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Well, here it is. A long overdue wallpaper that has been promised for some time now to many of you. I know it has been a long time since any submission from me, and after the success of Rokujo, I thought I should work on all of your requests to make another Asian inspired wall.

Credits of sorts...

This piece began as a more simple wall and gradually developed into a busier grunge piece. The re are two scans of traditional Japanese art in here. The character is taken from Watanabe Kazan's Portrait of Takami Senseki (1837). It is a Kakemono painted with colors on silk from the Edo period, and is classified among Japans national treasures.

The second scan is in the background and it is a sumi-e of pines. It's Hasegawa Tohaku's Pine Grove. The piece is actually two panels from a pair of screens of six panels, painted with ink on paper. It is dated as being from the end of the 16th and beginning of the 17th century, Momoyama period. Pine Grove is also classified amont Japan's national treasures.

I had planned on using those images for some time now, but my final piece of inspiration came from the Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin OVA) complete boxset I got for Christmas. I had seen it previously and consider it as one of the best anime, but now I had it on DVD and rewatched it. The strong emotions of the Rurouni Kenshin OVAs gave me my final push.

That is when I decided to use the additional grunge effects such as the cool grungy brushes, ink splatters (to keep with the sumi-e theme) and the additional silhouettes of samurai. Those silhouettes were a lot harder to find, so in the end I had to extract them from game screens (Last Blade 2 and Way of the Samurai) and make my own brushes from them.


In the end I am very happy with the result, and my intention is to show the sadness, sorrow, guilt and desire for atonement that accompanies the samurai's life. It was not as glamorous as one may imagine from some media, as it's intent and focus is on killing and destruction. Senseki shows these things in his eyes, and I tried to keep this feeling in the rest of the work.

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  1. akisan Jan 08, 2006

    Wow! I think that is very well done!
    Not in love with the scan but the quality looks nice ^^

  2. SweetGrl Jan 08, 2006

    Wow! That guy really looks like my grandpa that passed away. T_T My past memories are now returning back. :( I really miss my grandpa. Anyways! Back to your wallie! Lol! It's very unique and awesome, mentis! :) I am sorry that i haven't talked to you for a long time! I have been very busy! >.< Well, you did an awesome job on this wallie and i hope to talk to you soon! :) Oh yeah. this wallie deserves an add to the faves from me! ;)

  3. tim0017 Banned Member Jan 08, 2006

    hey this looks great! You did well I like it a lot.

  4. Regenbogen Jan 08, 2006

    hello Mentis,

    sorry I haven't been replying to you for so long... I have about 70 notifications for Minitokyo right now. I just came back from the Netherlands and tomorrow I will go back to Austria... and unfortunately I have a cold. That's not good since I will have so much uni work in January. Well it is difficult for me to reply to the people here quickly. And last 3 weeks I didn't do anything... I also had no access to a computer for some while.
    Now... about your wallpaper. First of all I am happy that you finally submitted something new. :) And I definitely like it. I like how the background looks... the grundge effects on the wall combined with the black shadowy figures. I think that works really well. And yes, I can see the sadness that you wanted to express... samurai is not simply about being a hero... your message is definitely visible. The only thing that i maybe don't like that much, is the thicker black straight line of the background. But that's a small detail.
    So thanks for making this interesting and intelligent wall. I am looking forward to your next wall... and hope to read from you again soon... when you are back on Minitokyo!

    See you then...!

    PS: Thanks for adding me to your "hotlist" ;)

  5. bluSake Retired Moderator Jan 10, 2006

    The textures are very engaging, & I like your idea of the samurai brushes XD Reminds me of a Samurai Champloo wall.

  6. Devildude Jan 16, 2006

    i will never understand why this one is never highlighted for its artistic value. It is simply magnificient, i must plug this for my next work. It is an incredibly stunning piece, cultural, captivating, a sort of eerie feeling and wonderful sense of Ukiyoe drawing, my gosh, Minitokyo does not deserve such great artwork...this is worthy of many favs! I must fav this! keep it up, I hope to see such future works from you.

  7. GaiJiN Jan 22, 2006

    I remember the last one, and I'm glad you did another. Really great choice of artwork. I like your concept too, but I think the grunge work is to bold, I would have seen something more subtle, although even so deep. Still like it though :)

  8. flyindreams Jan 24, 2006

    ... :D Fantastic brushwork... very distinctive, and creates fantastic contrast... like 'Sake said, there is a Samurai Champloo feel about this :) I'm not a huge fan of the background texture on the left... It really looks rather odd to me, I think I would've liked to see more of a paper texture there... :) Otherwise... really neat work with this :D And, I'm sorry I couldn't comment on this earlier but yah... I basically lived the entire winter break without internet access T_T

  9. MbIWKA Mar 17, 2006

    Very beautiful painting

  10. soc May 30, 2006

    i really love that creepy look in his face. this wallpaper is a real work of art, i dont think i can find anything even ALIKE to it anywhere else! it's great!

  11. Nooka Jun 27, 2006

    I've been holding off getting to know this amazing community, and I feel I must now introduce myself, since I check in on it from time to time, to see the response that Mentis accrues and the things he occasionally asks me to read, because I am his wife. To have such a wonderful response to this creation he has done, and because I completely think that Mentis needs to be doing something with this art, not working a job within which the art gets squandered by those who do not understand what drives inspiration. Mentis, when you come home, create more, or I'm going to 'accidentally' misplace my lasagna recipe...hrm...and no more sushi, nor sapporo, till I see some Creative thinking done and more projects accomplished. I think this hiatus we have endured, while your project is brewing, gives us both the strength to stand well alone, and even better together, should we be able to see each other clearly, with strengths and faults in mind.

    (y'know you want to...just do it!) :P~

  12. jikuhart89 Jan 12, 2007

    oh .. I love this style of yours >.< ...
    thanks for the introducement ..
    u know , anime sty;e is cute too , but I prefer the classic style to the cutie style ^^ .
    And the way u colored it is incredible >.<
    By reading your comment , I see that u do know lots of Japanese's history and the source of your scans .. That's really amazing !

    I'm not good in using those kinds of brushes so I do admire u a lot ^^
    thanks for sharing

    keep going on ^^

  13. kokuyu May 12, 2007

    Samurai is commonly associated with sakura flowers. What beholds its significance is "beauty isn't eternal,". That explains straight to his life: though achieving numerous glories, it will soon stop, full stop.

    and the guilt is much more true as samurai doesn't live by his own will; he is bounded by his master, a slave to the force, but the movers of the history of Japan.

    the blend between the background and the samurai is just simply fantastic. not just that, the random speed of brush strokes shows well the feeling of chaos- the guilt, and resentment in his mind now. i guess if those brush strokes are in blood colour, that even deepens the emotions O__O

    "the sword is the only companion". that's why many samurais lived in reclusive

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