Izumi Sakurazawa Wallpaper: *Sleeping Beauty*

Izumi Sakurazawa Wallpaper
Izumi Sakurazawa Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

FULL VIEW PLZ.... There are tons of detail and effect in this wallie...

Hi there everybody ^_^ I am so glad i finish my new wallie, hope that you all can have a happy time with Sleeping beauty ^_^

Oh, and Happy New Year to all of you too ^_^ Hope that in this new coming year, we can have a lot of lucky money *shy* and best wishes ^_^

EDIT: I also add this wallie to Free-wallers contest ^_^ Hope that you all can improve alot >_<

************************************(...) come back to the wall ^_^

Layers: ....let's count is... maybe about 117 or more ^_^
Time to work: i wanna cry hix... about 2 days but 10hours aday ....
Scan: I take the scan in MT ^_^ You all can see it here:


Thing i put in :
- A lovely tree ^_^ I take after the original idea of the scan, it looks not really the same but hope it still nice (100% handmade)
- Some lovely coconut leaves ^_^ I think it adds in the true atmosphere of a beach sand >_< (brush)
- A lovely ground hill where the girl is sitting on ^_^ (100% handmade)
- A stone in the hill, well i think some how it looks like stone .... Took it from stock imagine
- Some beautiful flower ^_^ (extract + made)
- Some butterflies in the ground and in the girl's book ^_^
- A lovely sand.... (100% handmade)
- Yup, again, a wave effect ^_^ But this time i did my best to create the way, hope that they looks corect ^_^ (100% handmade)
- Some yellow leaves i carefully extract from the original scan ^_^ I made them drifting in the wave >__<
- Some mountain i extract and add in some effect ^_^
- A lovely sky, well this time i have to say that the sky is the hardest path that tooks me nearly 4 hours to make
- Some flying birds and 2 dolphins ^_^
- A nice text ^_^ i add in alot of effect with the text >_<
- And the last ^_^ Alot of shadow effect !

Okay, enough for now ^_^ Enjoy the wall! Comment and fav are welcome as always ^_^

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Emma-san
Wall: October Breeze
Reason: Beautiful ^_^ I was so impressed by this walie that i decide to made Sleeping beauty.

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  1. Milkiyo Jan 03, 2006

    0.0 whoa....u made it into a beauty LOL
    >.> the bg...A+ looks like a paradise..the dolphins are kinda funny XD
    that's a very long time to make this wall o.0 *faints from hearing the hours*
    the orange leaves doesn't match the coconut trees though..anyway +fav

  2. strawberrt Jan 03, 2006

    wow.... phamthuha-chan... you just make the most loveliest wallpapers ever! XD i just love the details you added, like th shadow of the tree above the girl. and the dolphins... gorgeous!

  3. knightstar3 Jan 03, 2006

    :) so beautiful! :nya: the scene looks gorgeous, although i agree with Milkiyo, the dolphins look kinda strange and the original leaves don't match. other than that, it's absolutely awesome. i really like the water, and especially well done on the shade of the tree on the girl. ^^ wow.

  4. someweirdguy Jan 03, 2006

    Wow, that is an amazing looking background. Great job on this nice wallpaper!

  5. melymay Jan 03, 2006

    wow...its' beautiful. the quality and the effects are perfect! a definite fave for me ^^ keep it up!

  6. WindAlchemist Jan 03, 2006

    this is an amazing wallpaper! my favorite part is the sky and ocean, they look so realistic, i cant believe you made all of this from scratch! the dolphins look really cool too! this is definitaly one of my most favorite wallpapers, youve done such an outstanding job, i just dont undertand how someone can be so good at making wallpapers! XD

  7. Rhonda21 Jan 03, 2006

    This looks great!
    The background is beautiful!
    The sky and the water look so pretty!
    Wonderful Work!

  8. Amru-chan Jan 03, 2006

    Lovely wallpaper ^O^. Fav from me ^^.

  9. Devildude Jan 03, 2006

    this is just too wonderful for words!
    it is perfect, i cannot begin to find words for it.!
    it is a fav!
    i love this one!

  10. Fiery27 Jan 03, 2006

    Beautiful scan. beautiful background. ^^. When i look at it closely, it seem like she is transparent >.>. Is that supposed to be the shadow of the coconut tree? Kinda weird
    Dem thiet do, khong co noi qua dau @@

  11. Phill Jan 03, 2006

    okie ..... err...
    I love the sea which you drew really good totally perfect ^^ I love those rocks you draw also and the sand ^^ beautiful ^^
    but the part that I don't like is
    - the shadow of those palm tree , it doesn't seem right XD and at least you have to blur them ^^
    - second thing is palm tree ( or coconut tree as you said )is not that big XD and it doesn't have branches :D so it kinda funny ,
    -third is palm tree doesn't have those yellow leaves ,

    but I really impressed by the ocean anyway , you drew it so good ^^ ... try to fix the tree , otherwise , it look funny :">
    really go od job Ha XD
    +fav for sure
    so bad that I can't be your first commenter TT_TT
    keep up good work XD

  12. chingetscook Jan 03, 2006

    Excellent work, thanks for sharing this, adding to favorites.

  13. AngelKate Jan 03, 2006

    The palm tree looks strange to me, it seems to lack the texture that the rest of the wallpaper has, but everything else is just beautiful. ^^ I love the ocean and sky, and your clouds are beautiful. The dolphins are a nice touch and I like the shadow of the tree on her too. Great work sweetie, a fave from me for sure. ^_^

  14. Machika Jan 03, 2006

    Another excellent work from you! The bg looks so perfect! I like the sea and the palm tree too. The landscape looks like Hawaii :D

  15. shioriyukino Jan 03, 2006

    nice wall, sweetie!
    love the bg and the girl looks cute too!
    great work!
    thanks for sharing...^-^**

  16. Bla-demer Jan 03, 2006

    Woow you have made a great wall again.
    The ocean and the sky are so blue and realistic.
    The girl looks beautiful when she is sleeping.
    That tree that the girl lean agains is really nicely made.
    So it's really great wall. Keep it up andthanks for sharing.

  17. morri18 Jan 03, 2006

    Another cute and colorful wallpaper u made. I love ur work! :D

  18. Rikimaru-jp Jan 03, 2006

    You really never stop to amaze me phamthuha-Chan :) with your superb skills!
    I'm speechless and don't know where to start...
    the background is outstanding and it's done perfectly! everuthing seems beautiful, the sky, water, dolphins, sun, palm tree, shadows, rocks, ...
    and the scan is fitting well too :) not to mention that it's flawlessly blended to the background!
    I really like your wallies because they are so joyfull and cute :) I bet you are cute too ;)
    best wishes for the new year my friend and hopefully it will be full with success!
    *adds the wallie to his favorites*
    keep up the great job!

  19. polarie Jan 03, 2006

    i love the sky & the sea! it's amazing almost everything is hand made. the butterflies.. & the dolphins complete the picture...

    actually i esp love the sea! nice one!

  20. Susan-chan Jan 03, 2006

    i think the scan and the bg dont fit each other XD i mean the girl wears warm clothes and the bg has a summer feeling^^" but nice effects u used!

  21. ShiXon Jan 03, 2006

    All of the things in this wallie are amazing~ Very pretty and especially the girl sitting under the tree! Awww so sweet <333 Although I have a suggestion >_< Like Susan-chan said the background is far too summery compared to the scan that has a calm breezy fall feeling =D But everything else is wonderful Pham! ^____^

  22. kyubinaruto Jan 03, 2006

    That's really pretty thuha-chan ^^ The thing that is really weird is the flowers >.< Would they grow on sands? The background looks slunted as well ^_^' You can bring the water down a bit as well actually, the perspective will look better that way. Like others said, the original leaf colour doesn't really match >.<
    The shadows look rather weird too actually XD

    Nonetheless, I recognise the amount of effort you put in and of course, I am really proud to have such a great graphic designer ^^

    PS: I'll put up your wall together with my avatars after I made the batch? And also Suuki-chan works XD Might take a few days because school has started again *sighs*

  23. dianas Jan 03, 2006

    wow Pham-chan..this is really nice..>.<..great idea..
    the thins that i like in ypur wallie is that you make everything so magical..
    adding a lot of cute things...lovely just lovely..
    just one things sweetie..she is drest for autumn or winter..and you have created for her a gb with water and sunn..like a tropica island..^_^'..just my opinion..

  24. keevang Jan 03, 2006

    wow. it gives a total different feeling from da original scan.
    great job.. AGAIN. XD

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