Shakugan no Shana Wallpaper: The Perfect Weather

Noizi Ito, Shakugan no Shana, Shana Wallpaper
Noizi Ito Mangaka Shakugan no Shana Series,OVA Shana Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Note: This wall is for the wallpaper contest in Free--wallers

erm... This is my second biggest work compare to Nature's magic... lol...
Time:2 Days
Layers:50(hehe... just nice^^)
Music:Atobe Kego--Kabaji! (best song ever heard XD)

nothing much to say anymore...
There are a few person I want to thank ^^
Phamthuha:Thanks for the lovely tree brushes
Love-chan:Thanks for the awesome B.day gift^^
Milk-chan XD :Thanks for the loveliest wall & thread for Bday!
Farewell-san:Thanks for the nice cards XD
Asa-san: Thanks on the cute Christmas card XD
Devildude-san: Thanks for wishing me Happy Birthday for more than 10 times XD lol... I think u did that...

Thanks to everyone too! who have been a pal XD

Hope u like the wall...^^
it took me some time... >_<
Don blame me if the colours arent right or the scans not suitable again... >_<
a lil extraction problem though, the extraction was evil!
Oh, yeah! I made the hills myself XD
doesnt it looks like ice-cream XD

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  1. uchiha-vegeta Dec 28, 2005

    WOW! , cool , the bg is really nice and everything fits , a fav for ya ^^

  2. pakk Dec 28, 2005

    very cute and nice^^good job!keep it up^^+fav

  3. nolove Dec 28, 2005

    hey, I'm not the one comment here T__T, thnx so much for the thnx Rikka-chan lol. Yeap yeap, the scan looks cute and fit with the BG, and the color are cute too, hehe, the real thing, the moutain looks like ice-cream lol, I'm just joking T__T, maybe it's the time for being mad XD. Actually, it's really great Rikka-chan ^__^, the extraction is quite nice too, omg but youreally should add shdo or thing to the moutain to make it real and not just a piece of paper ><, but awsome work, surely you deserve a fav from me Rikka-chan ^^

  4. rafaellaGP Dec 28, 2005

    I like the colors! I liked them mountains too^^
    scan is very pretty! good extraction!
    love it!
    + fav^^

  5. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 28, 2005

    Oooo, very cute! I love the colors for the sky and the scan is very cute! Two things bother me though:
    The grass is a bit strange and the so does the fog. Other than that though, excellent job!
    (OMG, Ka-ba-ji! XD That song rocks! Atobe love for all!)

  6. trinigirl524 Dec 28, 2005

    well the extraction isnt so bad, theres some rough edges in the girls hair, so i would suggest maximizing the pic to like 400px when extracting if you're not already doing. just a tip.
    the tree looks a bit flat, adding some texture or shadows can help with that though.

    but besides that i have to say this is a really excellent piece, and i like the ice cream mountain XD lol. *eats them before they melt*

  7. kiukirilya Dec 28, 2005

    Great work ^^
    I like the ice cream mountain, it's cute ^^
    And he scan fits very well the bg! ^_^
    A fav' for me!

  8. Devildude Dec 28, 2005

    the extraction is very good, but still a bit choppy when u zoomed in.
    The tree is kind of...lacking, i can still see some unextracted parts in between some branches. The tree is also cut off, showing that you have taken the tree elsewhere, could use some fixing on that. Wonderful scenic effect, i love that all. Could do better without the obvious standout text which does not fit.

  9. ShiXon Dec 28, 2005

    Really lovely wallpaper Rikka! Although I think the tree needs some shading.. But everything else is quite nice darlin! ;) Fave from me.

  10. Milkiyo Dec 29, 2005

    erm...rikkachan..the link to this wallie is different from the one u put in free wallers..that's the trouble of having the same title I guess..
    oh..for the contest eh?
    erm..yeah..like u said..the extraction >.>
    n the mountains looks like melted ice cream..sorry..
    the grass is nicely done but it'll be better without the white mist in front
    erm..the trees are ok but a bit cut off.. >.>

    merged: 12-29-2005 ~ 08:11am
    u are sure this is going to be the contest entry? otherwise..I'm gonna confirm it..

  11. DepressedYoukai Dec 29, 2005

    Aww! Perfect wheather indeed, ^_^ Tis really cute :) G'luck with the contest thing ^_^

  12. walkure245 Dec 29, 2005

    Heheh~ The bg moutains do look like ice cream. I think you can alter is by adjusting the lighting and coloring. Rocks give off shadows. Also, the edges appear a lil smooth so the smug tool or something like that should give a rougher texture. I like the scan and I like the softness. The coloring of the grass and scan match it each other prefectly. The extraction was done rather well. However, the sky looks great but it doesn't really account for the yellowish color of the girl. The scan's coloring appear mor appropriate for a sunset or rise look. Maybe changing the sky color or adding sunlight should fix it. The trees look good. I really like how this looks. It's really quite pretty. Nice work~

  13. chibichibikaukau Dec 29, 2005

    its so beautiful! everything looks so so pretty!
    very good job!

  14. phamthuha Dec 29, 2005

    What should i say now? There is tons of mistake here, Rikka-san:
    - The tree is cut off...
    - The mountain look so blur and not detail. How about some texture?
    - The grass looks odd !

    Oh well ^_^ you can do better next time, believe me!

  15. Midori-chan Dec 29, 2005

    wow! the sky's color is really nice. yea, the hills do look like ice-cream XD . O.o the tree is cut off...
    btw, since the bg has more pink colors, i think the grass should have some pinkish colors. :)
    it's a good job rikka-san! keep it up! ;)

  16. keevang Dec 29, 2005

    erm i think da grass is okay.. *well to me* >_<
    da mountain.. maybe u could do smthing about it..
    but i still think da scan fits da bg ^^

  17. enchantressinthedark Dec 29, 2005

    Very nice background to go with the scan ^^ But I can see some extraction problems around her hair...

  18. Devildude Dec 29, 2005

    u changed it a bit, no bad, looks better to me now.

  19. Farewell Dec 30, 2005

    what a beautiful girl and the background it's amazing. Goog job Rikka-san i like this wall very much.

  20. aiguan Dec 30, 2005

    shana is so cool

  21. kaitodaidouji Dec 31, 2005

    Oh! yeah! a wall new of Shana god job, vaya hasta que veo wallpaper de Shana....
    Buen trabajo.....

  22. Genevieve-galz Jan 01, 2006

    omigosh honey u haf improved like LOTS! hey fer real NO jokes ne **nods fingers** XD
    oh yea man, the background...wit da mountain features.., brunches n skies..beautiful n the scan ish cuute, it fits wit da backgound real nice as alwayz! ;)

  23. gigasnappl Jan 02, 2006

    Awesome, very nice wallpaper... haven't change my shana wallpaper for a while, thank you very much for your hard work!

  24. revontulet Jan 08, 2006

    Wow! Thats very nice :D!
    YEh u have improved ^^ From the girl who was scared that her wallpapers were gonna be deleted to a bold waller who is very successful!
    Cool! The clouds have a head in it XD nICE contrast too!

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