Genshou Sugiyama Wallpaper: Her Sigh

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Genshou Sugiyama Mangaka Maids in Dream Series Suzuran Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

There is a town, A beautiful town
River flows in this beautiful town
There is a town, A peaceful town
Day is over, Sun sets in the Watergate

There is a girl, A beautiful girl
She is waiting for a letter from her love
Her love left the town, Gone to the city
Left her alone, where could he be now?

Under the Watergate, together you and me
Hold each other tight and said "I love you"
You will never know my broken heart, I am here waiting for you to come home

How come you close your heart? How come you live in past?
In the town people wonder why she cries
They will never know her broken heart, tears are falling into the river to the Seas


I haven't made a wallpaper for a while now due to being so busy (as many of you know) and soon thereafter I grew depressed and lost interest in making walls. However, when I heard this song play and thought of the video game it came from, I was motivated ^^

~I dedicate this wall to all the Suikoden lovers out there ^_^ This wall is based on the song "Her Sigh" which is the theme of the Jowston City-State of Radat and a simple version of it is playing on my userpage here~

About the wall:
---Took about 4 days to make
---I wanted to take my audience to the simple, peaceful village of Radat and so I made brushes to incorporate such a setting and atmosphere
---Hardest part of all---the making of the water which used no effects, but just me painting it with various colors, highlights, and shadows--a different style I wanted to try out including making ripples by hand following the original artist of the scan. If you don't like it...tough =P LOL

Please Enjoy, my friends!
And And, of course, your comments are always greatly appreciated *hugs*

PLEASE download it. For some reason, it looks very pixelated and many details are lost in the thumbnail...like her "tears" T_T
And yes she is crouching in shallow waters ^_^

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Devildude
Wall: Floating On Temptation...
Reason: Unique style and arrangement with a flare of fun ^_~

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Browse Genshou Sugiyama Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. trinigirl524 Jan 07, 2006

    oh wow how lovely! the background looks really great and i like the colors, it makes it look like a sunset [or sunrise?] anyways it looks like the character is floating and she blends really well with everything.
    wonderful job Emma!

  2. Milkiyo Jan 07, 2006

    undenialbly beautiful^^ I was a bit surprised when I dwn it actually..lol..the thumbnail is deceiving...
    the girl is however..a bit too big for the bg and be careful of ur extraction..it almost came across as a bit uneven..
    but that's pro of u..to make the water effects n manage to succeed^^
    +fav...nice work..

  3. revontulet Jan 07, 2006

    Whoa the water is very well done!
    Is the girl boyent or is the water shallow?
    Anyways this wallie is so great! Lovely shadow/reflection in the water!
    Sweet XD!

  4. Farewell Jan 07, 2006

    wow, i like the poem a lot i so wish to be the her beloved so one day i can return to her arms. -_-''

    Beautiful wall i really like it, the girl is lovely and the background is awesome. Good job you really did an amazing wall. n.n

  5. AngelKate Jan 07, 2006

    *waits for full view to download*

    Oh wow, thats really beautiful. :) The water is great, I love the reflection. ^_^ Another beautiful wall by you. ^^ A fave for sure. :)

  6. phamthuha Jan 07, 2006

    Oh.... You seem to like village atmosphere, sweetie ^_^ Love this wallie and of course a fav! Your full of idea, Emma-san ^_^

  7. enchantressinthedark Jan 07, 2006

    Very plain background but stil beautiful! The girl ish very pweety! Keep it up!

  8. Amru-chan Jan 07, 2006

    Weeeeeee, beautiful wallpaper >____<. Fav from me ^O^. Thanks for your great work Emma-san ^O^.

  9. Rikimaru-jp Jan 07, 2006

    Long time no see Emma! I was wondering how you doin' the other day while I was chatting with bubbles! anyway back to the wallie! I really find it interesting :) and nicely done! the background is cool, the sea, bridge, tree, etc
    and the scan is well extracted as well and smoothly blended to the background!
    you did a great job as usual ;) so keep it up!
    *adds it to his favorites*

  10. kyubinaruto Jan 07, 2006

    Eh? is the girl floating on the water? XD
    The grass looks rather odd. How should I say this? The edges are rather sharp >.< Maybe you can add more grass to fill up the front.
    You did a great job in the background anyway ^^
    The composition is wonderful. No doubt you have put in a lot of effort. Keep that up Emma-sama!

  11. cloh Jan 07, 2006

    That's awesome! The colors are so great!
    The water is sublime and I really love the sky!
    Everything is really great! You have created another great atmosphere! And the composition is perfect!

  12. nolove Jan 07, 2006

    wow, so lovely idea and hard work you put here by using no effect Emma-san ^^, the extraction is very perfect ><..shadow....hightlight..... all are beautiful, one fav for this for sure Emma-san ^__^

  13. sylvacoer Jan 07, 2006

    Absolutely lovely - especially the colors of the sunset adn the reflected shadow of the bridge in the water! (*^.^*)

  14. ShiXon Jan 07, 2006

    the scan is beautiful and blends well with the background! cool how the water is red and all~ ^________^ i also agree about the grass on the left.. but all other things in this wallie are really nice <333 fave for sure for all your hard work! ^.~

  15. melonbrust Jan 07, 2006

    Great colors, amazing work as always, love this one too. Definitely a fav

  16. Amythyst Jan 07, 2006

    A very nice wallpaper Emma :D The background is great I really like the colors.
    *adds to favs* ^^

  17. Asahi Jan 07, 2006

    emma ! *__* what a wonderfull and beautifull wallpaper art from you ! you skills get much better :D . earn a favi ! *hug*

  18. kiukirilya Jan 07, 2006

    Great wallie! The water is so well done and the bg is awesome! ^^
    A fav' for me of course! ^_^

  19. nikorai Jan 07, 2006

    hi! i see you have a new wall. congrats! it looks superb. as for me unfortunately im very busy, preparing for the upcoming session. so many exams im scary.

  20. ladygoofy Jan 07, 2006

    ooooooooooooh la-la! XD
    well emma dear i must congratulate u! cuz this peace of art if magnefiicent! XD ;)
    i love the water effect and the colors totally match 2getha oh yea missy niCE work and creative u keep doin more bad-@$$ wallies k?
    and keep up ALL DAT good creative imagination gurl! keep em walls comin! u kno so byez! ;)

    merged: 01-08-2006 ~ 04:33am
    oooh my bad also me is gonna definetly add this 2 ma favorites! of course how can i miiss this! =O

  21. THE-DARK-PRINCE Jan 07, 2006


    The background looks very peaceful and romantic...
    The scan is very cute and adorable....
    I really adore some touches on every wallpaper u make...
    Overall, great and marvellous work...
    Cheerup my friend and don't be depressed....

    Keep it up and hope to see more of ur wonderful works...

  22. MagicianFairy Jan 08, 2006

    OH MY GOD!
    the bg is so well done XD
    I love it!
    Love the ''black thing'' ...dunno the name XD XD

  23. sandumirabela Jan 08, 2006

    Ah sweet Emma-chan you did it again^_^!You used such a lovely girl and matched it with such a lovely background^_^!You succeeded in giving the idea of evening very well and not only but also of warmness by using soft colours^_^...ohh,very beautiful work Emma-chan!I don't know what can I say more right now I am so tired and sleepy!Good night sweetie^_^!Hugs!

  24. Sumomo- Jan 08, 2006

    As usual Emma - beautiful work.
    Great to see you making another wall.
    Very good extraction and background suits her very well.
    Faving it of course :)

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