Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: Angel

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Kira Yamato, Lacus Clyne Wallpaper
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series Kira Yamato Character Lacus Clyne Character

1920x1080 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

And when it's time to face the storm
I'll be right by your side
Grace will keep us safe and warm
And I know we will survive
And when it seems as if your end is drawing near
Don't you dare give up the fight
Just put your trust beyond the skies

I'll be your cloud up in the sky
I'll be your shoulder when you cry
I hear your voices when you call
I am your angel

I'm sure almost everyone remembers this song, but just in case you don't, it's I'm your angel, once and always sung by R. Kelly and Celine Dion, and a lovely message to end the year with hope that the upcoming one will bring nothing but good things... in the arms of an angel :D

About the wallpaper... what really took me a lot of time was putting the two different scans together. The rest was already thought and I had no idea it was going to flow like it did. So much I ended up with several versions (and me liking them all! XP) Maybe I'll post the other two versions... some day. Dunno. This is my first attempt at a wide resolution, so I presume the wall will look a lot better fullsize. So please, download it if you can and tell me what do you think. Every comment is, as usual, gratefully received! No matter if it comes with a fave or not! XD

Credit: Thanks zaea for the HUGE (XD) scans!

Before I go, I want to dedicate this wall to all my friends and family, to my wonderful people here at Minitokyo and to all who have helped me, one way or the other, to make this 2005 a very good year. Thank you all, my guardian angels. Let's hope the next will be even better and that we'll be together again! Happy New Year!

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  1. Lacuslover81 Dec 30, 2005

    great wallpaper I love it with Lacus with those angel wings.

  2. phamthuha Dec 30, 2005

    WOW! So cool >_< Your skill really improve that much!?
    Fav from me and feature this wonderful work to CW ^_^ Your wonderful, Iarly-chan!

  3. Rhonda21 Dec 30, 2005

    Very pretty! Those wings look really cool!
    The background looks really nice as well!
    Great Job! And Have a Very Happy New Year!

  4. soweird Dec 30, 2005

    oooo.. so lovely.. great job !

  5. Faikenshin Dec 30, 2005

    I realy like this its so sad!
    i feel bad for themT_T anyway great gob^^ i love the wings agenst the backround^^

  6. keevang Dec 30, 2005

    wow. the way u made da wings is so.. wonderful! XD

  7. nolove Dec 30, 2005

    well well well, iarly-chan ^__^, final I've seen your new wall ^__^, realy sooooooooo cute, I love it, the way u put it to the wall from the 2 scan, how wonderful XD, sure one fav from me ^__^, that's so wonderful

  8. Acuni Dec 30, 2005

    it looks nice the wings are special and i also like the position of everything but i think that the bg needs more work

  9. Kiako Dec 30, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the charas clothes look good and so do her wings, the scene there is good just the bg could use some more work.

  10. kiukirilya Dec 30, 2005

    Very nice wallie! I like the wings, they are very beautiful and their colors fit well with the pic!
    Great work! ^^

  11. paintmearainbow Dec 30, 2005

    Omg! It's so beautiful >.< The colours, the background and the wings fit in nicely :D Great job!

  12. Rikimaru-jp Dec 30, 2005

    What an Amazing wallie Iarly-Chan :) you really overcome yourself this time ;)
    the wings you've done looks so magical and so beautiful, I never seen wings like these ones before! and the background is really superb with all those stars and sparkles :)
    the scan is perfectly extracted and well blended withing the background!
    you really improved a lot iarly so keep it up!
    *adds it to his favorites*

  13. Tammy6 Restricted Member Dec 30, 2005

    Very pretty :)

  14. GundamFans Dec 31, 2005

    very nice wall, I like it XD
    that seem full of heart to make that :)
    so admiring :D
    * add to my fav *
    pls continous to make the beautiful job to share with us XD

  15. Genevieve-galz Dec 31, 2005

    Iarly-san T_T dis is really very pweatiie!
    wahhz n u sumit dis wall complete wit a song lyics too ne?!?! Yup i've heard da song **stood up, grabs mike n started singin da song wit all my heart n soul** XD XD
    **instrumental**... XD
    I'll be your cloud up in the sky
    I'll be your shoulder when you cry
    I hear your voices when you call
    I am your angel

    awwies... dats song realli is senstational n dats goes fer u wall too! XD Omgfosh, man iarly dis like totally rox! how do u do dis?!?! i demand u to tell mi! XD anyway, u clean da scan really good, in fact its excellent! n da eternal love feelin' uknow wat i mean right? >_> , in da wall really is touchy n da wings! I WISH I HAF WINGS LIKE DAT! c'mon make mi da very same wings! nah, j/k hehe >_< Neewayz, well done iarly! fer real u'r realli good at makin walls, espeacially gundum seed walls! ;) plz keep up ne! :)

  16. Emma Jan 01, 2006

    You are sooooo sweet iarly *hugs*
    And this looks like you spent so much time on it ^^
    Love her wings! And the scans are so cleaned and extracted smoothly. Wonderful job on this. It really shows you had patience for this ^_^

  17. vatican92 Jan 02, 2006

    Wow cool!
    I really love the wings
    Did you draw the wings?
    I could've never guessed that image came from 2 different scans. Very very cool

  18. PinkPrincessLacus Jan 05, 2006

    Oh what a beautiful wallie. I love the colors and the wings on Lacus and kira at the bottom looking at her is so pretty. Very creative. Looks great thanks for sharing. :)

  19. lthnadml Jan 13, 2006

    Very sweet wall iarly . . . and very sweet thought! :D
    Also a very beautiful wallie too . . . the sky at background is very pretty . . . the extaction of the scan is very good too . . . lovely colors. :D
    The only think is that the wings . . . well i don't like the way it shows the sky behind . . . other wise your job is very good . . . thank you for sharing it. :D

  20. Revan Retired Moderator Jan 19, 2006

    Damn! sorry to take so long to comment on your wall... but I'm trying to do things faster now ^_^'

    2 things stand out for me in this new wall you've made... the number 1 is the excellent job you have done with the scan, first great extraction and a flawless scan joining, I mean I can't tell where is the line separating them you have done outstanding regarding the scan. The second thing is the work on the wings, the aproach is very particular and refreshing, they seem like a mix of feathered wings and dragonfly wings (that I figured out since the wings are transparent XD).
    The star field is good, has enough randomness to show some reality and since you have gone for a wide resolution you did choose a good distribution of the wall.
    One thing I think could look better is the outer glows, maybe if they seemed more dispersed instead of narrow they'd seem more magical... don't know, maybe changing the ratios or with a gaussian blur. Hmmm or maybe just the glow on the girl, the one on the wings does need to be more defined since it's the structure that we can see.
    I keep watching your works and I find you improve quite a lot through each one of them... let's see what you'll bring forward next time ;)

  21. noel5169 Feb 22, 2006

    Wow ! I'm a fan of gundam seed and this wall is just amazing !
    Lacus with pink wings is really cute ^^;
    Good work !
    And it's a 16/9 wall (perfect for my pc) !
    So i put it in my favorites

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