Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Wallpaper: Lilith: Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito

Carnelian, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Lilith (YamiBou) Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Series,Visual Novel Lilith (YamiBou) Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

umm...well...first off this is Lilith from the anime series Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito....

The name of the wallpaper is actually called dimentional collision because if u have seen the series it talks about different \"worlds\" or dimentions represented in each book that Lilith is in charge of...

Again...just so she isn't floating in mid air i got her sitting on a 3D plane grid with similar reflections....hope u guys like it! i had such a big wallers block when trying to wall this scan...hehe..

comments are always welcome ^_^

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  1. pookzilla Mar 26, 2004

    This is astounding work. Really jaw dropping. I love the shot of yellow and pink. The combination of colors works perfectly with the look of the bg. The 3D plane works fo rme too. Favorite! So much detail you can get lost in the strands of yellow.

  2. kyroooo Mar 26, 2004

    Great tech wall! *thumbs up*

    On a side note, why is Hatsumi's name written beside Lilith's name?

  3. Zuri-chan Mar 26, 2004

    Love the techiness and the depth. I think ZZ made a mistake on the Kanji but hey it looks nice there...^^

  4. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Mar 26, 2004

    nono....didn't she liked her? haha.....

  5. lclun Mar 26, 2004

    kawaii!!!I like the bg^_^

  6. Groundsquirrel Mar 26, 2004

    A simply super wall GundamZZ-san. Nice!

  7. zeal Mar 26, 2004

    yeah i love ur walls man ^^
    but the typo under "Lilith" is little strange. however it's so great

  8. UndyingShadow Mar 26, 2004

    man gundam, i love your walls. keep up the great work.

  9. melonchen Mar 26, 2004

    this is an incredible wallpaper, one of the best wallpaper i ever seen, the color and also the background are so perfectly done to match with the image, just amazing and as always a really good job . i love the wallpaper

  10. xbluefish Mar 26, 2004

    It's a beautiful wall actually. 8 of 10 !

  11. Xenshin Mar 26, 2004

    another great wall ^_^

  12. roly-poly Mar 26, 2004

    yeah i guess that's pretty good ^_^

    that 3d plane really does make a difference.

  13. Sigma Mar 26, 2004

    Damn ;_; That's a really great wall. The colours, the scan and the overall craziness of the background work so well. I wish I had that knid of wallers block XD

  14. Trunks Mar 26, 2004

    I'm jealous man, one of these days you really gotta teach me how to do that cool stuff with the backgrounds that you do... I would really love to know lol

  15. rax Mar 26, 2004

    ahhh my scan XD

    nice wall dude, the effects on the bg are astonishing, and i dont think i actually have to comment on Risa. IMO the typo of "Yami to boushi.." is a bit weird though, but oh well..^^

  16. Latios Mar 26, 2004

    Very nice wall, i like it. nice bg too, keep up the good work.

  17. biriwilg Retired Moderator Mar 27, 2004

    Man, the colors are to die for!

  18. RichC Mar 27, 2004

    nice looking wall of Ririsu! fantastic job with it.

  19. Red Mar 27, 2004

    omg. i love how this one came out. Love all the colors! It fits the character so nicely. *saves as desktop* :D

  20. kelpie Mar 27, 2004

    it's AMAZIIIING !!!

    but er... that raveanime.com doesn't exist.
    He can't find the page. :(

  21. Crystal-Kiss Mar 27, 2004

    its bootiful!!!! love the background ^_^

  22. saroe Mar 27, 2004

    Awesome job man. I love all the little details and how you play with the lighting and shadows

  23. Cloudnine Mar 27, 2004

    NOoO! Don't go to the darkside!! XD

    Awesome wall bud~ I love the effects and techy style ^^

  24. Virus610 Apr 08, 2004

    wow, background is beautiful, and the character has very fascinating clothing, i like the reflection, makes for a nice plane, glassylike.. gj ^^

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