Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Hand of God

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

finally. fastest wallpaper ive done. 2 days vector and 1 day background. thanks to everyone on irc, yahoo messenger, msn and many other chat clients ive got (lol) >_> dans, shinn84, dmp, muz0naz, and many more that i didnt mention since i forgot... yeah i know this wallpaper sucks with mecha and fast bg... but thats the idea. to promote mecha and celetial styled art at the same time XD also. for the title "Hand of God", it was dedicated for the ppl who took part in the Aceh tsunami. i know its abit early since im also entering this as a contest submission. anyways, now have fun flaming and leeching it <_<

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  1. dMp Dec 20, 2005

    no reason to flame you :D. i was thinking having blue colored planets, but i guess reds are fine too heh.

  2. Criox Dec 20, 2005

    Hiya Ai! Lol! Destiny? Me got tired of GSD nowadays. >.< I love the BG. Space type is my favvie. But bout the mecha. Me lose interest thanks to Fukuda. He sux! Still prefer Gundam Wing or SRW. XD hehehe! Anyway...its quite a nice wallie.

  3. Miragio Dec 20, 2005

    Hand of 'God'. That's laughable.

  4. uragayduck Dec 21, 2005

    pretty neat. even though i don't like destiny as much (i thought it was overhyped), might as well like it when it's doing a good pose and not when it's destroyed by strike freedom or infinite justice, heheh.

  5. cygnus Dec 21, 2005

    man, this wall is gonna be my one of a few fave mecha-walls, not because of the waller's name, but because i like the quality of the vector and background. I myself cannot make such a good wall in a short time like Ai's ... :)

  6. heavenANDearth Dec 21, 2005

    Destiny looks cool in this pic although I think it wants to copy God/burning gundam's God finger! Anyway, he still looks cool. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Rai1e Dec 21, 2005

    what? you vectored it? sugoii naa..... i bet you can do something with the wings better... but overall it's cool i think.

  8. alterlier Dec 21, 2005

    great vector an BG....you did a wonderful job.

  9. KorganoS Dec 23, 2005

    You FAIL... <_<
    it should be Strike Freedom!.... XD meh, just kiddin'~
    Nice vector, Ai.. and well, that's some kick-ass' planetary scene you've made :)
    Great job!

  10. lampard Dec 25, 2005

    good job
    not everyone can do this

  11. sakatakung Jan 03, 2006

    Ohhhhhhhh Good job ! , nice nice excellent and Beautiful , I like it , Thank you for sharing

  12. JC206 Jan 07, 2006

    nice job....love the effects..the image looks very smooth keep it up and thanks for sharing

  13. Radeonator Jan 26, 2006

    that's quite hands of god.

    now i remember what am i talking about, i managed to learn a bit about the greg martin's tutorial and learn somthing important from him: stars never congest in more than 6 stars per 10x10m pixel, otherwise you might want to say that there are more than 600.000 stars in 5 lightyears, of course.. it didn't exist in our galaxy, or at least...

    the glow of the stars are good, but it's really unrealistic to think that when you had only few layers of stars, in that kind of congestion, and so much glow in your wallpaper makes me think that the stars are lack of depth here, you need more variation in the star's size, or else it would bother people with LCD whom put this image as his/her wallpaper.

    okay, i wont bother you anymore of my useless talking, i like everything but the stars and the gundam, the gundam are too clean and far too undetailed which makes me think that this is a cartoon network.

    but overall, i like the concept, just a little... i'll give you a fav's

  14. B-K Feb 28, 2006

    Nice effects.. I like the dusty space and the red planets... thanks for sharing!

  15. ferbeltran Jul 12, 2006

    I dont care what everyone else says, Destiny Gundam is my favorite mecha :) Finally i get to see some wallpapers in its favor, thanks for sharing.

  16. TTTELEVEN Aug 03, 2006

    hahaha.. love it..

  17. Saulofein Jul 31, 2007

    the hand is very nice to see like that and the space on the font is very well done ;)

  18. Raizen625 Nov 15, 2008

    I like the destiny gundam, but it needed a better pilot, not an emo whiner baby.

  19. stardustofmemory0083 Jun 11, 2010


    What an insight...

  20. pounds Dec 07, 2010

    hahaha hand of god... nice one

  21. withyoonho Jan 09, 2011

    Ah, really scary horror crazy driver stabbed to what Kira was his excellently.

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