My Neighbor Totoro Wallpaper: Raining Sootballs

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1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

yey after a decade thinking of walling one of Hayao Miyazaki's works (that's MR. Miyazaki to u ppl) >xD i chose totoro as my first coz he's cute and freaky at the same time Emoticon and he has girls for friends lol tho that doesnt explain anything but being random is cool >.>

anyway yeah im gonna try and dodge some insane crits i would likely to receive

1. C: Birds only concentrated near totoro = A: coz he's totoro and birds like him >xD

2. C: NO TEXT = A: there is one look closely "CAT-BUS STOP"

3. C: Duplicated sootballs = A: SO? should there be blonde and redhead sootballs? xD

4. C: NOT MUCH DETAIL = A: umm that's coz i'm lazy >=D

thanks to Gideon, nuni, amai and yina for input, tho amai and yina saw the other 2 versions, and to blaze and boing for being creeps saying it needs more in its earlier stage >.> actually was finished then, but they said it's empty so i added stuff -_-

yey *sings* to to to to toro to to to totoro >xD

changed sig coz someone said it was big and bright and told me to add an outline on the sign too..so yeah


Chosen by Sheqel and shyxsakura

Taterz walls are always so stylish and cute... this is no different.
What's even funnier is that this looks like a real scan <3

Proposed by Sheqel and highlighted by shyxsakura.

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  1. naomi-akiyama Jan 05, 2006

    First One!
    This is soo cute ^^
    I'm a great fan of all Hayao Miyazaki's works
    I love the sootballs xD
    + fav

  2. cyd84 Jan 05, 2006

    hmmm....actually none of the things you mentioned bother me in the least :)
    I really like your layout and background colors
    The sootballs are cute...and it makes perfect sense to me that theyre identical
    Only two things bother me:
    the credits text is kinda big and bright...especially since Totoro is so close to the bottom anyway
    and the catbus sign maybe needs a really thin outline? since it's next to Totoro...which has a very clear outline...although I know you didn't outline the background and that looks fine

    Anyways...always nice to see a Ghibli wall!

  3. Erdbeermilch Jan 05, 2006

    Hey, great wall you have there. Though I never watched Totoro, I know about the catbus and I love the sign you put in there. I also like what you did with your background.

    The only thing that looks strange to me are those electricity cabels right above totoro, and I don't get the idea of these sootballs are flying in the air.

    Still great job.

  4. cyd84 Jan 05, 2006

    Thanks for the shiny new edited version :D

  5. Frosty Jan 06, 2006

    hey lol.. *sings with u* to to to to toro to to to totoro.. LOL...
    how cute ... ^^
    looks pretty simple but its pretty nice and looks just wonderful... ^^
    hehe.. even through u r feelin lazy on it.. I think it looks cute.
    nice one. ^^
    gives u a score of *9.3* for the wallpaper and A+ for the cute little effort you put for the simple kitty little wallie. ;)

  6. Phill Jan 06, 2006

    love it love it love it XD
    sing together to to ro to to ro to to to to ..... =))
    I love this wall's style so so much XD I love simple and that doesn't mean you lazy at all XD
    anyway , just love it XD

  7. Zefie Jan 06, 2006

    weee totoro :D so cute wallie you have made ! like the flying sootballs and catbus sign :) also like the simple looking bg, makes totoro be center of the wall. light pastel green for the background colour looks cool XD and fits well with everything. overall simple but cute wallie from totoro and thanks for sharing !

  8. Sandra Jan 06, 2006


  9. chisaikame Jan 07, 2006

    totoro totoro totoro! XD XD need i say more?!?!?!?..... weeeeeee! :nya:

  10. flyindreams Jan 07, 2006

    Oh I love this wall so much xD

  11. lain Jan 08, 2006

    Very clean and light! I like a lot. ^^ good work

  12. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 10, 2006

    Who cares if it lacks much detail this wall is more in focused with the expression of totoro cos hes such a puff ball of laughter... nice sootballs and HQ bg as well Tate!
    Awesome work! genius! ^___^

  13. lthnadml Jan 13, 2006

    *lol* very funny wall!
    I like the expresion of totoro . . . the background is simple yet beautiful with lovely colors . . . excelent work.
    Thanks for sharing it. XD XD XD

  14. ayaki Jan 15, 2006

    adorable >_< it's totoro!~
    i luv the sootballs...they looks just so funny!~
    the wall looks great.. ^_^

  15. niina02 Jan 17, 2006

    exelent wall...
    i like totoro, and this wall resume almost all the scense of the movie (i just have seen the movie, i dunno if has a series)...
    pure & inocent... = lovely
    + fav

  16. evildingbat Jan 17, 2006

    That's so cute! I loved the cat bus stop sign! O.o I like the sky too!

  17. Ruben606 Jan 17, 2006

    none of the critics listed is useable...

    I don't really have anything negative to say...

    good wallpaper ^_^

  18. dejiko005 Jan 18, 2006

    i can't see it in full view TT_TT;

  19. kas-chan Jan 18, 2006

    this is sooooooooooooooooo cute! totoro~~ hahahaha cute cute~

  20. Libitina Jan 20, 2006

    such kawaii wallpaper~
    nice job!

  21. chunli61 Feb 20, 2006

    i like this wall. its simple and yet nice. good job keep up the work ^_^

  22. alexiel01 Feb 21, 2006

    This is such a cute wall! I like it! :)

  23. Ladypenthesilea Mar 14, 2006

    I heart totoro in a big way. I love these cartoonish but art deco (i think that's what it is ><)kind of feel that you got going in some of these pieces. Very nice.

  24. Merox May 19, 2006


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