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Production I.G, Blood+, Saya Otonashi, Hagi Wallpaper
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Artist Comment

Ah, guess who's made a new wallpaper ... me xD it's my second Blood+ wallpaper, because when I saw the scan (thanks to nat btw), little chiko in my head told me to wall it. I already know that I'm not the first one to wall it, I just noticed right now >>.

So what did I do first? A vector, yeah, as always... I guess. And then some pseudo-abstract red background and two pillars with green thingies which are supposed to look like painted on the pillars xD really! I didn't add any roses, because they are already flying while melting with blood... kinda... but I wasn't quite happy about the wall.

Here comes the huge part where I was helped xD first I'd like to thank Yina for the advice about the petals, like outlines and so on and then dhias is a life saver =D she helped me to make a nice atmosphere and with lots of little items in the wall. In the end, two days later when I finished my own part, I ended up being satisfied with the result so I won't edit it ever aha ha ha >D

Well then, thanks a lot for reading, looking and commenting >D about the title, it's 'dead blooded' because Saya can kill with her blood (see, blood transfusions can be dangerous D:) and wanted to make it sounds like 'cold blooded' or 'hot blooded', but with the adjective of death. Yah yah...

Jukebox for walling: Jack Johnson - Drink the water, Fortunate Fool and Flake. Check them out if you're looking for relaxing music =D More resolutions soon at www.uchiki.de with new layout and soon I'll add the brushes I used for this wallpaper, too, so visit us every day xD

So now my holidays are over and school's beginning again. Makes me wanna cry lol so I'll go before I start laughing hysterically aha ha ha ha ha <=D

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: harakiri
Wall: Jump
Reason: Cool charas with cool bg xD


Chosen by OracleAngel and shyxsakura

Chibii always makes some of the hottest walls alive-- and this one is no different. Those rose petals and blood work just completes this whole picture <3

Proposed by OracleAngel and highlighted by shyxsakura.

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  1. bromithia Retired Moderator Jan 08, 2006

    I love you Chibikko <3 and this wallpaper X3

  2. harakiri Jan 08, 2006

    Wow, I really love the rose petals turning into blood and your vector work is cool as always. It was a good idea to adjust the characters into a more dynamic pose than the original scan was because it fits better into a "romantic movement". Somehow I don't know how to express it in words xD
    btw: Thanks for the plug - ich bin geruehrt!

  3. phamthuha Jan 09, 2006

    Well done ^_^ I just think the blood can be better... but you really did an amazing work here >_<
    Fav from me!

  4. zaira Jan 09, 2006

    wow! very bloody! XD
    nice scan of blood+ :D
    you always making a great wallies! XD

  5. Safiyya Jan 09, 2006

    great wallpaper ! ^^ *++favs++* Nice job !

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 10, 2006

    Your lust for bloodless romance is starting to get to you Chibbi heheh but noentheless i love the flai of the blood and shine from the characters. Love and blood always mix and a nice fav from ME! ^__^ Great job as always !

  7. tian82 Jan 10, 2006

    That is petal ? I thought it was blood. Look so cool and nice work ! Good and great work as always ! Good luck in your studies too !

  8. Kyuzo1 Jan 10, 2006

    Nice bloody wall. The quality is really good and the blood is sooo great. But the best of the wall are the eyes. The are sooo cool.
    The blood effects and the grey bg fits really good with the chara and represents really good the charme from the series (X_X sorry for my bad english).
    Thanks a lot for sharing this wall with us^^

  9. fukushuusha Jan 11, 2006

    I wub this one... <3

  10. ayaki Jan 13, 2006

    excellent job. and yep..it's bloody indeed. ^_^

  11. zalatoon Jan 19, 2006

    WoooooooooooooooW it's well made my friend ^0^
    but it's expected from u (since ur good at making a wallies:))
    i like it very much ! A big Hurraaaaaaaay for Chibikko_chan !

  12. Frosty Jan 25, 2006

    hmm.. looks pretty good....
    your little chiko in your head did a good job on that one.. lol... XD
    but hmm.. somehow I think the background doesnt match with the image too well...
    well.. at least I think it should of been brighter... but it does look pretty good through..
    nice one... ^_^
    gives u a score of *9.45* for the wallpaper and *Grade AA+* for the great effort. ^_^'

  13. belen82 Feb 14, 2006

    I love it so much and I will addd it to my favourites!^^

  14. Sabbathiel Jun 13, 2006

    very nice wallpaper, I love Blood+ and this wallie looks nice :)

  15. hydetenshi Jul 15, 2006

    I really like this one a lot, particulary the contrast of reds and greys in the BG and the rose petals add a nice touch... they accent her red eyes nicely :) The title of this wall is really creative too, I love it! Great job!

  16. DarkDemonz Sep 19, 2006

    Can't get enough of Haji & Saya, awesome!

  17. Bloodlust Nov 11, 2006

    great work with the vectoring of this one, and as I just finished watching the whole serie it immediatly goes on my desktop and in my fav, only thing, mayby blood drop are too much, but who am I to criticize this ahahah

  18. carminapv May 28, 2007

    Muy buen imagen el dise

  19. moonlight13 Jul 15, 2007

    wow! ^_^ great artwork there huh! ^_^ i like it! the background, the colors and the texture of it.. ^_^ i like it! i really do! ^_^

  20. selemental Banned Member Nov 04, 2007

    absolutely wonderful! WONDERFUL! This is a great wallie! *FAVS!*

  21. neko-lala Nov 29, 2007

    i love it! nicely done :]

  22. d666x Feb 06, 2008

    Nice wallpaper!
    .. :)

  23. GothRogue Jul 30, 2009

    zomg gorgeous :O :O :O
    superbly fantastic! :O Its soooo awesome :O
    Breathtaking :O Seriously I don't even have words to properly describe the effect its having on me :O *faints* And to think it came out in 2006 and I discovered in 2009 :'( Spectacular :D

  24. catpipe Aug 16, 2009

    mmhm, brilliant job. I love the clarity of the work.

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