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Hi yaa :nya:
Another wallie i made ~ Lol :)
To wallie - it starts as part of girl and mill and here is the result.
Dont kill me for some blured parts - i know - it is not perfect ^_^'
but it takes me over 3 weeks and over 200 layers so i hope
u like it (at least little bit) :D

By the way ~ this possible my last wallie in this year so i would
like to thank u all for wonderful support and i would like to wish
u all nice holidays big bunch of gifts and all good to new year :nya:

Enjoy ;)
Comments and faves are always welcome ^_~

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  1. fudgeCake Dec 23, 2005

    like the colors.
    it kinda looks like a fanasty...

  2. Mrchak Dec 23, 2005

    I really dont care what others would say but i know i good wal when i see one... I dont see any blurry parts i must say that everything is in its place and as it should be and why others who might say something bad about this wall dont have a good sence in art is not my problem :P
    The only thing i would correct here is your signature on the bottom to be the color of the wall title and its perfect... The wall itself looks like its drawn or painted in photoshop... I love to see something like that and it looks even better than the vector walls...

  3. Limefreak Dec 23, 2005

    wow great wallpaper :D nice effort :D

  4. Rhonda21 Dec 23, 2005

    Well I think this looks great! I really like it! Great work!

  5. ShiXon Dec 23, 2005

    Wow! It's very beautiful, you painted all that? It's really pretty and windy.. ^___^ Very nice wallie <3 I lurve the blue color!

  6. zaira Dec 23, 2005

    wow! so painty! yet the color used is my favorite! XD
    the simplicity of the wall is soo calming! XD i love the painting concept! +FAV! XD

  7. phamthuha Dec 24, 2005

    You never fall my expectation ^_^ I love the calm and the beautiful atmosphere in your wall ^_^ Fav from me, Alex-san!

  8. Kanvas Dec 24, 2005

    Just as always...........my, it looks so good
    can you make it at a higher resolusion? Please!

  9. bbls Dec 24, 2005

    oh, i just luv the painted look of your wallie!
    and the atmosphere here is so calm and peaceful.
    we can really get that sense of reminiscing about the past from looking at your wallie.
    beautifully done, alex!

  10. Kiako Dec 24, 2005

    nice wallpaper
    though i don't get the part with the fence, it looks broken in a way and like it would be floating in the air,
    and since all of the wallpaperm has that blue type of color on it, the brownish fence there may be a bit disturbing, though the texture of everythign makes it fit in in a way.
    keep it up

  11. nolove Dec 24, 2005

    omg, that's wonderful AlexXan ^__^, you did a very very very good windmill ^__^, and nice merge of color :), surely a fav from me ^___^

  12. lapuk Dec 24, 2005

    dude, this one is really good.. nice colors, very relaxing to the point of making sleep, thats in a good way.. man you have improved a lot.. i've seen your works since you started and dude you've gotten better..you are even better than me already..(= merry christmas bro

  13. Totorito Dec 26, 2005

    Delicious, this is a must fav.

  14. Emma Dec 26, 2005

    Over 3 weeks! Wow! And you too--have a wonderful holiday and gifts and new year too.
    I like the blue hue. And the backdrop. It reminds me of the game Riven or Myst. Ever heard? It is like I am being taken away to this girls village and judging from the bannister and the little huts in the back, this village is from a magical place. The windmill is a nice touch too! It is hard to explain what I am getting at, but maybe that is good. This wall definitely takes me away ^^

  15. NightOfSakura Dec 28, 2005

    I love this wallie sooo much >.<! It soo pretty! everything fits together and the colours are nice.

  16. tian82 Dec 29, 2005

    Nice concept for this wallpaper. The colour is nice and sweet. The background is wonderful and refreshing. Good work and I love it.

  17. Veronika Dec 30, 2005

    Moc moc moc krasne =) ale uz Ti zase chvalim wallpaper, zamysli se nad sebou =)

  18. knightstar3 Jan 02, 2006

    wow...i really love the scan you used. and the windmill in the bg looks awesome.
    the whole bg is so well done. ^^ so calm and peaceful yet mysterious with the broken railings. :) i like it a lot. definitely deserves fav. XD

  19. SealedSword Jan 02, 2006

    Nice scan used, goes really well in the background, and I like the colour too =P
    Nice one, keep it up Alex!
    *Thumbs up*

  20. ventures Jan 06, 2006

    awesome work ~ the colours r really nice and u always make everything look hand drawn goodness~
    I love that wonkity gate ~ and the windmill and the clouds . the sky is such a brilliant colour too and very well chosen . good job ~


  21. flyindreams Feb 03, 2006

    Beautiful xD Love the painted look. It looks like there are some bits of artifacts, like around the left side of the wall near the railings... and I wonder what this would look like without the text xD Minor complaints though, everything else about this wall looks great... very serene :)

  22. Northy Mar 15, 2006

    Absolutely gorgeous. Color, atmosphere and everything matches nicely.

  23. Starwing21 Mar 18, 2006

    Beautiful. Keep it up.

  24. upheaval325 Mar 28, 2006

    she looks really great...the background is beautiful..love the nice soft colours and the windwill, nice job

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