Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Wallpaper: C h a n g e o f H e a r t

Kazuki Takahashi, Studio Gallop, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I deleted my first one, because I felt like it needed some more touching up.^_^
[pass info]
im back for another wallpaper! hehe this time an Yu-gi-oh wallpaper!
I'm very fond of this series, even though alot of people seem to hate it^^;

I personly scaned the card, and vectored it, sorry I suck at vectoring, so it looks kinda bad >.<. I always though that the card "change of heart" was really pretty! so I looked all over the internet for the clear/big picture of it, but had no luck >.< so I went and bought it.
I really didnt feel like vectoring the oringal wings, so I added my a different verson of it. I got the wings from an ccs sakura scan because it was so pretty^_^
For the bg at first, I was thinking of an landscape type bg, but I turned out to look kinda over crowed, so I changed to an simple cloudy bg^________________^
I got the texures from: http://www.desktopanime.com/
overall I really like how it turned out, hehe^____^
layers- 43+ (-merage + vector)
thank you so much for the viewing and remember to comment! *hugs*

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Browse Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. AngelLoveSong Jan 04, 2006

    its looks great! I really like the idea of the "2 sides thing"
    I love the wings!
    good job!

  2. sukie Jan 04, 2006

    wow! so pretty it looks like that yugioh card! LOL nice!

  3. alterlier Jan 04, 2006

    I like the game of yugi oh in playtation and this card at first is so damn hard to get it....but very useful.....anyway you did good job on the vector but I think the right side (the good side) is more big than the other a mean it doesn't look like half and half of course that's just a tiny thing cuz the whole wall is really cool.

  4. Sumomo- Jan 04, 2006

    awesome work there ayasyl - loving the wings you made :)
    lol that you had to go buy the card ;)
    Great job my friend .)

  5. Dufoe88 Jan 04, 2006

    pretty nice work..
    and btw.. whats wrong? :S

  6. Kira-sama Jan 04, 2006

    looks cool ayasal, although im not a fan of yu-gi-oh (in fact i hate it...sorry ^^'') i think it looks pretty damn cool! keep it up buddy!^_^

  7. Rikimaru-jp Jan 04, 2006

    Great wallie Aya-Chan! I like the background especially the colors!
    the scan is suiting will with it!
    keep up the good work!

  8. ShiXon Jan 04, 2006

    It looks kewl Aya-chan! Even though I hate Yu-Gi-Oh >O But this wallie is kinda nice~ Heehee, faving! ^.~

  9. gadgetgirl16 Jan 05, 2006

    wow, that is beautiful! the colors mean alot on what it means, "a change of heart" from darkness to lightness or from lightness to darkness, i like the scan and you put everything togather, great job ^^ +fav

  10. animefairy Jan 05, 2006

    Wow! This wall is very amazing and bright! The wings on the girl are so pretty and realastic! I absolutely love the background colors! Thank you for sharing this with us all! I hope you continue to make more of them in the meantime! Keep up this awesome work and effort! :)

  11. Sayonara Jan 05, 2006

    so cooool i luv this card. I have it in my deck :P thank you for this amazing wall ^_^ *hugs back* thanks

  12. phamthuha Jan 05, 2006

    ^_^ I don't really think the color is different enough ^_^ But it is pretty cool, sweetie >_< Fav from me!

  13. Susan-chan Jan 05, 2006

    i have seen this wally also at animapaper:) i really loved this series and u know this card was my fav:D ( really!) 13th episode..aah...
    the drawing is nice but i would make the left part more darker..what do u think?:D

  14. PookyAlert Jan 05, 2006

    Wow, this is really nice, I'm amazed at what can be done with a scan of the actual card, LOL! I agree with you on the wings, better to go the route you did. :-D

  15. Milkiyo Jan 05, 2006

    no...the vector's quite nicely done^^
    erm..just that the concept is interesting but something seems missing..

  16. Frosty Jan 05, 2006

    wow .. actually that was a very nice vector...
    I can't believe you did that with the scan of a small image from the card...
    your vector job was actually not bad at all.
    lol.. actually I fought that card was always creepy.. LOL... but Wow still thats one amazing job!
    I love what you did with the background works and oh my.. just a fanastic job. *pat on the back and a fav from me* ^^
    Gives you a score of *9.65* for the great effort and *Grade AAA+* for the wow effort on making this beautiful works of art. ;)

  17. kinoko-san Jan 05, 2006

    Two sides wing...and great bg....don't hav anything to comment~~~~~

  18. nostyle118 Jan 05, 2006

    Hi. Very nice. I play some Yu-Gi-Oh! (did I just say that? =/) and I must say you did a great job on one of the best cards in the game. I wish you didn't change the hair color though. Anyway, really nice (the wings are wicked) and I hope to more Yu-Gi-Oh! art here in MT... not everyone may like the game but some of the art is really good. Of course a fave.

  19. Juclesia Jan 05, 2006

    This is a really great piece of work. And I think that i'm right if I say that this was surly a lot of work. 43+ layers ! Wow, men, this is fantastic. keep it up. I haven't seen such a great Yu-Gi-Oh wall since a while. So cu hopefully soon.

  20. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 05, 2006

    Wow! Nicely done!
    The vector is awesome. Really. The lines are uber-straight and the colors are great!
    The wall itself is wonderul. Love the colors and the way one side is darker than the other. Lol, Change of Heart was my fav Yu-gi-oh! card or all time ^_^
    Excellent job!

  21. Amru-chan Jan 06, 2006

    Nice vecto >_____<. I like the color very much >____<. Fav from me ^^.

  22. Emma Jan 06, 2006

    Whoa that is pretty! Your vectoring is amazing! Oh and I love the powerful colors on the left side of the wall. Very nicely done ^^ Nice effort!

  23. everfall Jan 07, 2006

    Hihi my Aya~
    Wow the background just leaves me speechless XD
    The vector is extremly good, I could never do something like that >.<
    I love how you had the dark and light sides, very nicely done.
    Definetly on my fav!
    Take care now Aya-chan~ <3

  24. bbls Jan 08, 2006

    the vector is beautifully done!
    and i luv the wings you added to the vector.
    the background also is quite lovely and sets of your vector very nicely!
    the textures also really nice.

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