Gift (Series) Wallpaper: Sky of the Rainbows

Mitha, Gift (Series), Riko Fukamine Wallpaper
Mitha Mangaka Gift (Series) Series,Visual Novel Riko Fukamine Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Whew, after a long time of laziness, I finally got up and make a wallpaper.
Well, not laziness but after school started, I have been really lazy and tired that I dun have the time and mood to do wallpapers and updating my website....

Ok, forget about that. Lets start with the wallpaper:
So I have been making a lot of same old type of wallpapers...including this one.
It took about nearly 6 hours (minus the time I when to the bathroom, getting a drink and when upstairs to play Kingdom Hearts 2 *hey, I needed inspirations*) And about 25 layers.

The extractions is okay but I still need to work on it. And for the clouds, I finallly decided to make custom clouds for the whole thing.*YAY* The rainbows... okay but I have difficulty in thinking where to put them. The stars... I never like making them but since it is not suitable to make a field of stars in this wallpaper, I just painted them with brushes.

Thw wings is.... taken from Imanimation. Ok I admit I am still bad in pen using.

Words...I have no idea. Since I did not like pink very much, I tried to make a few things rainbow colour. And the font is Evanescent *i think thats how you spell it*. My current favourite font.

Actually I got the idea of the name when I think about names like 'Valley of the Kings' or 'Valley of the Snakes' or even 'Valley of the Tigers'. So I just thought of the name like that. I know it is bad.

Scan: Minitokyo.
Font: 1001fonts
Wings: Imanimation
Tuts: Good-Tutorial
Brushes: I forgot, I will tell you when I remember.

Ok, I guess thats all. See ya soon.

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  1. kelsal Jan 08, 2006

    Wow, nice wallpaper you have going on here.^_^

  2. ROSEANA Jan 08, 2006

    it's very lovely and beatifulwall.
    I like sweet colorof thiswall .....
    thank You^o^

  3. Kyo26 Jan 08, 2006

    wow...reaLLL lovely ahaha...pinks such a nice colour ^^ too bad u dun like em. XD anywe..real beut n lovely n a touch of cuteness =)

  4. Yureika Jan 08, 2006

    cool ! i eman sweet !
    the scan is sweet and the bg is very pinkish+rainbowish
    anyway great choosing of colours very soft.

  5. GokuB Jan 08, 2006

    extremely beautiful pic.the rainbows really make this a great pic.

  6. Emma Jan 08, 2006

    You sound just like with being "lazy" with making walls and getting some inspiration from playing KH2 LOL
    And your wall is sensational! I adore the rainbows! This is one amazing wall! *in love* Cute idea with the font being in rainbow color and that texture of slanted lines across the wall. I like the sparkles too ^^ And I like the wing brushes. That is so cool how they are transparent and you see the rainbows behind.
    This is extremely beautiful! Definite FAV!

  7. chibi-lizard Jan 09, 2006

    humm .. looks simple, sweet and neat :)

    the colors of the rainbow look soft and fits in the bg nicely.

    i think you could try to blend in the gurl a lil more .. cause her edges look rather hard on the soft bg

    also .. the text kinda doesn't look suitable the place it ish ... being on top of the scan .. kinda distracting in my opinion ^_^'

    nonetheless .. nice effort. soft to the eyes :D

  8. agneslee Jan 09, 2006

    The girl is so sweet,and cute,but the bg have a bit simple.
    Anyway,it's a lovely wallpaper.keep it up.
    I can feel the happiness in this wallpaper,you see,you pass the joy to everyone.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. AngelKate Jan 10, 2006

    Oh wow, this is so pretty! I love the rainbows! Rather simple in design but very effective and beautiful. :) Great work. :)

  10. Evanrued Jan 12, 2006

    This is a really cute wall. I like the placement of the rainbows, they look really nice. The light pink tint to the background is done really well too. Love the scan. Great work, and keep it up.

  11. Genevieve-galz Jan 15, 2006

    Very sweet lookin ;)
    oooo pink background realli interest mi XD hehe yea its true...
    anyway, i really love how the way u make the rainbow n fluffy cloud stuffies on the BG! :) very cool effects! n the choice of scan is adorable n very much blends wit da whole cheerful theme u made as the BG ;) Oh oh! the wings is transparet looking...ne wahhz :o Great stuff! + fav u deseve it!~ n please keep it up gerL! XD

  12. mizzyew825 Jan 15, 2006

    i love it

  13. zalatoon Jan 19, 2006

    wow wow wow wow!
    this's waaaaaaaaay pretty ! Leena
    i love the colors u picked ! it's very beautiful for real for real *_*
    Ur after all the best one who make such a pretty,girly and lovely wallies ;)
    may it always be like this ...... amen
    well, keep it up!

  14. hydetenshi Jul 16, 2006

    gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! it's so lovely from the soft pink colors to the character and the rainbows. Besides that, I LOVE the wings! ^^ I love rainbows, wings, pink hair, and bunnies (referring to the one on her choker ^^) thus this wall is going straight to my Favorites right now! ^_^

  15. rala Apr 22, 2007

    So lovely,,, I love the colors they are wonderful.... great work... keep up

  16. bokuwacherries Nov 12, 2007

    i like the rainbows..(which is one of the main theme in the anime)
    and the additional wings.. <3 :)

  17. babyblueshakira Dec 18, 2008

    oh wow, another pretty and
    cute wallpaper XD
    i love the pink theme and

  18. Merun-Lily Jan 07, 2010

    Lovely wallpaper!I love it!New bg,yay! ^o^

  19. PRIMEMJ Apr 25, 2010

    muy buena imagen gracias por el aporte

  20. enriquex60 Mute Member Jun 20, 2010

    Esta muy mona, realmente esta genial =)

  21. neopet001 Dec 29, 2010

    nice typo and background, thanks

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