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Aoi Kimizuka, Deep Blue (Studio), 3LDK, Noel Yukimura, Vector Art
Aoi Kimizuka Mangaka Deep Blue (Studio) Studio 3LDK Visual Novel Noel Yukimura Character Vector Art Source


Artist Comment

yeah i'm just happy that i finished it, because it has taken me a lot of time to make it :sweat:


Chosen by Nuriko and biriwilg

The breathtaking attention to detail (and boy, is there a lot of detail) makes this vector stand out from the rest.

Proposed by Nuriko and highlighted by biriwilg.

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  1. nolove Dec 27, 2005

    wonderful vector, I mean perfect XD, cant believe that's really a vector work ><, I'm sure faving thiz one ><
    Very very good of your, Kiako-san

  2. iarly Dec 27, 2005

    Wow, you sure know your stuff, Kiako-san. It's an awesome vector you got there. Definitely a fave.

  3. uchiha-vegeta Dec 27, 2005

    gotta agree with everyone , u did a great job ^^

  4. SCOLOPENDRUM Dec 27, 2005

    Hermosso, muy hermosso, really wonderful.

  5. cloudcool Dec 27, 2005

    so beauty girl .

  6. dianas Dec 27, 2005

    another nice vector from you Kiako-chan..really nice..
    i think i have something with the blonde anime girls..^_^'..
    you will have a fav from me for your work..

  7. Billy85 Dec 27, 2005

    it takes a lot of time,but looks perfect.The color of the hair is very good.

  8. GolgoXIII Dec 27, 2005

    This vector looks like it would have taken ages to do getting all the frilly parts done with the shading etc. I bow to your tenaciousness with doing something like this :D.

  9. MoonlightEternity Dec 28, 2005

    oooo pretty O_O i love the shades of colour! u did such an awesome job like usual kiako! ^^ great job on the hair and dress! u made the folds look so real and 3d

    gorgeous! *thumbs up* awesome work :)

  10. ZiziMura Dec 28, 2005


    I don't wonder if that took lot of time! It's SOO pretty!

  11. Midori-chan Dec 28, 2005

    OMG! you did this vector?
    it's so pretty and full with details, especially the dress...it must have taken lots of time to complete it.
    the shadings are great too. +favs :pacman:

  12. Amru-chan Dec 28, 2005

    Lovely Vector >______<. I like it >____<. A fav from me ^____^.

  13. Sakura-K Dec 28, 2005

    wow...it's really nice! I love it@

    you made this?...wow..

    *addz to fave*

  14. miyano Dec 28, 2005

    wow...nice vector you have there :)
    looks kinda complicated eh? the dress and the hair ^_^'
    i think some parts are a little weird..like the hair on the right..(on her left) near her face.out of the blue it's there..
    and why is the mouth purple? :x
    and hmm..perhaps you forgot to colour one of the holes(her hair) where the pin or whatever it is is.
    anyway,good job :)

  15. Ephemeral-Garden Dec 28, 2005

    Very well done vector. ^^ No complaints whatsover, coz I'm very amused at how you can very well vector so much foldings.

  16. Milkiyo Dec 29, 2005

    whoa...this is beautiful n very nicely made details..
    hahaha..I never doubt once for ur vector skills...
    a fav for ur effort XD

  17. slivermoon Dec 30, 2005

    the way the dress was vectored and the colour is very nice
    but her face seems to be flat and there is hardly any trace of a mouth on her
    u could try alterting the face a little to give it more light/shadows

  18. Acuni Dec 30, 2005

    it looks cute XP
    i like the charas expresion and the colouring is also good
    it looks complicated
    very well done

  19. LeeAnn Dec 30, 2005

    its so pretty!
    tnx for posting it!

  20. AlexXan Jan 03, 2006

    woW.... @_@
    very very well done :D

  21. k1ru Jan 05, 2006

    a vector?

    its really preety! and really nice!
    thanks for posting it, kiako-san!

  22. rythem Jan 12, 2006

    woaah @_@ I totally luff those folds of the dress .. very impressive ne O.O lovely vector kiako , could touch up on the hair a bit , but great work ^^

  23. Devildude Jan 12, 2006

    you are yourself a vector goddess!
    this is just deatiled and wonderful!

  24. FreiheitFirewolf Jan 14, 2006

    Wow!...............this is a excellent pic...........if i can have a computer......T_T

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