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Angels : A sign of Hope, Love and Peace.

Best wishes for the upcoming year to everyone from me! <3

Finally, a new doujin. I've been meaning to submit this a while ago but a few months back, I entered the original piece of this drawing to a manga art contest and never got it back even though I asked the people to return it to me. So I guess that put me off submitting this.
Anyhow, the girl was inspired by the main character of a manga whose name is also the title (Princess Ai). The first time I read the book, I fell in love with the clean and detailed art style of the drawings so I felt compelled to mimic the style on a drawing. This is the result. Then the shading came randomnly....unfortunately the shading has been distorted a little by my evil scanner. >_<''
The folds, once again, are atrocious but I thank the people who gave me constructive criticism on how I can improve my folds. I'm still practising, and working towards improving that hole in my skills field. One day I WILL draw perfect folds... (one day *sighs*).
Feel free to comment/fav/critisize!
Oh, lastly, thanks to all my lovely MT friends....for putting up with me. XD
Ja ne!~

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  1. YukariKasamoma Dec 28, 2005

    Ooo, done very nicely! I wish I could draw like that... ;_; Good job! *gives it an A+++* ^_^

  2. winxfairykay Dec 28, 2005

    Hehe, I love Princess Ai. Got me a few new P-Ai shirts the other day ^^

    Anyways, I like this alot! I love their style in the manga, as well. Just one thing, I didn't know it was her until I read the description. It was hard to tell at first glance, but I can see her in it now. Very good work, espically on the wings.

  3. anji Dec 28, 2005

    Another beautiful shading work.
    I like it, everything look good in my opinion.
    You maybe could have work just a bit more on the wings since it's the part that is less detailed.
    Just by adding a bit of shading or details like you did on the two feathers.
    Beside that I don't really see something to improve :)
    I like her hair, and she's expressive, it's cool.
    Thanks for sharing...

  4. walkure245 Dec 28, 2005

    I love the style of art from the series and I think you did a really nice job copying her style. Her eyes make her appear rather scary. The body was done well and the shading was done rather nicely. Her wings needs a lil structure but the two feathers wer done really good. Her hand appear a lil weird but I like the hair. I will say again that your shading was done amazingly well. Really nice work~

  5. Liz Dec 29, 2005

    wow that is really pretty. love the shading and the wings are really cool great work.

  6. Yina Dec 29, 2005

    haha.. she's got a funny expression on her face xDD
    like the way how you drew the grey parts.. =3
    overall nice drawing ^^

  7. card8813 Jan 02, 2006

    Just Absolutely beautiful.Very nice job.Thanks for sharing

  8. CoolBlueX Jan 03, 2006

    folds aren't easy, i remember having to observe lots of people's clothing and getting real weird stares lol
    i'm still not good at folds myself but i think observation and practice is the best way to improve
    try adding folds around the bendable areas first like the elbows and wrists and esp near the end of a sleeve, then work your way between each bend so that it looks smooth or clingy or baggy etc
    i think in here, u added too many folds in uneccessary(sp? lol) areas and in odd directions, giving a sense of conflict...like the clothing doesn't wanna be on the person's arm lol ^_^'
    omg i've said too much hope i wasn't being harsh or anything >.<
    other than that i think she looks hawt XD
    her outfit's very sexy and i love how u shaded her hair ^^
    keep up the good work

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