Air Wallpaper: Summer Beach Fun

Akemi Kobayashi, Key (Studio), Air, Misuzu Kamio Wallpaper
Akemi Kobayashi Mangaka Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Misuzu Kamio Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

^_^ Greetings to my friends. :)

I have finished another wallie. :) This one took me about 4 hours? 5? Something like that. It took me forever to find palm tree brushes. O_O It has 21 layers I think so not too many. I'm not good at making water so I hope it looks okay. I've never seen AIR but I liked the scan so I decided to wall it. I hope everything looks okay and that you all like my work. :)

This one is for Phamthuha-chan again. Her beach wall was so pretty and I kinda got the idea for mine from it, only hers is much better. But I am trying to get as good as her someday so that's why this one is for her. I am trying. ^_^ I hope you like my wallie sweetie. ^_^

Thank you everyone for looking. Comments and faves are greatly appreciated. :)

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  1. Syao-chan Jan 08, 2006

    Mwahaha xD lol I'm first!

    *cough cough* Anyway, Yayy! Misu-chan! (did I spell that right? =_=;; 1:30 AM...)

    It looks so pretty Kate-nee =] The colors and the summer scene make it cheerful and happy. xD

  2. Hasaki-Keissi Jan 08, 2006

    It's okay, but eh I don't especailly attach to it.

  3. JCzala Jan 08, 2006

    Hey, it's really nice. The summer scene is just great and the girl is cute.

  4. phamthuha Jan 08, 2006

    .... It is very scenery, sweetie ^_^ I am so glad you got the feeling for a new wallie now, and so glad it comes out that good ^_^
    Fav from me and add to CW gallery >_< Keep it up, angelkate-chan!

    EDIT: So sorry for lack of notice... *big kisses* to you, kate-chan for this wonderful gift... i made nice beach? Oh, you make me shy :D So thank you for your kindness and sure i can't wait to see your next wallies ^_^

  5. ShiXon Jan 08, 2006

    i think this looks nice kate ^______^ it looks happy and has a breezy mood with her hair flowing around and stuff <3 love misuzu~ i think the leaves on the tree needs some shading.. but everything else is beautiful!

  6. aishiteraburu Jan 08, 2006

    wow misuzu
    looks great
    i wonder how u made the beach looks cool
    but i have to agree with shiXon the tree leaves do need some work
    but everything else is ok

  7. Rikimaru-jp Jan 08, 2006

    Cool wallie Kate-Chan! the background is really pretty and suits well with the scan!
    phamthuha is surely lucky to receive so much gifts from you XP
    keep up the good work!

  8. Nami-Neko Jan 08, 2006

    Wowies Kate-chan! your getting better at walling ^__^
    awsome beach theme <33
    realistic lacks much in the beach though but it's
    a great looking bg compared to many, and I think
    it looks nice ^__^
    Hmmm, the tree could use detail, the shape is good,but like I said it could use detail :)
    The board over the water needs texture, it looks good how you
    positioned it and such but if ya wanna have it look real you should add some texture. ^_^
    The shy looks nice, thought the birdies are hard to see, their outline is somewhat mixed into the coulds >_<
    The sand and starfish also need texture to look mote real...but to overall the wallie, very creative, and shows your hard work, lacks much tecture but shows you tried and thats what always counts <33 great job kate-chan :D
    Your getting much better with every new wallie :)

  9. Amru-chan Jan 08, 2006

    Pretty wallpaper ^O^. Fav from me ^^, of couse ^^.

  10. nolove Jan 08, 2006

    wow, so lovely wall, colorful and sooo nice ^^, fav of coz :D

  11. Rhonda21 Jan 08, 2006

    oh the is really pretty.
    nice job with the background.
    Well great work!

  12. kiukirilya Jan 08, 2006

    Great wallie! I love the way you made the sea! ^^
    Tha sand look beautiful too!
    Great work!

  13. Emma Jan 08, 2006

    I feel so cheerful when I look on this wall ^^
    She looks adorable in this background ^_^ I like the texture on the sand. Makes it look....sandy =)
    And I like the sparkles on the water. That is amazing that you did find palm tree leaves. They look so cool here.
    Since you sincerely want to get better with your walling and you are such a sweet friend, I figure I could offer some tips to help you, no? Any joe smoe can say how wonderful a wall is and dismiss the fact that you want to improve, but it takes one who cares to give advice to help the other to learn and expand. So I agree with Nami-Neko with some pointers there so you can become a great waller--which you are definitely on your way.
    When things go off into the distance, you might want to add dimension by darkening at the horizon point. Otherwise, it just looks like a line of ocean straight across with no shadow effects. Use tools such as the "burn" tool and "dodge" tool to add highlights and shadows to the water to add variety among the colors. I hope this is helping ^_~
    Your starfishes and other cuties need dimension too. Besides texture, use the Edit>Transform>Perspective tool. This will level them to become horizontal and not so flat on your beach. Sounds good? *hugs*
    Finally, as I taught Sumomo through the most long PM *feels sorry for Sumomo*, the concept of how to do texture to a wall. It is far too long to post here, but if you are interested, I can have your tree trunk there look like a tree trunk ^^

    I hope this helps, girl *hugs* You show so much potential in this wall and how you really want to better yourself. That is so refreshing to see and encouraging too.

  14. wind12 Jan 08, 2006

    Nicely done, AngelKate this AIR wallpaper looks beautifual. All of your wallpaper looks Intresting/nice/Beautiful ^^ Keep up the good work.

    P.S Thanks for shareing, oh and I'am going to grab a copy of this AIR wallpaper if you don't mind ^^

  15. acid-awakening Jan 08, 2006

    Yeah...... the water is great
    Nice idea with the little bridge on the edge
    Beautiful as always
    Thanx for sharing

  16. magda1404 Jan 09, 2006

    hi creat work!
    obviously added to favs
    have a good day!

  17. somebodyelse Retired Moderator Jan 10, 2006

    Neat! You're good at making simple backgrounds work.

    My one complaint is with the tree at the right- it comes into the picture at a very odd angle. Palm trees of that height usually don't lean that much- you can google "palm tree images" for some examples. My suggestion would be either stand the tree up straighter, or if you're determined to make that lean believable, add some "droop" to the trunk and branches.

    I liked the rest of it though, especially the water/beach.

    P.S. Do you remember where the scan's from? I'd love to see it, it's just a really "fun" picture!

  18. rene3088 Jan 10, 2006

    nice wallie~~

  19. blazetheanimefreak Jan 11, 2006

    fantastic scan! very kawaii. i love the colors, they are so bright. keep them coming please!

  20. Sumomo- Jan 11, 2006

    Love the idea for this wallpaper AngelKate :)
    I agree with pretty much everything else said here, leaves need some texture.
    Otherwise I like how you played everything out.

    Great work!

  21. OneWingTenshi Jan 12, 2006

    It is winter...I don't care what the title suggests...I need some Ice Cream...!

    Good idea using beach as the theme...after all...Air taks place in summer...a winter wall will be weird...nice brush with the cloud...the background is abit...cartoonish...? I love Air so it is a fav no matter what...but I was looking forward to some nice background...oh well...if you have the chance you should watch it...happen to own both the soundtrack and the anime....oh yeah by the way...which track of Tsubasa is good...I just got it...hehe...hope you do more Air related works...!

  22. Kurumi89 Jan 12, 2006

    thiz pic is so cute, luv it ^_^

  23. moonelf313 Jan 13, 2006

    Great background and it fits so well with Misuzu! Another cute wallie and another fav! :)

  24. bbls Jan 14, 2006

    luv the concept here...it's very summery and tropical!
    and the composition is quite wonderful, as well...i luv that island off to the side and the boardwalk.
    but i think your tree trunks need some texturing.
    overall, your wallie is very sweet and has a nice, pleasant atmosphere!

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