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First off apologies for the reappearance of painted flowers... T.T They're so pretty though u.u;;

Anyways :) This is for evil taskmistress + super intense but helpful and encouraging wall-eater Taters... some long overdue wallpaper loving from flyin' :D You know how Tates has been making these adorable Yotsuba walls lately, so when I was planning the present I thought about making something cute. I thought I'd double check with her though, since I can't make a Byakuya wall for her (not having seen Bleach XP). I completely did a double take when she said something along the lines of "nope, I don't like using cute walls... I like mature, moody walls. Like something with Chen Shu Fen or Range Murata."

So I tabled my original idea and gained a lot of respect for people who've walled Chen Shu Fen 'cause... it's hard to wall >.> First time in a long time that I wished for a tablet because I just kept going through idea after idea for the background >.>;; In a way this wall is my new year's follow up to my Kyrie wall, 'cause I thought about some of the good things in life that I enjoy doing or thinking about that could put such a beautiful expression on her face... and put it in the wall :D The painting and textures work was also a really nice break from the excessive vectoring that I've been doing u_u;;

Original scan I found here; textures and flowers reference photo from Stock.XCHNG and http://www.mayang.com/textures/. Not sure if this is what you were expecting Taters >:3 But hope you'll like it anyways >_<

1/7/06: I knew that there were people who'd object to the text but I didn't think that... well, that reaction towards the text would be so polarized ^^;;
So here, I've made a textless version of the wall... find it at pixel ellipsis!

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  1. Bla-demer Jan 05, 2006

    Beautiful work you have done. The background is ingredibly great
    fiting with the character. The colours are also
    really nice looking. So great job. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.

  2. tAtEkAnE Jan 05, 2006

    :3 loves for u!
    ive said what i wanted in AP :3
    and thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks again :D

  3. Erdbeermilch Jan 05, 2006

    You made a realy good wallpaper. I like the background you added, it fits the scan very well. Your other additons are great too, I litterary love the flowers you put in her hair. Only the poem is not so much my taste, but that's just me. Keep it up :)

  4. dans Jan 05, 2006

    i think you need to put a little texture on the flower and making it more brown to blend in well with the wall. great job. :)

  5. phamthuha Jan 05, 2006

    So nice job, sweetie ^_^ You are really a talent and stylish wall here >_<
    Love this wallie and of course a fav ^_^

  6. cyd84 Jan 05, 2006

    Hmm...hmm...I've been dying to do a Chen Shu Fen wall too...(sigh too many ideas)...hmmm inspiration :D
    Nice clean extraction especially of the hair...Great choice of scan and background colors...like the addition of the flowers and the text too...great font and word content
    the textures on the background and the ribbons look great...(you're really getting into the texturizing thing :D )

    Discussion points: not a big fan of the text going over the girl...it seems to show up more on her than the background...when seems kinda the opposite of preference
    Really like the blue ribbon texture...but a more dynamic pattern might match better with the movement of her hair...ie...lines that could closer together (but this could just be my personal preference...)
    Finally, wish the flowers in her hair were a little smaller and the flowers in the background were more apparent (in front of blue ribbons?)

    Ok...enough with the wishes ;) Really pretty and peaceful wall overall...a graceful feel :)
    (I can see you're being productive over break :) )

  7. crapmonster Jan 05, 2006

    i like the text alot but, how its sorta centered like that makes it seem liek its just floating on top. id say maybe re arrange the text lines to sorta form a direction/flow or something. besides that great wall!

  8. bromithia Retired Moderator Jan 05, 2006

    The text seems rather .. unfitting for this style of a wallpaper, and the textures may be too rough for the whole idea you were trying to put out, even if they are set on a low opacity. I like the wavey things behind her, though.

  9. calisqo Jan 06, 2006

    wow this is intense XD
    Very berry soft

    So poetic in a way and yet unreal .
    Those lettering def do the magic for this wall, and plus the awesome coloring gives off an incredible effect for the pretty scan/
    Overall I'm very impressed with u nowdays XD

  10. mizusuchan Jan 06, 2006

    woooooow, this is so beautiful, wonderful, i love it!

  11. bluSake Retired Moderator Jan 06, 2006

    Beautiful :) The extraction on the hair is incredible, considering how whispy it is in the original image. The painted flowers are, again, jaw-dropping; though I think something smoother would have gone better with the style of the painting. & everything else (text, textures, etc) is nicely done too.

  12. DREAM Jan 06, 2006

    technically speaking great job as always.
    obviously you know how much i love Chen Fu Shen and Pin Fan's artwork.

    the bg melds very well with the lady BUT the text layer has got to go.
    text should never ever run on your subject's body. ever.
    also i feel a wall should speak for itself and not rely on large passages of poetry.

    if you have a version without the text layer and can send it to me- i would be most grateful. ^^

  13. Vetrox Jan 07, 2006

    Wow, realy smooth. Love that background pattern!

  14. Regenbogen Jan 08, 2006

    Hello... I do like this wallpaper... but I agree with DREAM... a version without the text would be even better. But it is another great wallpaper from you... as usual! :)

  15. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 10, 2006

    Wow its better than my other Chen wall Mirage but hey nice use of text based flattery of coolness to make this wall staandout... nice patterns and textures overall. Great work for taters by you Fly! :P

  16. ayaki Jan 12, 2006

    omg, the softness is amazing in this piece.
    the text layer i think it's fine. kinda makes it look a bit more interesting. becoz they are faded...so it doesn't distract u from the girl and the background.
    really great job!~ ur walls are just getting better and better!~ :D

  17. kakitsubata Jan 13, 2006

    this is a wonderfully soft wallpaper, but personally i think the flowers stand out a bit too much. if they could be just a little bit more transparent, then this wall'd be perfect. chen shu fen's art if really amazing, and this is a great use of her scans. lovely work!

  18. ShiXon Mar 18, 2006

    the paper like effect is OMGOSH amazing >_<
    i adore chen shu fen's arworks and this is definitely a fave for me <33
    how i wonder how you painted those pretty flowers~ and i also love the pattern (?) like shape in the background that's kind wavy~~
    good job flyiinn xP

  19. BlissfulSapience Apr 19, 2006

    Oh wow... too good to be true it would seem, I think my screen should start melting.

  20. Arwym Oct 08, 2006

    Oh, wow... This is beautiful! I ADORE the colors. The girl looks so pretty in there... I love the background! <3

  21. sprintmeister May 18, 2010

    i really love this wallpaper of yours! it looks so calm and relaxing :)

  22. Nad-chan Oct 09, 2010


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