Fate/Zero Wallpaper: Moon River Dancer

TYPE-MOON, Ufotable, Fate/Zero, Irisviel von Einzbern Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Ufotable Studio Fate/Zero Series Irisviel von Einzbern Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

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I apologize in advance for not knowing the creator of this magnificant girl.

The background i made from scratch 56 layers, "actually the bg alone is pretty awesome... if u want it i can email it to you ^_^". Prett much this is how i made each structure was starting off with a base gradient and then adding different layers of colors till they all formed a certain part of the bg. "the water consided of alot of layers, one wavy for the ripples, another white wavy lowered alot then faded in to add to the ripple effect, then a coulpe of green fades and purple fades, the stars and finally the fog.

This is also my 300th wallpaper Horray! 300 wallpapers to date released by the rabbit :D hope you was lucky enough to get my collection as it grows! "I'm considering retiring walling at 500th ;) " By then hopefully ill improve even more ^_^;

As always comment and enjoy :)

Love You,


p.s. "i think this is a nice touch" WOoohoo! long live the overlord!

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  1. rythem Jan 11, 2006

    very pretty :D I love the colours used that matches the scan well ^^
    I also like the paintish-look of the moon .. maybe the stars r too bright , its too visible ^_^;; but overall , lovely neat work >w<

    ps: wooo O.O congrats on ur 300th wallpaper ~ (honto ni sugoiiiii *-* )

  2. zaira Jan 11, 2006

    wow! 300th wallie? thats awesome!
    congrats dude! XD
    i like the scan! you are getting anf getting better! just keep it up!
    i like also the darky bg + the shooting stars! +fav! :D

  3. Bisuketto Jan 11, 2006

    wow.. nice effort, seems as though you put a fair bit of effort into it. The only thing that would make it better would be if that character was one of my favourites XD.
    You are correct about that bg, it is wicked, one of the best I've seen although its hard to compare different types. The skyline is the standout of lot.
    Nice girl, clear and nice extraction (if it was).
    nice job ;) and cheers for the 300 walls

  4. AngelKate Jan 11, 2006

    Really cool Jade! I love your sky, the stars are amazing. I like how you have it all reflected too. Great job! And congrats on 300 walls. :)

  5. Rhonda21 Jan 11, 2006

    Yeah congrats on 300 walls.
    This wall is very pretty!
    The background does look really great!
    Awesome Work!

  6. studio Jan 12, 2006

    Woah 300th ? @____@ ;; You must enjoy it very much.

    Love the girl too - & the background looks rather fitting. Nice job.

  7. soujiokita Jan 12, 2006

    i think there are too many stars in the sky, the extraction on her hair is also jagged. Good job on this wall though.

  8. knightstar3 Jan 13, 2006

    oooh, beatiful blue! :nya:
    yes, i completely agree. beautiful scan and the bg is AWESOME!
    like the water reflection and ripples effect. ^^
    congratulations on your 300th wallie! XD keep it up! ;)

  9. Milkiyo Jan 13, 2006

    whoa... 0.0 that's a whole lot of wallies..
    not bad...the bg isn't bad but the concept is a bit weirded off..
    the 'trees' look like they suddenly came to an abrupt stop and what's that blue thing that separates the scan and the 'trees'?
    lol...nice fog btw..

  10. shadowcat23 Jan 13, 2006

    nice job on your wallpaper it looks great :)

  11. Emma Jan 14, 2006

    Very nice, jaderabbit! Really like the scan and the evening sky. I feel a little chilly as I look at the wall. You conveyed that mood quiet well ^^ I am not sure of the moon reflection. Seems a bit big. When I had to do water reflections, I had to study a bit of physics on mirror reflections. All reflections are roughly the same size as that they reflect. Depending on the angle you look at the water will determine the length of the reflection. If you are looking at it horizontally (eye level) as in this case, the reflection will be longer, but not bigger. I hope this makes sense ^^

  12. zurai Jan 18, 2006

    The colors are so manificent! pretty ^^

  13. onibozu Mar 10, 2006

    very good wallie, one of many that fit my resolution

  14. andyloh006 Jun 10, 2007

    it looks like shes on drugs.. the aftereffect of drugs.

  15. blacklistgenesis Jun 05, 2008


  16. nightcode Nov 10, 2008

    ohh... cute.... very good wall.. thanx

  17. tatakeru Jul 12, 2010

    Awesome wallpaper sumpf, im surely gonna use this as my background-image. I like the dark colours and that scan is just superb. Great work =)

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