Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: The Four Who Love One [For Christine]

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Meyrin Hawke, Lunamaria Hawke, Cagalli Yula Athha, Athrun Zala Wallpaper
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Series Meyrin Hawke Character Lunamaria Hawke Character Cagalli Yula Athha Character Athrun Zala Character

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The Four Who Love One
My first wall for year 2006! Ahh~~~ The famous love square in GSD ^^ This wall ish basically a remake of my second wallpaper, which unfortunately, got deleted cause of some extraction problems ^^ That was last year, months ago. So since it was my second, I didn't want my wall to go forgotten. So here ish the remake ^^

This wall may seem a lil' too crowded but I've tried my best for the positioning of all five of the characters and of course, Athrun has to go in the middle! ;) I made Luna and Meyrin a lil' smaller and a lil' backer cause both of them were covering mah lovely background too much! Added some brushes in the sky, and I think you better full view the wall first ^^ If you see any white spots, those aren't the remnants of my extraction, they are the white brushes I used for the background but were covered up by the girls ^_^'

Extraction took me an hour long for all five of them...I think I'm going nuts! @.@ LOL I think I always do XD Maybe its because I've been doing so much extraction that now, I love to extract! Especially the hair! I know I know...you must think I'm nuts, well, I am! Cause of all the extraction! XD I think I'm repeating myself so I better stop now ^^

This wall ish dedicated to mah buddie, Christine, she's known here at MT as CagalliYulaAttha91 ^^ I promised her I would make an Athrun wall for her but I don't think she'll be too pleased with this...since she's a die hard Asucaga fan...like me! *gets whack by christine* XD Till next time!

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  1. Milkiyo Jan 07, 2006

    oh...erm...athrun looks pretty big here o.0
    u add them one by one? o.0
    oh..ok..nice bg but do u think u can show it more?XD
    >.> not bad...d effects^^

  2. ZonSlashSykato Jan 07, 2006

    OOooo .... I like how u came up the idea the girls with athrun^^

  3. LilLaoRyo704 Jan 07, 2006

    great job, they look great, well only athrun and cagalli, i only like them together, the background is great too, its kinda bright tho, nice job, +fav ja-ne

  4. Rikimaru-jp Jan 07, 2006

    Nice wallie! the group looks really cool together!
    the background is well done and the scan is perfectly extracted!
    keep it up!

  5. LacusLover Jan 07, 2006

    XD Another Athrun the pimp wallpaper. It looks really good, although I think a scan of Athrun with a more confident expression (he has 4 girls around him, he should be confident) would have been better, but maybe the girls like his more innocent side. Either way, good stuff.

  6. Ephemeral-Garden Jan 07, 2006

    It does look a little crowded. :) But nevermind that. The effects are very nicely done, extractions are good, and to think that you've done all 5 in one hours >.< I remembered extracting Yzak Jule's picture and it took me about 2 hours! *rolls eyes*

    Love Square? Whew! This really makes me wanna GSD. So far I only heard of triangle, and now there's square! Ohh I will watch GSD soon. :)

    Overall, very nice extractions. The bg there is quite nicely done, not too fancy and colourful for a crowded wall, though Luna's scan is a little blurry...

  7. nolove Jan 07, 2006

    hyee, really cutie, enchantress-chan, lovely wall of GSD as always ^__^, fav from me for this cute one ;)

  8. Emma Jan 07, 2006

    That must have been a lot of work with extracting. I am so proud of you for taking such care and time with such a wall. And I can see with your other walls that you do such pretty work. A very cute and smart wall ^^

  9. strawberrt Jan 07, 2006

    it only took you one hour to extract all five scans? whoa.. so amazing XD it takes me an hour to extract just one o.o *cough* anyways, the wallie looks really nice!

  10. lunacrystal Jan 07, 2006

    cagalliXathrun for ever!>.<

  11. walkure245 Jan 08, 2006

    I like the idea behind the wallie. I think the better idea would be to place Athrun in front and have the girls standing behind him. That would emphasized on Athrun and the others that like him. The quality is really good. The extractions were done really well. Lunamarie's scan appear a lil blurry and bigger than in comparison to the other girls. It's ashame that they cover up your nice bg. XD But I like the softness and I love the nice colored bg. Really nice work. Great stuff.

  12. darkangel013 Jan 08, 2006

    I love it! I am adding this one as one of my favorites right away!

    Quote by lunacrystalcagalliXathrun for ever!>.<

    Same here.Keep up the good work and hope to see another one,but this time Athrun and Cagalli fan wallpaper(not that I am forcing you or anything ^_^')Have a nice day ^^

  13. chibi-lizard Jan 08, 2006

    hahaha .. i think christine's sooo gonna keeeeel you XD

    anyway .. to the wall .. it ish indeed very crowded ^_^' nonetheless, not bad with it. and extraction only took you 1 hour ? 5 scans = 1 hour ! O.O! you seriously luv to extract XD it took me one whole day + slacking off + daydreaming + etc etc to finish extract one scan ^_^'

    the bg ... i think it would be better if it's an abstract or grunge bg. cause i can't reallie tell what's at the back with all the charas. and the scans will be blocking your pwettiiee scenic bg :) just a suggestion though. but it's an overall good job :D

  14. Liz Jan 08, 2006

    WOW that's really cool! And of course i love the athrun in the middle idea. great work

  15. CagalliYulaAttha91 Jan 08, 2006

    AMANDA ! *squeals and jump on her, hugging her so tight* Thankew so muchies ! XD and i agre with Lizzie, the extraction...took u one hour >< for me, two extraction take me one hour....that's if i don't slack or go to mah so called la la land. LOL, Meyin...>< anyway, no matter how many girls are after him, it's always AsuCaga Forever ! +favvies XP

  16. revontulet Jan 08, 2006

    Now i can i comment :D!
    I like this, i guess u cant complain that its crowded...coz its just athruns popularity XD! Nice composition ^_^ Love the text too!

  17. phamthuha Jan 08, 2006

    Very nice work, sweetie ^_^ Love it and of course a fav!

  18. Yureika Jan 08, 2006

    what ! u like extracting ?!
    u sure have hard time extarcting it !
    anyway great bg ! really soft colours
    maybe too crowded but nah who cares the wall fits the tittle...

  19. bbls Jan 08, 2006

    this is a great group wallie!
    i luv the vividness, and the sky background looks so beautiful and bright!
    the extraction looks amazing, as well!

  20. Totorito Jan 08, 2006

    I love your idea for this wall ! congrats !

  21. Millenia Jan 09, 2006

    Pretty enchantress-chan! all the extraction are cool ^___^ I like it! nice job!

  22. agneslee Jan 09, 2006

    A beautiful sight,Athrun so happy,never lack of girlfriends...^_^
    Like the design,but if you were Athrun,which one you would chose?
    Maybe Athrun is thinking this ....
    Thanks for sharing.

  23. kagirinai Jan 09, 2006

    With four girls surrounding him like that, I wouldn't be surprised that Athrun looks so dreamy! XD

  24. ayane-heine Jan 10, 2006

    wow... a group wallie.. :D
    but. but.. no lacus insdie? T_T *kicks meer* >_<
    ok.. back to the wallie..
    i kinda like the concept of all of them together.. but it looks abit too squeezy... and they look as though they are putted together but standing by their own~~~ >.< it looks weird.. XD
    but simple and nice... good job oh~~~
    thanx for sharing.. :D

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