Hikaru Mizusawa Wallpaper: Desolation Angel

Hikaru Mizusawa Wallpaper
Hikaru Mizusawa Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

well, well, Im sorry Kira! I had promissed your wallie for Sunday but... I guess I late it XP!

~My new wallie is for Akira-san, my dearest friend! Then Im soo nervous! hope you like my gift Kira! ^^" I finished it last week but how is Christmas week I was a little busy with gifts and foods ^^"

Scan I found on MT... nyaaa it was so hard for to clean ^^ but I guess it was good at least XP Buildings and rain effects were made by myself with photoshop and a good tutorial that I found on good-tutorials.com ^_~
hum... when I finished I had 57 layers and huge psd file XD !

Kira hope you like my little gift! *super hug* I luv you honey! ^-^

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  1. Sandra Dec 23, 2005

    Idril Idril Idril.Well I'm sorry but i must write some words of critic because ppl are always writing only " This is beautiful".

    I'm really impressed.I mean about the water you made.Looks really fantastic.The effects near the girl shouldn't touch her.The water and effects on it are really good.Rain too.But the sky and the storm effects...Well it's horrible ! There's too much of everything ! You should make it more calm.Clouds should be more fluffy.And this building is too realistic.Owww and you should make the girl with some green color.

    Well.But the water is great ^_^

  2. gkhn Dec 23, 2005

    great effects I like

  3. Angel-on-Dragon Dec 23, 2005

    Don't know, what to say.... I simply love it ^^
    Thanks so much for sharing *adds to fav and puts it on her desktop*

  4. Eimin Dec 23, 2005

    This is awesome, I can't describe how much I love this wallpaper^-^ *faves*

  5. KittyCyn Dec 23, 2005

    Waaaaaa hi Idril! Must say it's very nice, but as Sandra said, there are too much Lightnings! Maybe reducing the quantity would make the wallie look more pleasant to the eye... :) also less fog will help making "breathe" the image cos I see it too saturated XD
    Anyways I love the choice of colors, water and of course the scan ;)

    BTW, I made a wallie with the same scan LoL XP but it'll be posted at the beginning of next year 2006! :) I hope.

    *hugs* and Merry Christmas Idril! :D

  6. damareta Dec 23, 2005

    lovely, dark, great! I like very much your wallpaper!
    Merry Xmas!

  7. Rhonda21 Dec 23, 2005

    OH I love that scan! So dark looking which is great! Very stormy too.
    I like the water effect as well.
    Great Work Idril!

  8. MoonlightEternity Dec 23, 2005

    O_O its really really pretty and eye catching! The colours are amazing and you cleaned the scan really well and thoroughly. Only one critic tho ^^'' Even tho the sky looks really pretty and all, it sorta doesn't make sense XD theres clouds in places I don't think there should be... the sky is kinda crowded, tho it looks amazing :D and the towery brick things seems too close (perspective-wise)

    still adding to favs :D amazing work, idril-san, like always!

  9. AngelKate Dec 23, 2005

    Very pretty Idril-chan. ^_^ The water looks great. :) I'd hate to be outside in that storm though lol. Nice job. :)

  10. ShiXon Dec 23, 2005

    The background is superb! xD I like it Idril, and it has a 'gothic' feeling to it too, I'm gonna fave this one <3 Take care Idril! ^.~

  11. Phill Dec 23, 2005

    I like the scan :">
    oh my ... I did a building , they look so real that I though they're your stock picture >< but it's a problem here , the building look so real that don't fit with the girl at all -__-
    anyway , nice job Idril :">

  12. fawna-chan Dec 23, 2005

    Whoah! The scan is so er..scary! The background looks nice though. The colors are good for me too! You did a really nice job on it and Happy Holidays! (okay?) :)

  13. marcoskatsuragi Dec 24, 2005

    What can i say? Like always, beauty.... ^^

  14. zaira Dec 24, 2005

    wooo! the scan is scary! yet cool! love her outfit! XD
    though the bg is m... too many thunders ? but nice try! ^_^'
    i know this is not one of your best :D

  15. chibichibikaukau Dec 24, 2005

    it looks very nice! i like the background, the color is very pretty^^

  16. animefairy Dec 24, 2005

    Wow....this wall is very pretty and creative! The colors makes me feel all good inside! Thanks for sharing this wall with us all! I enjoyed it a lot! I hope you continue to make more!

  17. princechrono Dec 24, 2005

    hi idrill long time ah?
    so.. how u been?
    well that not the point but i love this walli she so sexy and lind of a dark sife in her kool i love it and i like the tato,an all th background kool grat job from where is she, she kind of look like a lineage character ,any way grat job keep it up and take care sexy XD.

  18. Merodia Dec 24, 2005

    Wow, great effects you made.

    And the scan, it's scary...
    But it's cool, nice work :D

  19. phamthuha Dec 24, 2005

    Wow! Can't count all the effect you made ^_^ Fav from me, sweetie !

  20. rafaellaGP Dec 24, 2005

    beautiful, beautiful! i love it!
    the efects is perefect!
    very nice scan!
    fav, fav!
    great work, again!^^

  21. Akira-san Dec 24, 2005

    Yaaaaaaaay! My gift! *eyes shinning* *__*

    Thank you SO much, Idril-chan, I loved it, the rain and the colors are just great and you did a very good extraction of the scan (sorry for picked up a so hard one) xD
    I really loved this wallie and I'm so happy with it, thanks a lot Idril-chan, now it's time to me post your gift x) I hope you like it too!

    Thanks again my dear! *hugs and kisses your cheeks* luv you too! =))

  22. Genevieve-galz Dec 24, 2005

    AweSoMe aWesOmE idril-san!
    cool thunder n lightning effects u diplayed there ;)
    the scan is looking good wit the dark-themed background :)
    brushwork is simply fantastic!
    its wondeful n gd luck aginz fer ur comin walls! :)

  23. melonbrust Dec 24, 2005

    I love the scan youre using, she is very dark, the wall is very dark.. Love it
    The lightning and the water effects are very nice, definitely a fav

  24. Milkiyo Dec 24, 2005

    wow..the scan and water effect rocks..
    the blueish lightning is a bit too extreme lol.. but the mountains are nicely done..
    not bad..pretty cool especially the sword^^

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