Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Wallpaper: -#Free Wind#-

Age (Studio), Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Haruka Suzumiya Wallpaper
Age (Studio) Studio Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Series Haruka Suzumiya Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

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+hi you all~,
Here is my entry for Free--Wallers contest and also my gift for Amru-chan ^__^.

Hi hi Amr-chan, finally i can finish my wall for you ^^, yeah i keep secret with you just becoz i want you a bit surprised for it, oh dont know if you like it or not ><, just all my heart and feeling is in this wall >__<.

About the contest, im so sorry Rikka-chan coz i'm so late for this ><, but my homework's really killing me when i began my second semester, maybe i just have this one join the contest >__<, so sorry T__T.

My Wallie:
Firstly, sorry the size is a bit too big ><, but when i saved it, just let the default settings ><
hehe, Why i made this wall ><, why i said that's all my feeling ><, becoz it's the wind, my most love element >__<, i always wanna be wind, free and gentle, soft, lovely ^__^ and water, mysterious things i thought >.<, survive anywhere and shapeless, always be needed, and lots lots thing of these two elements >.<
Fun thing: the sea yeah, i really dont know what to do to make it and try and do and try with lots effect and then it turned out like that >__<, really great i think hehe. The waves - yep that's inspired from PhamThuHa's awesome work. Yeah i almost finish my work since the begining of this year ^^ but dont know what to do with the sea >__<, ThuHa-chan made me have an idea add a bit waves to it ^^, so it looks more real :D, thnx you so much ThuHa-chan.
Hard thing: what's it ? ><, the curtain i thought ><, not hard to do but hard to thought of such something smooth and can display the feeling of Wind, quite a bit time for it ^__^
Hardest thing: that's it the scan >__<, it's so blur and not in good quality, actually, the original scan is just 1280*960, that's mean smaller than my wallie T__T, it took me a lot of time to extract it, a night i guess and maybe i play a gambling when making such bigger wall then the original by not resizing any thing ><. The original, you can found it here:
Weird thing: do you think the balcon is weird ><, it's just becoz i want to make the girl not to touch the sea, for some reason ^__^, so plz dont be bother.
Bad thing: I have to say that, i always hate working with sky and clouds ><, i have to put in, delete many time but it also turned out bad like that ><, dont know what to do T__T, sorry everyone ><, i'll try next time.
Time: about 3days, 10hours i guess ^^
Layers: -63 imerge, the total i didnt and cant count

Again, i talk too much >__<, bie bie~ come back to my work.
Lets enjoy it ^__^, i hope you all will like this one.
If you visit this, please leave a comment ><, i really need to improve much ^__^
As always, all FAVS and COMMENTS are welcome ^__^
Bie bie~~

I delete some sparkles, some birds and try to turn down the color of the beach >_<,i hope it's okay, hux, i'll try more on my next wallie ><

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  1. uchiha-vegeta Jan 10, 2006

    WOW , this is so damn cool , i luv wat u did to the bg , and the scan is awsome! , cant wait 2 see more of ur work

  2. sylvacoer Jan 10, 2006

    Absolutely beautiful wall, love, I can certainly get a feel for your affinty to wind. My only suggestion would be to change the appearence of the railing behind the girl - they're really bulky and distracting. If you made them darker and mor delicate looking, they'd provide contrast and fit more into the picture's theme. But that's just me, like I said, it's a lovely wall!

  3. Amru-chan Jan 10, 2006

    Oh my god >____<, what a beautiful wallpaper >_________<. I love it very very very much >_____<. I luv u >____<. Thanks for the wonderful gift ^___^. Fav >____<. *100 huggies*

  4. revontulet Jan 10, 2006

    My gosh! Its truly amazing!
    The colours are so pretty! The beach is so yellow!
    The water looks like crystal...so nice to look at..so i will add to favs :D!
    Such a pretty paper u made!

  5. Arashi-san Jan 10, 2006

    a really nice wallpaper ^^ but i would change the color of the sand ^^
    greets Arashi-san

  6. kaisui1tatsu Jan 10, 2006

    Very pretty!I absolutly love the water! How did you make it, or what tutorial did you use?

  7. Osirisa Jan 10, 2006

    It's nice :D I just don't like the yellow of sand and blue of sea here >_< >_<
    The curtain...... yep yep it's fine although I think u miss something to make it realer >< don't know what it is :D but it's really good, hehehehe ^^
    The balcon..... as u said.... it is weird >_< u should work more to make it better
    The sea and sand..... as I say before, I just don't like the colors, they seems very good (at least u make the water better than me T__T)

    A fav from me for ur good work ^^

  8. phamthuha Jan 10, 2006

    So nice work ou got here, Nolove-chan ^_^ Oh! My name and my work is on your edit? You are so sweet ^_^
    Back to the wall, i have tons of things to remark for you, nolove-chan:
    - First! About the scan, i understand it is too blur but you can sharpen it, sweetie ^_^ Make it become more smooth and try to add an atmosphere that it is one with the wall.
    - Yup, the balcony, they are so big to the girl, you know! I think the wall lacks of a floor.... And in the balcony, some shadow effect and "emboss" are very important. The balcony can't be in such a bright color like that, sweetie >__<
    - Well, i love your carve... i don't know what it is in E, but in VN, it is "rem" ^_^ Love it and your extraction is really cool now!
    - The sky... you make it really good ^_^ But those noise really bother me. I think the clearer your sky is, the better it is.
    - The bird... shoud be smaller...
    - The wave ^_^ Really good but the color is not different enough, next time you can try it with clearer wave, sweetie ^_^ Really thank you for your nice words about my "Sleeping beauty" ^_^
    - The sand: too bright yellow make it looks not good...
    - The sparkle, too much OoO .... i think just a few is enough and will make the wallie prettier ^_^
    - The text too. I think you should put in more work and effect to the text, it is also and important path, sweetie ^_^

    I comment too much ^_^ Sure i still think you can do better with the balcony, you can see one of my work as: *My Sweetie* ^_^ hope this can help you more!

    Oh! And *fav* for you with a feature to CW, sweetie ^_^ Keep up your cool work and try to blend the color better next time ^_^

  9. naomi-akiyama Jan 10, 2006

    Lovely wallie ^^
    Only smalls details:
    1) Too many birds ^_^'
    2) Sand too bright..I think it should be barker
    Anyway the rest had been commented already
    + fav

  10. rafaellaGP Jan 10, 2006

    this is beautiful!
    the colors is amazing!
    the background and the scan is sooo pretty!
    i really like of your concept!
    great work!
    + fav course

  11. shioriyukino Jan 10, 2006

    well...not bad ^-^**
    just the birds...i think it's too many of them and too many sparking effect...
    but other then that, it's nice...^-^

  12. Asahi Jan 10, 2006

    mmh.. first i must say its very beautifull scenery but i have some (maybe personal ?) critique:
    to much brush-effects on it . less is more ;) and hmm.. well the beach.. much darker like a soft brown would be better as the colorfull yellow. keep it - looking for your next wallpaper ! =) <3

    wish you luck and the best for the contest ! ^^

  13. walkure245 Jan 10, 2006

    This is really pretty but I think you went a lil overboard with the sparkles. XD The scan is pretty but appears kind of blurry in comparison to the rest of your wallie but the extraction was done really well. The bg looks natural and well done and I like how the birds are there to add to your theme. This is really pretty. Nice work~

  14. cloh Jan 10, 2006

    Really nice ! It's so beautiful! The colors are awesome!
    The bg is sublime! It's an amazing wall with a great composition :)
    I really want to see more!

  15. AngelKate Jan 10, 2006

    Oh wow, this is very beautiful. ^_^ Your beach is so much better than mine. >_< I think the sand is too bright though, perhaps try a softer yellow. ^_^ But everything else is just lovely. :) Great job here!

  16. mizzyew825 Jan 10, 2006

    wow so pretty and you know what i'm vietnamese too

  17. Frosty Jan 10, 2006

    that is a cute looking wallpaper I kind of like the overall looks of it but hmm...
    I think you over did it on the birds on the sky and some verious brush tools I think u use. ^_^'
    the bleach is hmm.. let just say the bright yellow isn't exectly the color I would use... hehe... ^_^'
    hmm.. what else.. the sparkle-ish effects you use... alittel too did it as I said earlier.. maybe if you shrink that a bit it may turn out looking better... ;)
    but still it is very nice and I can senst that you put some good effort on making it so... :D
    I say you did a nice job on it and hope you'll keep up the great work. ^^
    gives you a *9.45* for the wallpaper and *Grade AA+* for the great efforts. ^_~

  18. DarthAya Jan 10, 2006

    its very beautiful! good work on th bg!

  19. Rhonda21 Jan 10, 2006

    The sky is really pretty!
    The water is really pretty too!
    It is very lovely!
    Great Work!

  20. ShiXon Jan 10, 2006

    The girl is really cute and the background is so nice with all the pretty effects here and there, it looks very windy and breezy ;D 'refreshing' wallie! heehee going to fave this for sure! ^.~

  21. knightstar3 Jan 10, 2006

    this is very beautiful! ^^ good job on it. love all of the sparklies! XD
    althought the scan is still kinda blurry, great job overall! ;)
    keep up the great works. :nya:

  22. happygreendragonfly Jan 11, 2006

    It is very nice! ^__^

  23. marcoskatsuragi Jan 11, 2006

    Really pretty one! ^___^

  24. trinigirl524 Jan 11, 2006

    well phamthuha basically said everything about this wallie. and the main thing i agree with others is that the sparklies is too much, which can make some walls look cheesy, but dont worry not this one, just a little less of the the shinyness would help. and the sand is a bit bright.
    but anyhoo i like the concept going here. so overall nice work and effort ^^

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