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Go Nagai, Toei Animation, Cutey Honey, Cutey Honey (Character), Honey Kisaragi Wallpaper
Go Nagai Mangaka Toei Animation Studio Cutey Honey Series Cutey Honey (Character) Character Honey Kisaragi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

this wall was inspired by the soundtrack of Koda Kumi - Love and Honey

ive been listening to Koda Kumi - Cutie Honey and Into Your Heart

hence, with the vibes, im making something retro, for this oldschool anime, Cutie Honey. I added the texts and barcodes to make the circular rim look like a CD. so there, go look at CDs and ponder upon the barcode :D

oh yeah, mind me for the simplicity, havent made something for a while, this is just warmup session, lol

theres also a heartless version, PM for request, lol. (everyone loves hearts) >_>


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  1. Osiris Retired Moderator Jun 20, 2004

    heheh nice wall :D

    and thats one huge eyeball XD

    ps. advertising mt on mt >_>

  2. Lord-Satorious Jun 20, 2004

    Wow, it almost looks official. However, the image I don't recognize from any particular version of Cutey Honey. What's it from?

  3. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Jun 20, 2004

    ahhh...u added some hearts and sparkles.....nice.....the retro-ness!!!!! *goes disco*

    good job...

  4. Kev Retired Moderator Jun 20, 2004

    its from re-cutie honey

    a new cutie honey series coming this july

  5. Cloudnine Jun 20, 2004

    zz going disco? *finds a camcorder* .. this is going straight to america's funniest home videos~ XD

    hehe~ clean and stylish ^^

    With all this talk about simple and minimalistic walls, I think this is the only 1 out of 20 I think actually worked for me XD

  6. sword Jun 20, 2004

    i HATE hearts I TELL U hate!!!! !! !

  7. crapmonster Jun 21, 2004

    ahah very unique and retro indeed, nice wall man!

  8. Zeiram Jun 21, 2004

    I don't like that Into your heart text, but I love everything else. Very stylish and very cool.

  9. biriwilg Retired Moderator Jun 22, 2004

    Nice retro feel, very colorful. XD

  10. Albatross1 Jun 24, 2004

    Grooooovy background! :P

  11. Naruto4 Jul 07, 2004

    Good back ground

  12. Pasa Jul 21, 2004

    Nice wall!

  13. ryu1969 Mute Member Aug 14, 2004

    Sexy! , Very Nice! Wallpaper!

  14. moreka Aug 21, 2004

    very good looking pic ... and girl :p

  15. nakuru-chan Sep 04, 2004

    Love it! It is so hard to find any fan made Cutie Honey walls... This is great! ^____~

  16. letmein2 Nov 15, 2004

    Oh hell yeah, too bad this is the only cutey honey that's on this website though.

  17. Balin Dec 18, 2004

    I could finally see these OVAs that are quite open of body.
    The image is simply spectacular.

  18. TRiggie Dec 27, 2004

    Nice & Cute !
    Great Job Thx

  19. dragondiv1 Banned Member Jan 06, 2005

    Very good wallpaper!
    I become at once nostalgic when I remember myself cutey honey!
    I see again myself child! Because it is the first woman with whom I fell in love!

    Honey flash!

  20. xnla Feb 01, 2005

    wow buena imagen , aunque la seire es algo media comica, le flata un poco mas :)

  21. SHELLHEAD Mar 20, 2005

    For a momento I thought it was a wall from the official web page. Re:Cutey Honey its really mad XD

  22. Ceridwen Jun 01, 2005

    Very good job ! The background fit really well to the OVAs. I like your wallpaper :) (hop ! + fav)

  23. Steffi1690 Moderator Nov 28, 2008

    Oh Cute Honey, its much like SailorMoon :) ! I loved to watch it!

  24. lametaliano May 05, 2009

    muy buena ilustracipon, tendr

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