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[FULL VIEW PLEASE] I put alot of detail in this one^________________________^
hello you guys!
I was imspired to make this wallpaper because:
Iv been playing Kingdom Hearts 2
nonstop ever since it came out, I just couldn't wait until it is realease here, so I bought the japanese version. my head really hurts and now, im finally taking a break @_@ Im more then half way though the game. The story line is so much complex and more deep then you might think it is.*_* the second one is so much better then the first one! I just loves Mulan's world!
Get ready to be blinded! hehe! bright and colorful wallie coming right up! lol
I really wented to try something new.hehe^_______^
In the middle, I placed his friends/importent people, and in the next other circle is the two and the "13th order." and next is the 4 princess.

Wall is based on this snapshot I took, during the beginning Theme song. http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c275/Ayasal/snapshot20051225213432.jpg

though it looks nothing like it. I kinda went over bored :D
I did not use any brushes this time.

I used the following scans:
since everyone was taken from all different scans the qualitys are all different, im sorry.
Layers - 69+
thank you so much for viewing! and please comment!

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  1. AngelLoveSong Dec 28, 2005

    it looks great! I love how you combined all those scans into one image! looks like stain glass like! its going into my favs!
    good job!

  2. Tiferet Dec 28, 2005

    wow...it looks amazing! doesn't even look like you used all those scans :)

    *fav+1* :pacman:

  3. alterlier Dec 28, 2005

    woaaa KH, oh now I see why you have played the game, is a great collage of all the characters...awesome work as always Í think.

  4. phamthuha Dec 28, 2005

    As i said, i love it Ayasal ^_^ Fav from me!

  5. Amru-chan Dec 28, 2005

    Wow, wonderful >________<. I luv it >____< Fav >___<

  6. AngelKate Dec 28, 2005

    Wow, what detail you have here! Wonderful job! A fave for sure. :)

  7. Sayonara Dec 28, 2005

    OMG! This wall is amazing all the colors that have and all the characters look sooo damn cool. A really awesome wall, thanks for sharing your walls are always amazing. ^___________^

  8. ShiXon Dec 28, 2005

    I saw this wallpaper at AP but I didn't took the time to see who made it, even though it's really beautiful! It turns out it was made by you! Yay~~ When I first look at the thumbnail I admire the whole placement of the wallie, it looks like an.. umm.. you know those.. umm.. pattern thingies that you see at a church xD Yeah that, it just looks beautiful Aya-chaan~~<3 +fav

  9. zaira Dec 28, 2005

    wow! so awesome! sora is sooo cool there! i love those colorful bg + nice scans! +fav!

  10. Machika Dec 28, 2005

    Amazing! You made your wallie based on the theme song! That's some talent you got there! Great wallie, I like it!

  11. nolove Dec 28, 2005

    awesome as always, Ayasal, yup, till I've never seen or played thiz game, I still see it so beautiful fav it Ayasal

  12. PoorPrince Dec 28, 2005

    it looks wonderful! you did a really nice job! I want to play KH2 so bad! grrrrr~ I cant wait!

  13. FALH Dec 28, 2005

    what a wall ! so damn good,a amazing quality... a very good wall,thx to share a beautiful wall of KH, there is not a lot so good like u made!


  14. Phill Dec 28, 2005

    wow , really cool ^^ , you did a wonderful job in this wall , nothing to complain about ^^ +fave for sure +_=
    can't wait till KH 2 ( Eng.version ) comes out TT_TT either

  15. Susan-chan Dec 28, 2005

    i have seen first this awlly on animepaper! and i was really surprised that u made this^^ it's an awsome work u know:) even it's not a fav game but i like the dresign , the colors etc..:D +fav:)

  16. BlkLotus Dec 28, 2005

    that is wonderful. you did an awesome job on this one. for sure going into my fav's

  17. KorganoS Dec 28, 2005

    Now that's what I called a high-quality collage. :D
    It's kinda rare to find such fine compositing of different pictures and rich color. It's also very artistic yet portraying different expressions and characters in one big picture. Superb. I believe every KH fans out there would appreciate this wall as much as I do.
    Two thumbs up and this one goes to my favorites list. :)

  18. WhiteRider Dec 28, 2005

    that is such a detailed piece of work! it is so good, love the background! man i wish i played the game as well xD it is defintely one of my favs and i just love it, it just brightens my desktop! thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

  19. shinorei Dec 28, 2005

    Oh my gawd. Amazing collage -slash- wallpaper. o__o I think my eyes are gonna bulge out by seeing this. I LOVE it.:D Absolutely.
    Everything's SO detailled. I like it when you put all the princesses inside, and the main characters of KH. It's AMAZING. *squeals* :3
    I like your concept, really. Centering the main characters, and putting the disney ones, around them. Also, centering Sora on the center circle as he's the main guy in the game. *whee* Lovely. I like this very, very much. ^_~
    *hands you cookie with glass of milk while adding wallpaper to favourite list* <3!

  20. Rikimaru-jp Dec 28, 2005

    It's really awesome :) the combination of all theoe scans really ended up well!
    well I didn't play Kingdom heart one nor the second part "not my kind of RPG"
    but I can tell that you are really having lots of fun playing KH2 :)
    so keep it up! and happy new year!

  21. ShrinkNerv4Eva Dec 28, 2005

    Haha you're right. It looks nothing like that screenshot. It's better.

  22. x-lawss Dec 28, 2005

    Wow! Kingdom Heart! I like thet game.
    Very nice, keep it up!

  23. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 28, 2005

    Nicely done! I love the colors and the effects are just awesome! Excellent job!

  24. xRedPhoenix Dec 28, 2005

    This is an awesomely detailed and creative wall. Great job ^^

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