Keiichi Sumi Wallpaper: .:TEH CONQUEROR!!!11:.

Keiichi Sumi Wallpaper
Keiichi Sumi Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

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Agenda: I always wondered how would a half grunge wall and a half scenic/vector wall would actually turn out either in a good or bad way. So i tried it out my self. I first downloaded the needed brushes for this half of the wallpaper. The scan speaks for it self! After im done brushing down, i started to vector a nice looking rock mountain landscape. With the right colors and shadings. Added a reflection to the finished landscape, to make it look like as theres water surrounding them. Added some flying birds, added a clould like layer. Added some few textures to the wallpaper, and added some stars.

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  1. white-zero Jan 09, 2006

    I thought the BG is like some sort of paper-like effects LOL

    As I said on AIM, it's nice. The simplicity of the BG, the colors and the scan matches well. A fav.

    BTW, nice title. XD

  2. AkinaSpirit Jan 09, 2006

    Woooo~ TEH CONQUEROR!11 heheh XD
    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing as white-zero with da paper scenic look but it's still good.

  3. Kusanago Jan 09, 2006

    nice one keep going like this

  4. Milkiyo Jan 09, 2006

    hmm...not bad...nice one but I've seen a better one with the same scan...oh well...keep it up^^
    cool texture...like papyrus n.n
    yeah...u got a fav then XD

  5. Tiferet Jan 09, 2006

    hmm. it's different...i like it; the combination looks wonderful to me :)
    *+1fav* :pacman:

  6. cassandra91 Jan 09, 2006

    Very nice, i like the background! ^_^ Adding to my *Fav ^_^

  7. Phill Jan 09, 2006

    wow , really cool , I love the rock mountain you drew >< awsome ^^ I just love it :D you did a great job
    keep it up

  8. omarb6 Jan 09, 2006

    very nice wallpaper. i like the theme. and the title "the conqueror" she doesnt look tough XD. great job. keep it up.

    "wise man never plays leapfrog with a Unicorn."- anonymous

  9. SilentMasamune Jan 09, 2006

    One word...hot! The single color really brings out the most in this wallpaper. The left side has plenty of space so that all the desktop items could be seen while the right contains the character (whoever would do the opposite must really be slacking on their life). The text placement is very unique and concurs with the wall really well. With all and said, bring back the grunge!

  10. Sayonara Jan 09, 2006

    aweeesome :P great wall, nice job ^_^

  11. ladygoofy Jan 09, 2006

    I really like dat is nice oh so creative and the color is perfect for the image! me likey very much! okie then im really addin this to my favs! XD

    i like ur other sumbissions 2! ;)

  12. fudgeCake Jan 09, 2006

    wow! i love it! colors and everything...ur better than me! (well acually i don't do any wallies

  13. phamthuha Jan 09, 2006

    Great atmosphere you got here, sweetie ^_^ Oh, and i love the simple and nice way of this wallie too ^_^
    Fav from me!

  14. quantixar Jan 09, 2006

    One word: A masterpiece! :D +fav

  15. derrick231 Jan 09, 2006

    .... SO PRETTY! T.T good jobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb~ keep it up!

  16. AngelKate Jan 09, 2006

    Hehehe, I like the title here. ^_^

    This is really an amazing piece of work. :) I like the angle of the wallpaper, it gives a unique perspective. I like the little details in the sky and rest of the background too. Really awesome job! ^_^

  17. zaira Jan 09, 2006

    wakekeke nice title dude! XD
    love the scan! of course it was made bg sumi keichi! :D
    i like the simplistic bg!
    the soft color of both scan and bg fit really well!
    you did great job! soo goes to my fav! XD

  18. unicorn2006 Retired Moderator Jan 09, 2006

    Great wall! I like how there is the slight grunginess, but at the same time the wall is very soft and clean overall. It's quite engaging, and it's definitely not because you used the 'sparkles-overload' method. ^^ Very nice composition, lovely scan, and I love the background and effects.. It's neat how the term 'conqueror' carries connotations of strength and power, yet there is a fair amount of delicacy in the wall.. it's very interesting. Nice job :)

  19. Odysseus Jan 09, 2006

    Oo I love this interesting style. Sort of grunge, sort of scenic, sort of... paper? (Is there a better word? Vintage?)

    The colors are superb and blend perfectly, I love the background and all of the effects you have used. The scan is well extracted and blends perfectly. Great composition and concept, just all in all a great wall. I'll definately have to favorite this. (Favs arent something I do lightly)

  20. trinigirl524 Jan 09, 2006

    wow amazing work on this wallie. i like the calm tones of colors, it sets a certain feel to the wall. and like others pointed out, i like the papery texture xD
    everything blends really well here and the scan fits nicely. overall great job ^^

  21. WateryAura Jan 10, 2006

    Simple, yet beautiful. Scan is very cute too.
    The title owns the most =D

  22. Aki18 Jan 10, 2006

    i like the perspective of this wallpaper... the bg is sorta tilted and this makes it look real cool... i also like the colors and the paperlike effect, mainly jus because i like sepia tones, but still... real nice wall!

  23. exentric Jan 10, 2006

    the grunge + sceneric blend idea is kinda nice.
    works out pretty fine. but seeing the mountain just dissapears on the right side kinda feels weird. maybe rather than one side sceneric and grunge on the other, grunge on top of sceneric might look better. I for once really like too see that. ^_^

    nonetheless, the birds and mountain is really nice done. very good work on that.
    the scans looks nice though I still see some white-ish along the edges of her hair.

    all in all, hey, its in my favs already. ^_^

  24. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 10, 2006

    Well well well, what do you know the Late dead prince actually can be random and different like me for instance,... Its a miracle... they both clash with ideas on how you should imrove on this new found skill but dont over do it heheh but yeah lovely job and nice bg and textures! Conqueror indeed! ^_^

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