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Translated literally, it means "darkness". In upper Finland, kaamos is a natural phenomenon where the sun doesn't reach above the horizon and there's total darkness for a long time

a classical concert in the darkness. when I was a kid I was obssesed over violins, I was never abled to get my hands on one due to my economical annd political position at the time but my love for the instrument and its celestial sound never faded. I vectored this wall based on the same idea as my previous wall GuitarraPapalote, but this time around I added an extra color to add to the stunningly beautiful contrast between black ,red and white. Many thanks to the folks of Angryblue for the pretty brushes.
This was my first project on my brand new iMac G5, and man...its such a smooth ride I love it. ^_^

merry christmas.

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  1. suejean Dec 25, 2005

    kewl! ^-^ do you play an instrument? (a violin perhaps?...)... well I play the violin (5th year) ;) anyways...kewl wall.

  2. fawna-chan Dec 26, 2005

    Wow...I can tell straightaway that this wallie was done by you...I love the instrument theme! It's really good. Love the colors. Oh, and Happy Holidays! :D

  3. SamuraiHaruko Dec 26, 2005

    ah yes...I play the voilin..since the 5th grade! I fell in love with it's sound

    lovely colors meh friend =3

  4. cyd84 Dec 26, 2005

    Great composition...love the color combination too...makes such a strong statement
    The details and the use of brushes go together very well (especially love the extra string flying off the left side)...if anything I'd say I would have appreciated more detail (the strings on the neck of the violin or more distinct strings on the bow) but that would just be icing :)
    Maybe a slightly fancier/curly font would have matched the violin more though
    A good simple wall

  5. fudgeCake Dec 26, 2005

    NEAT! i hate voilen but this is great!
    love the colors.

  6. alterlier Dec 26, 2005

    what a great wallpaper, a great picture, the simplicity suits the image to perfection.
    great job I must add this to my favorites.

  7. windyroller Dec 26, 2005

    The title reminds me of a song by the band Apocalyptica... The gothic influence reminds me a lot of their work and of the baroque music that I enjoy. Interesting work. :)

  8. sacredsky Dec 26, 2005

    OMG! So cool! I really like this! I play the violin, and even though I'm not that great at it, I still really like the music.

    It's sad you never had a chance to play...:(

  9. Rhonda21 Dec 26, 2005

    I just love how those colors fit together so beautifully! I also love the whole idea which is nice to see again! Great Work!
    OH and Merry Christmas!

  10. walkure245 Dec 26, 2005

    This really give a more interesting contrast than a guitar. A violin has a more elegant feel and does not usual associate with blood or gore. I like the shape of the violin and the colors that helps your theme. But I think the guitar turned out a lil better. But they are equally nice. ^_^

  11. DREAM Dec 26, 2005

    beautiful work- beautiful. my youngest sister used to play the violin and as an avid fan of classical chamber music i loved those times.

    i am really impressed by your creativity.
    :turns up Pachebel's Canon in D major:

    + favs

  12. Arkhangelsk Dec 26, 2005

    Oh this is wonderful! I play the viola, so I gravitate towards all things strings ;).

    And I had no idea what Kaamos meant! I love Apocalyptica, and they have a song by that title. Thanks!

  13. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Dec 27, 2005

    Well my love is the piano mostly, its more soothing and less stress ful to weild in the hands but yeah i like it since its too precise in the lines and precision of the calibur of work. Nicely done as always mate! :P

  14. SCOLOPENDRUM Dec 27, 2005

    Very artistic and musical illusion of my mind.

  15. Ikorus Dec 28, 2005

    Wow. Practically everything in this wall is something I like. I've loved the violin since forever and I got fortunate enough to buy one and learn to play it, and my favorite colors are black, red, and white (and silver ^_^)! I think it would have been better though, if the strings that are on the red background should be white, as opposed to the red strings on the white body. Sort of how you did the text? Still, it's quite worthy of a fave. :) This is gonna go on my desktop for a while...

  16. markjo Dec 28, 2005

    A very good composition and strong choice of colours. Love the string idea (a broken concerto?).

  17. Yina Dec 29, 2005

    wow great idea.. o__o
    i love the way, how you put your thoughts into the wallie.. =3
    the effects look nice.. XD
    but i hate violins.. i think they really sound awful.. >>

  18. Phill Jan 01, 2006

    I play flute , and I play piano also ( when I was 8 ) but I hate both of them TT_TT anyway , back to the wallXD nice vector :"> I like it , it's look like you mix between classical and rock ... forgive me if I think its wrong
    really nice job

  19. babaylan Apr 03, 2006

    i really love this wall ^_^! and the way you describe how you made this wall is really full of emotions, i can see your a good guy ^_~! CAN YOU MAKE ME A WALL! sorry cant help myself ^ ^". hehehehehehehehe

  20. Dejiko-chan May 17, 2006

    Wa, very nice wall ^^

  21. pinkpearlvoice Aug 15, 2007

    It's a great wall for a violinist like me.

  22. BlackDemonMyst Sep 30, 2007

    xP I'm a violinist, and I'm glad that someone has made a wallpaper that i like that has my instrument. :D Thanks!

  23. Chikaru-chan Oct 11, 2007

    Whaa... I love instruments *.*
    *BE HAPPY*
    Good job~! SharinganKnight-san~!

  24. yukinobara Apr 08, 2010

    Very nice, thank you for sharing!

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