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...because kickass wallpapers (same with scans) are chisai's weakness.. -_-

..i saw the ref pic and fell inlove.. T_T plus, i adore saya.. :sweat:

saya. (sigh) <_<

otoh, i would like to take this opportunity to announce that we are currently looking for anime artists who can do photoshop/bg/lineart/illustrations...(not sure with vector ^_^') and are willing to devote their time and effort in creating a visual novel (it's sort of a video game ^_^' ). Please contact
rknight1 for more info. Domo arigatou! :)
on the doujinshi:
here is the initial stage... hand and upper clothing was later changed. the ref was very dark, so i have to adjust everything in ps... the original was also, overwhelmingly filled with details that i felt uneasy and incompetent shading... <_<i also dedicate this to gemini-san and his inspiring commentary of recent.. :) and for everyone who has been keeping me on their watch/friendlist.. domo arigatou! XD

*levels adjusted in photoshop.

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  1. AnimeDreamship Jan 06, 2006

    that is a very nice draw. the pic look very good and well detail. good.

  2. DarkShinobi223 Jan 06, 2006

    It's a samurai drawing this time!
    I can kinda feel what he's feeling........mad, angry, and yet confused........
    Another damn good drawing!
    Impressive as always!

  3. Milkiyo Jan 06, 2006

    huhu..really good photocopying skills u have XD
    >.> this is a bit kickass but not my type...
    his mouth look rather...beestung..even the original one...
    haha..keep it up anyway..

  4. heiji Jan 06, 2006

    Good work , i had seen your drawing (portrait) on deviantART too its really nice

  5. BlkLotus Jan 06, 2006

    wow you do such a good job * bows in respect* please oh guru of the pencil and paper dont stop your work its great!

  6. nostyle118 Jan 06, 2006

    *sigh* this is just perfect. ang ganda talaga. sayang di ko gusto ung character... pag nakikita ko ung labi naaalala ko ung bading malapit dito sa amin. ^^ anyway, again another excellent work chisai-san.

  7. jasaiyajin Mute Member Jan 06, 2006

    looks like your strokes have a certain flow to them, i noticed that they are according to the body movement of the character.... is this from that anime blood? anyway, it's pretty good, nice shading as always

  8. walkure245 Jan 06, 2006

    I really like her. She has such a string sense to her and she gives off the vibe that you shouldn't mess with her. Her pose was done well and I love the shading. You capture darks and lights rather well. Really nice work~

  9. venicequeen Jan 06, 2006

    Doujins are you weakness? You've got to be joking! :D
    I really don't see anthing wrong with this picture. The shading is excellent as always and I really like how you're able to capture that flow of movement in a picture.

  10. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jan 07, 2006

    great job chisai-san! it looks exactly like the ref pic! XD you did a wonderful job on the shading and on showing movement! keep up the great work friend! :D

  11. Milkiyo Jan 07, 2006

    hahaha...>.> did u really change the mouth? *looks closer* n.n
    hmm...u got my fav...though she's not my type but ur drawing shows a lot of improvements^^
    it's the skill that counts right? XD

  12. cybergirl Jan 07, 2006

    Wow! I don't know what to say.

  13. Maria-sama Jan 07, 2006

    that is one cool looking pose. not kidding. you rocks on drawing this!

  14. jarvisjerk Jan 07, 2006

    Wow... that is one hell of a doujinshi... the details and the pencil stroke... my god.. u're a pro *salute*

    Thanks for sharing~!

  15. Frosty Jan 07, 2006

    wow that is very nice! ^^
    that is one detailed sketch.
    I like how the pose look and wow she has those firey eyes that saids, mess with me and you are a dead man. very nice. ;)
    great job. just awesome.
    Gives u a *9.6 and Grade AAA+* for a great artwork!

  16. gemini4life Jan 08, 2006

    wow *bows* i'm honored by the dedication, but more so please thank the Don for the really nice comment on my Top 10. I've not creativity or skill like you to draw, but the one bit of creativity and feeling I do have is in writing and I really appreciate the comment. domo arigatou.

    Time for the pic ^^

    Fun comments, I love the fact that you scanned in the paper so I see the top of the paper. I also got creatived pretending the Don was hidden in the shadows because I didn't see him.

    Hmmm thanks again for reference pic again. This was a tough picture to review. Being a so so reviewer I thought I'd seen most types of shading, but seeing this, I saw how monumental of a challenge you took upon yourself.

    Most standard pictures you will have the source of light come from fairly far away and not very intense so shading though shifts will not be very dramatic and can be done with not too much difficulty if you are skilled at shading. However this picture is really intense because of the light source from the sunsetting and the reflection of the blade. Even in this drawing the shading works because they incorporate some differentiating contrast by using different shades of color. You on the other hand have only have black/gray to work with. I have to give you all the credit in the world testing something this difficult. And I'm sure you (and your fans *points to himself* ^_^) will be rewarded because as you continue to draw these you will get even Better.

    I'm going to focus on only 3 areas... but I'm sure as you drew you saw some other areas that were very difficult. I'm going to be super picky... hope you don't mind chisaikame chan >.<

    1. His left hand: two things I spotted. The shading for the small spot near his wrist is odd, it was tough to replicate since it's a spot that comes out of nowhere, and I think the original drawing is where the issue is and not necessarily with you. The second part is the contour for the thumb. The index finger shading extends a a little further then is necessary, but only slightly.

    2. The Face: I'm not sure if it's the scan, but this was I think the toughest part to shade and you took a shot at it. I really have no clue how you can depict shading on a face like this without making things either too dark or too light... this must have been quite a challenge... *cheers* GANBATTEE, you will be able to perfect it

    3. The shine in the blade: I love swords and so I focused a lot on the blade. Two parts, the shine itself is again I have no clue how you can do it without color, because basically it's shading with white. I commend your attempt at making it look like something is radiating from those particular areas. The second part is the center of the blade the part that runs from the handle to the tip. It's the lighter shading that has a pattern that is like bumps going up and down up and down. (Gomene it's hard to describe so hope you get what I'm mentioning)

    Lots of constructive comments hope you don't mind... but this was a definite challenge and I'm excited to see the next challenge you take on.

  17. kyohimura Jan 10, 2006

    Wow... that's a really hard pose to pull out ^_^'
    I like the lights effects on the sword. I think this one has a lil more contrast than your other works.
    I've noticed that you use a lot contrast when shading skin... looks great to me, I should try some day :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. uriziel Jan 10, 2006

    I can only copy my others comment
    I love it

  19. Daikuro Jan 11, 2006

    I LOVE this one! I really like the haze/glare coming off the sword. and the cloths seem to fall so natually. (I have alot of troble with how cloth falls). But yeah, great work!

  20. blahblah20 Restricted Member Jan 20, 2006

    Nice. The shading is awesome as well as the details. Keep up the good work!

  21. LeeAnn Feb 24, 2006

    give me ur hands for they are the greatest gifts from the almighty father!

  22. Val4s Mar 14, 2006

    OMG! Very nice! Saya is one of my fav character ever!^^ Thanks for sharing!

  23. Sabbathiel Jun 06, 2006

    WONDERFULL! I have scan with Saya like this! Your picture is so good!

  24. RengekiShin Jun 19, 2006

    Your drawings are really good, I'm envious T_T I can't draw that well, lol. I'll check out your other works when I'm free, why not check out mine? =P

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