Yuji Kobayashi Wallpaper: Winter Time

Yuji Kobayashi Wallpaper
Yuji Kobayashi Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I didn't know if I should submit this or not but oh well. There is something about it that just looks weird to me but I don't know what it is. Too much snow? The weird looking planet thing? I don't know.
I just wanted to make a winter wall. Well then Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Morphee Dec 20, 2005

    aaaaw! so cute! perfect for the season ^^ and you always chose really nice characters for your wallpapers! great work!

  2. pogimonzgt Dec 20, 2005

    nice job again! like Morphee said it's perfect for the season. I have to agree, considering im sitting here shivering. great job on the wallie, it looks fine to me! ^__^ keep up the great work!

  3. Groundsquirrel Dec 20, 2005

    Nice.. very cute!

  4. AngelKate Dec 20, 2005

    Aww, I think its cute. ^_^ I love winter. :) Nice job, Merry Christmas to you too. :)

  5. sangel99 Dec 20, 2005

    Ahhh how cute! ^-^ She's so pretty! Great job, Rhonda! :D +fav ^-^

  6. shinmishima Dec 21, 2005

    yeah is cute and nice ! I'm Lovin It...

  7. Milkiyo Dec 21, 2005

    erm..maybe it's because the snow she's standing on looks too transparent? lol..she looks like she's squatting in midair @.@
    but it's a nice scan and fit the bg overall

  8. melonbrust Dec 21, 2005

    cute scan rhonda, i think youre getting better at walling, still need some work with the blending..keep it up and happy holiday to you too

  9. jasaiyajin Mute Member Dec 21, 2005

    dont ask why i like it, i just do... its a nice xmas wallie

  10. varogio Mute Member Dec 21, 2005

    beautiful girl

  11. Rikimaru-jp Dec 21, 2005

    It's a nice wallie :) and as a matter of fact it's not like you to make these kind of wallies because your previous ones were all dark XP but it's a good thing not to stick with one type!
    my only advice is to display the snowflakes more randomly!
    keep up the good work!

  12. nolove Dec 21, 2005

    wow, very lovely wall, Rhonda-san ^__^, the girl is so cutie thought the BG is a bit simple >><<, just hope you should work more on it :), but lovely color and beautiful brush set too

  13. ideal Dec 21, 2005

    it looks great! the scan is so cute. very nice wallie. :)

  14. phamthuha Dec 21, 2005

    Oh, this is really great this time, sweetie ^_^ I love all the effect, but somehow, i still think that you could deal better with the scan to make it more smooth >_<
    Fav from me, sweetie ^_^

  15. cloh Dec 21, 2005

    Wow! I like it!
    Really nice wall! I like the colors and the scan is really great!
    And I like the colors you used :)
    Really nice one !

  16. sacredsky Dec 22, 2005

    Ooh...cute! Great job! The only thing I would say that you need to work on is the moon (planet?) in the upper right corner...other than that its way cool!

  17. Genevieve-galz Dec 22, 2005

    ah yesh, splendid wall from u aginz Rhonda :)
    the scan like totally blends wit da background fer sure! :)
    background...nice details n wonderful snowflakes too...@_@;;
    a beautiful wall... NIce workx!

  18. pegassuss Dec 22, 2005

    wooow :o this is really nice rhonda! I really like the perspective! ^^ The scan is really cute, I really like the artwork and I really like the snowflakes ^_^ the tree is nice and the colors too. The only thing is that the planet is a bit weird from that perspective. But you did a great job! :D

  19. Regenbogen Dec 24, 2005

    Hello Rhonda,

    I like your Christmas wallpaper... it seems you're enjoying it a lot! ^_^ So many wallpapers of you in such a short time. Wow!
    I do like the snow... what in my opinion may look a little bit weird is the branch on the left... I think it actually is a tree brush... so it looks a bit weird... cause it doesn't really look like a branch that is close to the character. And it cannot be a distant tree since that doesn't work with the perspective on which we look at the character. I also think that the planet is not really needed.

    It looks cute! :) Looking forward to your next wallpapers!

  20. Emma Dec 26, 2005

    She looks like she is doing the bunny ear thing with her hands *laughs* So cute!
    I like the snow and all. It seems so playful and fun for this time of season. A merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too and keep it up with these walls! I love watching people grow with their work and you are definitely venturing down the right path ^^

  21. iarly Dec 27, 2005

    It looks really good. There's still room for improvement, but that's a constant for everyone. Still, you're getting better by the minute. And look! You get more faves than me! XD Really, you've got talent. You just need some more practice, and you'll be a pro! Go, girl!

  22. Sumomo- Dec 28, 2005

    Cute as a button! Just love the snowflakes to bits XD
    Wallpaper is overall very nice, only thing is the three, doesnt quite fit in.
    Other than that, perfect wallpaper :D

  23. kazuki- Dec 29, 2005

    Hey it's really good i could never do something like this since i suck at it and well i really like the snowflakes .

  24. upheaval325 Feb 23, 2006

    nice wall...keep up the good work!

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