Yasuyuki Tsurugi Wallpaper: Sincere Heart

Yasuyuki Tsurugi Wallpaper
Yasuyuki Tsurugi Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My newest wallie! <33
I made this for two lovley sis of mine ^__^
Sis Studio and Sis Phill <3333
For their love and support with my works :D
I love them so much and I hope they love this wallie <333

The scan is from Yasuyuki Tsurugi, the scan can be found
here: The Cute Cook
Which was submitted by MadMover, he has more scans of this artists works so go check it out ^___^ at:
MadMover's Gallery
and thanks for the scan MadMover! <333

Well, this wallie I had to do over because my stupid com
freezed on me and I need to restart the com, and of course
I didn't save T_____T So I reconstructed the wallie again and added
as many features as I did before ^.^
It's doesn't look like it did before but can't blame a girl
for trying huh? >_>
Anyway! Hope you like the wallie and Love ya Sis Studio and Sis Phill
thank you for the love and support <3333

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  1. enchantressinthedark Jan 14, 2006

    Looks kinda weird....But you have done great on the effects. I like how you put the character in the middle and made a Night Day theme for both sides of the wall! Cool!

  2. lunacrystal Jan 14, 2006

    Its kina wierd with the two colors but its still so adorable!

  3. Milkiyo Jan 14, 2006

    erm....ok...but why one side pink and the other blue? o.0
    wouldn't it look better with the whole bg blue? XD
    erm..nice scan anyway^^

  4. zaira Jan 14, 2006

    wow! great as ever kitten-sama! is this your entry or not?
    anyways i like the cute scan!
    and those white circles are soo cool! i like also the color combo of pink and blue! +fav!

  5. Devildude Jan 14, 2006

    your use of the texture is just wonderful, such unique taste and sense of specialty! I am very in love with this one, sweet and cute, great color coordination and wonderful chosen chracter. A fav!

  6. Midori-chan Jan 14, 2006

    wow! the scan is really cute and i like the effects used in the wall a lot^^
    the two different color of the bg is a unique concept^^
    good job Kitten-san! XD

  7. Idril Jan 14, 2006

    simple but very, very pretty Kitten-chan! the girl looks so cute and colorful background fits with her! ^^ *favs*

  8. sangel99 Jan 14, 2006

    OMg she's so cuteeeee! I just wanna hug her! :D :D Great wallie, kitten! ^-^

  9. AngelKate Jan 14, 2006

    Aww, that's so cute Kitten. ^_^ I love the two colors on each side of her. The scan is very clean too. It almost looks like a vector. Really cute wallie. ^_^

  10. ROSEANA Jan 14, 2006

    wow! it's very beatiful....Ooi like this bg..
    thank yoU^O^

  11. walkure245 Jan 14, 2006

    I like how you placed in her in the exact center so you can vary the colors on either sides of her. The extraction was well done and even though the spirals of light around her looks weird but it looks kind of cool too. Really cute. Nice work~

  12. Phill Jan 14, 2006

    it's soooo cool , thank you thank you really much sis (haven't recieve any wall lately :"> )^O^ I love the BG >< really creative :D
    love ya XD * hug * and +fav for sure :x

  13. sukie Jan 14, 2006

    oh cute cute cute! =D you pick the cutest scans! =D and make the perfect bg for it! =D love this wall!

  14. Stolen Jan 14, 2006

    Hey Kitten!

    Nice choice of scan, and nice extraction work. Love the fact she's a huge part of this wallpaper, much more of a focus on the actual scan you've chosen. Love the texture that you've applied afterwards, nice depthy feeling and more textured 'feel'

    Colours are good, love the two contrasting sides, and although I wouldn't use it as a wallpaper for my own tastes, effects are nicely applied and good concept.

    I probably would make another comment on the font you've used - perhaps try loads of new brushes and new fonts within photoshop - there are hundreds of free ones on the web, and even just playing with them will give you loads of different ideas. It's always worth the fun of new fonts :) That's what I always used to try out!

    Anyway, thank you for submitting it!

  15. moonlight-shawdow Jan 14, 2006

    Oh very bright and dark^.^
    It's very preety very nice colors too

  16. Rikimaru-jp Jan 15, 2006

    Good work Kitten-Chan! you really did a great job here !
    the scan is very cool and the background you created is fitting so perfectly with it!
    *adds it to my favorites*

  17. SweetNeko-Chan Jan 15, 2006

    aww! shes so cute! u gotta teach me how 2 do dat. u know im not very com smart ^_^ its now on my favs

  18. Asahi Jan 15, 2006

    mmh... she is cute indeed. have some (one) critique imo the right color isnt useable maybe take another color as the soft pink ^^

  19. maho-ho Jan 15, 2006

    Pretty work! I have liked much the resistance of color and the image that you used, really is seen well! Also it pleases the texture to me that you use for the bottom.

  20. Yina Jan 17, 2006

    mhmm i wonder if the bg has a special meaning.. o__o
    it looks a bit busy.. but overall nice work ^__^

  21. studio Jan 18, 2006

    Oh I do loooove it to bits Kitt enn! It`s so sweet of you dear <33 I love the background - the two contrasts are lovely. Fab text & quite an adorable scan.

    Thanks! Huugggskisssues. <333 for Kitt `n.

  22. Sakura-K Jan 19, 2006

    wow...it's really good.
    I love how it's sorta seperated into two parts. I mean the colours ^^ lol

    love the effect you did on the girl and everything else ^^

  23. k1ru Jan 20, 2006

    its really nice!

  24. Revan Retired Moderator Jan 20, 2006

    The scan is so nicely worked and very cute indeed... I like the idea of the split colors and the brushwork. Though I agree with Stolen, it would be very nice that you tried and experimented with new brushes and fonts... since you always have these new ideas they would complement all your works great ;)

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