Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Wallpaper: Just A bit more...

Carnelian, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Hazuki Azuma Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Series,Visual Novel Hazuki Azuma Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

ok... erm... I know its from a anime, but I forgot which one... clue me on it if u know^^
Anyway... This wallpaper is specially made for the Free--Wallers contest...
Love-chan has helped me out alot in almost everything...
So, this is just a lil smth for her... >_<
I hope u like it... >_<
I ran out of Sumi keiichis scan... >_<

The wall...
Its nothing much...
since its kinda simple... >_<
I thought of ice-cream hills too... XD
but I dropped it ou, since it gets kinda crammed inside...
Everything here is done myself...
Please viewed full size... u cant see the stars from here...
n the moon looks kinda... (i dunno wat to say)
The extraction is evil!
Its not perfect, but i think its pretty much alright...
It took me 2 days just to extract it... =__=
Anyway... Hope u like it^^

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  1. enchantressinthedark Jan 08, 2006

    Very nice ^^ A dark style wall ^^ The grass and the trees are very icy coloured but it ish very awesome! ^^ The moon looks a lil' squished, its not round but looks oval...well anyways, keep it up!

  2. Milkiyo Jan 08, 2006

    LOL..I dunno the anime either XD
    >.> erm...the planet look like a huge ostrich egg about to fall? XP sorry...
    the extraction...yeah..a bit jagged but I understand...cos the hair LOL..dun like extracting either^^
    the grass is ok but it'll be better if it's longer n.n
    >.> ja...keep it up anyways..the trees are ok..I think...erm..nice scan n.n

  3. DepressedYoukai Jan 08, 2006

    Very nice ^_^ I liked how teh grass and tree came out x3 Good job :D

  4. Yureika Jan 08, 2006

    awesome ! i think this is ur best walll ever !
    love the icy grass u make really match with the them
    great job in extracting !*eventhought it took u a while..lol

  5. kiukirilya Jan 08, 2006

    Lol, great extraction (2 days! O_O)
    I like the theme of this wallie! great! ^^
    I think the scan is from Yami to boushi to hon no Tabibito (Traveller Yami, Hat and Book)
    Great work and a fav' for me! ^^

  6. uchiha-vegeta Jan 08, 2006

    ^^ , greatjob , a fav for ya , oh , and i love ur style ^^

  7. revontulet Jan 08, 2006

    Ooowh! Looks awesome! The tree looks wicked XD!
    I can see why it took long to extract O_o, i would have quit!
    Great stuff :)

  8. a5h Jan 08, 2006

    wow, great work, looks real nice.
    the bg is great.

  9. nolove Jan 08, 2006

    oh my god, that's sooo sweet of you Rikka-chan ><, i love this one so much. oh i love the moon and so nice scan of your ^^, it's from Yami to Boushi to hon no Tabibito >_<, wow, i dont know how to explain my feeling, thnx you much for this lovely one
    good luck to you in the contest too ;), i'll up mine soon ^__^
    sure this one'll be moved to my fav ^^

  10. phamthuha Jan 08, 2006

    OoO Two days just to extract this work? I can't believe it >__< What is the part that so difficult for you to extract, Rikka-san? I think just 2 hours is enough... You should try to do this first part as fast as possible, sweetie ^_^ sothat you can spend more time on the others ....
    Well, back to the wall... i can see you put alot of effort but it is still not right enough...
    - the tree... so weird after all, white color made it look so sad and so deadful... not nice enough ...
    - the sky... weird star, why did you make them so simple like that? Add in some starbrust and make the star in different size is important for a dark wall...
    - The planet... can't say anything, it is so so not good, sweetie ...

    Well, i am so strict, i know that... but you can do better, Rikka-san. I know that and sure i will wait for your next wall for me to write a long strict comment ^_^ Good luck and *fav* for you XD

  11. keevang Jan 08, 2006

    i think da scan fits da bg. :)
    but da moon is abit weird.. :x
    but overall it's a nice wall ^^
    keep up n good luck ne? *thumbs up*

  12. rafaellaGP Jan 08, 2006

    very nice!
    i really the scan! so pretty!
    and you make the beautiful background!
    i love the moon!^^
    great work

  13. Pisaro Jan 08, 2006

    Very nice, now i also praticing in making a night day.. Great work. i hope can make such wallie too. Keep it up

  14. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 08, 2006

    Oooo, very cool! The extraction is awesome, very neat indeed. The trees are cool and the sky is great too. My only complaint is the moon: seems a bit stretched out.
    Other than that though, nicely done!

  15. trinigirl524 Jan 08, 2006

    2 days to extract it?! i hate extracting hair, its always a pain. anyways i would say excellent work on the extraction though there is few jagged spots, but thats fine cause i can understand that >.<
    everything else looks great, the blue grass is a really different idea but it works to blend with the different shades of blue. the trees i think needs some work. but other than that nice work ^^
    keep it up!

  16. chibichibikaukau Jan 08, 2006

    very nice! and the background is so pretty!
    very good job! ^^

  17. ArtificialRaindrop Jan 08, 2006

    Overall, beautiful work on the background ^-^ The scan looks great even with a few jagged spots, like everyone is saying <_< . I'm not real sure about the X - stars in the sky, though. They look a little funky to me compared to the rest of the wall. I do think the moon looks fine, though, cause it rarely looks like a perfect circle anyways >_> Nice work!

  18. 4hokage Jan 08, 2006

    wow katana girl ... ^_^ sugoi

  19. Midori-chan Jan 09, 2006

    wow! this wallie is great!
    the scan suits the bg well^^
    and the grass was made nicely with the appropriate color^^
    the starry sky is nice too^^
    the only thing is the moon looks a little stretched horizontally.
    it's a great job! i love it!
    ;) XD

  20. Kuro-kun15 Jan 09, 2006

    Ooh! Rikka-san it is so nice. Make more more more, they be nice and sexy like joo. lol Jk or are joo...o_0... Anyway..>_>
    lol Nice to see your work, hun.

  21. alterlier Jan 09, 2006

    cool job, the only thing that dont convince me is the moon/planet/egg the glow I think it would look better with more size and different color like blue but the whole thing is cool, and yeah the extraction >_< poor thing.....

  22. walkure245 Jan 09, 2006

    Nice looking wallie. The scan is really good quality and the extraction was very well done. The blue grass looks good and so does the sky. The shape of the moon is a lil off but its textures looks nice. The coloring of the trees aren't really blending into the wall too well. Maybe adjusting the brightness will help. Really nice work~

  23. ShiXon Jan 10, 2006

    i don't know what the title has to do with the wallie but the wallie sure is nice! i think you should add clouds and such at the background, and the moon/planet thingy needs some work.. but i still love it rikka and for that it deserves a fave from me! xD

  24. Farewell Jan 10, 2006

    Good job. The samurai girl looks cool, and the background wow! You did an amazing job, congratulations you are getting better and better. A really nice job my friend. n.n by the way i luv the night background.

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