Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Christmas With You

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Athrun Zala, Cagalli Yula Athha Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Finally I got to think of a title...

It took forever to make the pillars on the side with all the leaves... the flowers... and everything else...

Forgive me, I've never seen winter, so I'm only imagining what it would look like...

The balcony part, I've never tried making one before, but I just tried copying the one at the back of my house...

I did not make the Asucaga pic ... I found it in http://andante.gonna.jp.index2.html... although I think it was moved or something, but I'll update the link once I find it... The background, the everything else, I made, but not the asucaga pic okay ^_^

Please take some time to view it, I need to know how I did at making it :/ Negative comments, positive comments, they're welcome ^_^ don't worry

Other from that, Merry Christmas and Have a Nice Day!

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  1. ZonSlashSykato Dec 21, 2005

    good job .... I love how Cagalli and Athrun worked out. But one more thing u should improve on is ..... making Athrun s hand not too big and Athrun s hand looks like he was scratching Cagalli's back. For Cagalli her hands are just a little big. I think u shouldnt erase Athrun s other eye or u didnt erase it then make one cuz it would look better ... and last ... I recommend Cagalli to close her eyes so when ppl saw this wallie they can feel it that their like kissing...... I m not sure about love ... so on the work is good and I like the background too ^^ have a nice day.....

  2. Justice48 Dec 21, 2005

    Er... did I remember telling the rest that I didn't make the picture... I only fixed a little of it, and I didn't really want ot bother changing Athrun or Cagalli's hands, because I was so afraid to make a mistake... I am terribly sorry, but I'll try to make it better... The picture is really like that, although I'll try to edit it okay ^_^

    Oh and Athrun's eye, it is on the other side already -_-... not on the visible side ^_^

    The kissing... I'll realyl try to make it better... I'll edit it... after I've done my Homework okay -_-

    I'm really sorry.

    merged: 12-21-2005 ~ 02:38pm
    Any comments anyone? ^_^ Don't worry, I'll listen to it...

  3. uchiha-vegeta Dec 21, 2005

    great job , i like the way u did ur wallpaper , keep it up ^^


  4. Justice48 Dec 21, 2005

    Yay! I also liked the way I did it... but now, I'm running out of ideas... although I'm currently making another one ^_^ similar to this one, but I think in a way, going to be better than this one...

  5. FullMetal8 Dec 21, 2005

    Wow, I continue to be impressed by your wallpapers! Especially the ones with Athrun and Cagalli. I think you did a good job on the balcony (your house must be nice btw ^_^). Great job again!

  6. nolove Dec 21, 2005

    wow, just too great ^__^, I love the scan :), the columns are pretty nice and well-done
    good work

  7. kira-freedom Dec 21, 2005

    Very sweet wall^_^

  8. rubenz Dec 22, 2005

    o.O nice nice and yeah yr house must be great he he ^^

  9. Gamefish Dec 23, 2005

    here... this is probably where you found the asucaga pic --> http://andante.gonna.jp/index2/aoi.html

  10. Justice48 Dec 23, 2005

    Thank you for the new linkie! -bows-

  11. thingperson Dec 27, 2005

    Oh i really like this one its so cute and i like how you put that background in it.

  12. seirie Dec 28, 2005

    wow! theyre so cute together! Great job!

  13. enchantressinthedark Dec 29, 2005

    *screams* Finally another asucaga one! The pic is very romantic ^^ But Athrun's hand on Cagalli's back is too big...... And the left side of Athrun's face seems cut off. Hmm..better work on it ^^

  14. EnnaKiky Dec 30, 2005

    Good job it's really cool but Athrun left eyes missing....

  15. hikariangiru Jan 13, 2006


  16. MissParker Apr 18, 2006

    Very nice wallpaper :) Athrun and Cagalli are so cute :) Great job!

  17. Loneokamionna Jun 28, 2006

    Sweet AsuCag. ^^

  18. veeh4anime Dec 31, 2006

    kawaii asucaga for life ! X)

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