 14, 2006

    Totally brilliant work . Great atmosphere , every single stuff done perfectly. + fav

  11. sukie Jan 14, 2006

    wwoooo...texture! =P nice work...i like the scan you picked

  12. pana Jan 15, 2006

    nicely done
    great extraction
    the shadow blinds done superbly
    nice dark mood to this piece

    well done
    wanna c more

  13. rythem Jan 15, 2006

    great as usual ~ :D love the grungy textures , everything is very neatly done n I like the lighting especially ~ brilliant wallie ~ +fav

  14. Kabura Jan 15, 2006

    Pretty nice wall! love the colours and the cat looks sooo ppuurrrr! CuTe! XD

  15. zaira Jan 15, 2006

    wow! very cool blinds! nice effect on the looky orange ligthing effect on the scan! nice texture on the wall and the darky colors! veru nice wallie oa-sama! i like it soo +fav! *hug*

  16. Zoamel Jan 15, 2006

    Nice idea to create the window-light-effect. Very special work :D

  17. Zefie Jan 15, 2006

    wow, window blind shadow effect looks nice and original :D like the way how lighting comes in to the room. scan fits very well with everything and details are well done :) great work and thank you for sharing !

  18. Lenne Jan 16, 2006

    Interesting wall,not my kind of thing that i lke but as far as it goes you made excellent work :) ;)

  19. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jan 16, 2006

    saki loves loves loves this wall...
    it says everything and at the same time.. doesnt say anything.. xD
    kekekeke.. great job job joobbuu! *proposes* <333

    the colors and the atmosphere is just too perfect <3

  20. Yina Jan 17, 2006

    *sets as desktop*
    wow.. sugee, ne.. amazing work as always.. *__*
    wow.. i kinda have to search for the right words to describe my feelings right now.. ^_^'
    great composition and execution.. XD

  21. studio Jan 18, 2006

    Owh. Fab black cat wp. I adore the cat :) Scan was a nice pick & love the colours + texture you used for the background.

    Great feel, and it`s lookin good.

  22. kalicodreamz Jan 18, 2006

    first of all, NIN rocks.
    with a fork.
    second, i love the wall.
    the blind effect is a really nice touch, although it seems almost too perfect. not sure what you could do to fix it. maybe skewing it a bit making it a different sixe on the wall than him, and also, offset them from each other. then, it would be perfect.
    anyways, thats all the criticism i have to give on that.
    otherwise, awesome wall. i love it.

  23. shana666 Jan 18, 2006

    cool very great wallpaper XD

  24. Sandra Jan 19, 2006

    My actual desktop have only 39 favs ? And not many comments ? How this could be !?

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