Hyper Police Wallpaper: Hyper Police 01

Studio Pierrot, Hyper Police, Tommy Fujioka, Natsuki Sasahara, Batanen Fujioka Wallpaper
Studio Pierrot Studio Hyper Police Series Tommy Fujioka Character Natsuki Sasahara Character Batanen Fujioka Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My most recent! ^^;;

Anywho... I tried to focus the effects on the gun ^^;; The beam that's coming out of it looks a bit unnatural T_T; But what can ya do about it when you're an amateur like me? =__=;

Well, if you're looking for a matching layout, visit http://moon-wave.net and search for the layout named "div018".

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  1. Caiobrz Jun 20, 2004

    Amazing, nice job ^_^

  2. MadMover Jun 20, 2004

    Nice work. For an amateur with tallent. It's nice to see some NEW hyper polices walls.

  3. exentric Jun 20, 2004

    thats a pretty nice wall ^.^

  4. neji-neji Jun 20, 2004

    oo look good i like the lil shooting thingy coming out her gun

  5. Taki Jun 20, 2004

    Wheee I saw this on mv... didn't leave you a comment there though, so I guess I'll do it here! Yeah, I agree with neji-neji, I like the light you have shooting out of her gun, gives it a nice effect. And I like the background...fits well...

    I just had crab... I'm kinda full and hyper-ish at the same time...

  6. KenshinFFX Jun 21, 2004

    how in the hell did you do that!!!!!

    I hate you for your talent but have to comment anyways

  7. Cloudnine Jun 23, 2004

    nice eyecandy~ ^^ the effects are well done and blend nicely =3

  8. Albatross1 Jun 24, 2004

    Awesome idea with the background blending - the best I've seen for this image! :D

  9. blessfy Jul 02, 2004

    beautiful picture I like it ^^thanks^Q^for your share!!

  10. Limality Jul 14, 2004

    Yes that's really nice :D

  11. rory07 Jul 16, 2004

    wowey i love it ..thats fav material :)

  12. maetelx Banned Member Jul 23, 2004

    very wonderful wallie

  13. char2002 Aug 29, 2004

    nice wallpaper!!

  14. DarkCrimson Jan 18, 2005

    Great.A really wonderfull Wallpaper from Hyper Police.Thanks for this.I love the Bg,nice Effects :D

  15. katsuke Apr 19, 2005

    Great effects dude!! I jus wonder how ya did it!! Looks like they're quite alot of Hyper Police fans here too! XD

  16. LaQ3K Banned Member Jul 09, 2005

    Excellent :) :) :)

  17. Amon-Sama Oct 14, 2005

    What a awsome background ^.^ v keep it up! And thanks for sharing.

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