To Heart 2 Wallpaper: My only Angel

AQUAPLUS, To Heart 2, Lucy Maria Misora Wallpaper
AQUAPLUS Studio To Heart 2 Series,Visual Novel Lucy Maria Misora Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My new wall,
Ive been so busy these past days that I havn't found the time to be very active on Minitokyo and my notifications have build up that im loosing my mind >.<
I made this wall for my kitten, "Mish Mish" (weird but cute name right ne? ).
On Saturday he dissappeared, I was pretty sad but I still have faith that he'll come because I did a little research and it said that cats can disappear up to 78 hours so I really hope that he shows up today :)
When I saw this scan I just stared at it for what seemed like billions of seconds and the cat reminded me of Mish Mish and the girl reminded me of me...like how we just stare at each other like trying to calm each other down..weird right..dunno...i just saw a connection between the pic and me.
At first the scan looked impossible to make a wall out of but with cloning and some tricks and brushes it was possible :D
It took me from 2:00 am (I couldn't sleep because my cough from my cold won't let me >.< ) till 9:45am. thats only 6 hours but man oh man you should have seen me I was like glued down in my seat just doing stuff and stuff..lol :D
I hope you enjoy "my only angel" and pray for my little kitten i really appriciate it,


{edit} wow, ppl are like "BRIGHT!" ....srry....old habits ....I just enjoy my bright wings, because they resemble the light in my heart :)

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  1. Devildude Dec 20, 2005

    lol....i hope ur cat is fine and it will come back to you.

    This wall is seriously too bright, my eyes are hurting.
    The wings are too bright for my taste. On average, I think it is a good wall, well done BG, nice theme and goes with the flow. could use a little lesser brightness.
    Other than that, great wall.

  2. nakuru-chan Dec 20, 2005

    BEAUTIFUL! That's all I can say! Wonderful wallpaper! Thankies for posting!

  3. Madydiu Dec 20, 2005

    I think that the wings are perfect. I like bright and white wallpapers. I like to sit oin dark and monitor with bright wallpaper is light ^_^'
    I give this wall A++
    I will use this as my desktop bg after x┬┤mas :)

  4. phaerax Dec 20, 2005

    great overbright wall.... one of the best i ve seen in ages... this will probably be on my desktop till my eyes start bleeding.

  5. strawberrt Dec 20, 2005

    wow... this wall looks gorgeous! I just love the scan, and the background looks just beautiful. And I hope Mish Mish comes back!

  6. alterlier Dec 20, 2005

    is kind of different from what I've seen of you but still really cool, hope to see more.
    btw dont you think that the "wallpaper by chichiri907....." is too big...? well maybe is just my imagination...

  7. fudgeCake Dec 20, 2005

    it's all like glowing

  8. fawna-chan Dec 20, 2005

    oh, that's so pretty...the angel's really nice. Wow...it's so bright. :) Here's a favie from me! :)

  9. animefairy Dec 20, 2005

    Aww....so cute and sweet! I love the background! It goe very well with the character!

  10. sangel99 Dec 20, 2005

    Wow how beautiful! ^-^ It's so pretty, Chi-chan! :D I love her wings too ;) +fav!

  11. ShiXon Dec 20, 2005

    This wallie is really sweet and cute Chi-chan! And no wonder, it's made by Chi-chan! =D I'm certainly faving and downloading this one, good job sweetie =^-^= -hugs-

  12. SweetGrl Dec 21, 2005

    Wow, chi-chan! This wallie is AWESOME! I luv everything in it! It's very pretty! ^__^ Keep it up!

  13. xianghuax Dec 21, 2005

    I love the colours! It's like a kind of faded out blue which looks so surreal like~! The wings looks great too! Though too bright but still great xDDD awesome work~! -fav-

  14. winxfairykay Dec 21, 2005

    Aww so cute! Kitties are so awesome.
    I like the wings on this one. Good job!
    You're walling has improved so much since summer. You're doing great!
    Keep it up!

  15. Amru-chan Dec 21, 2005

    Wow, so wonderful >______<. You did awesome >____<. Very very fantastic >____<. I love it >____<. Too great Chichir-chan ^^. I will add it to fav ^O^

  16. AngelKate Dec 21, 2005

    Aww, I hope your kitten comes back okay. :(

    Cute wallpaper though! The colors are amazing as usual. I really love all of your wallpapers. ^_^ Great work. :)

  17. keevang Dec 21, 2005

    wow very nice effect :D
    well good luck ^^

  18. Xueli Dec 21, 2005

    the girl is nice, I really like how the cat kinda glows, nice wall overall

  19. quantixar Dec 21, 2005

    What can I say. It's really really wondeful! Im gonna +fav it. :D

  20. aishiteraburu Dec 21, 2005

    wow chichiri-san

    that really is a very wonderful wall
    i love the background and also the scan with wings look lovely and fit the background perfectly
    a fave

  21. bbls Dec 21, 2005

    oh, i'm so sorry chi-chan...i really hope your kitty will return home very soon!
    *prays for chi-chan's mish mish* -_-
    going back to your wallie...the concept is so beautiful and absolutely touching!
    there's so much feeling between the girl and kitty...and i just luv how they're staring at each other.
    it's like they're communicating with each other.
    the scenery is also quite lovely and compliments the scan and theme of your wallie very nicely!

  22. bj0rn Dec 21, 2005

    It's kinna bright but overall a nice wallpaper! Luci Maria Maria Love Love Suki Suki! Ruu~! *raise arms*

  23. Wongo Dec 21, 2005

    Reallly like the wall....I was iffy....if To heart was a good seires..and I htink this pushed me over to the good side......I like...how there are only a certain amount of colours......makes the contrast.....a lot more effective....hope you keep this up and give us more great wallls.......

  24. Aki18 Dec 21, 2005

    i'm operating with a monitor at 0 brightness so this wall doesn't really affect me...

    much as the wall is indeed a bit bright, i realise it sort of brings out a unique flavour to the wallpaper... I really like it a lot...

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