Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Wallpaper: Yami Christmas : Happy Holidays to all!

Carnelian, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Kogechibi, Lilith (YamiBou) Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Series,Visual Novel Kogechibi Character Lilith (YamiBou) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is Chistmas a time of cheer!
Oh look the snow,
Is that people getting run over i hear?
From cling, clanks and dumbells they toll
Snowmen, reindeer, more people getting hit !
Santas on a roll!
Like the icy seas that freeze your britches
Family parties, turkey and beer....
Now comes a time of telling people off like snitches
Eat thy candy canes, jaw breakers and muffin stuffings
A time of sneaking poop...
in your neighbors stockings!
So when the time is right to sit by cozzilly by the fire
Bored, get up, put your armor, call out neighbor...
Pick up sword.... Its a duel, twitted squire!
So prance about like the feeble grinch you are...
Happily, gleefully, reminiscing the time before that
Oh yeah, the people I hit... I was in that car! XD

*Listening to Damian Marley - Place called Zion
Elvis Presley - Be bop a lula
SoundGarden - Black old Sun*

I actually promised i make a Christmas wall for this time and month so yeah this is all you peple who will just spend a simple evening at hom,e with either family, loved one or yourself... I used the scan from Yami to Boushi to hon no Tabibito from a scan site, (not from here) And so i stuck with the simple wallpaper texture to give an overall cozy but effective midnight celebration before or during Christmas eve... and OH I LOVE TO EAT THAT CAKE cos im such a fatty! XD Made a newer better vesion of the tables, added some cool colory blinkers and a simple text which is not to flashy but suttle. Not the best wall of the century but to me this is a beautiful wall nonetheless and i hope you like it too... and besides its just for this month! XD

More resolutions coming soon in Imanimetions so whatever!


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  1. nolove Dec 20, 2005

    wow, so so so cutie ><, I love the scan of Yami since long ago ><, first time see it in such beautiful wall like thiz ><, so so great work
    +fav >.<

  2. Koi89 Dec 20, 2005

    beautiful. :)

  3. MasterDiablovn Banned Member Dec 20, 2005

    _Oh well, a simple wall but very lovely ^^; I love the charactor and the cake XD, wanna it a cake now, but I'm living in VN so no snow falling, and the first thing - I will have this year's christmas alone T_T .. bored =_=.
    And of course, add to favs ^^;

  4. Ayu-sama Dec 20, 2005

    ZOMG. Oracle is INSANE I tell you guys. INSANE! XD

    Hehehe. Going for a simple one, yeah? Not bad at all. Nice stuff as always. :)

  5. Midori-chan Dec 20, 2005

    wow! this wallie is so cute~~ XD
    it's simple and nice^^
    and i like the lines on the bg^^
    great job! +favs~ :pacman:

    *+_+**+_M e r r y C h r i s t m a s_+**+_+*

  6. pana Dec 20, 2005

    this is a nice elegent wallie
    nice extraction and the atmosphere u created is great:)

    u never disappoint with your creations

  7. AngelXXX Dec 20, 2005

    Nice. I like the way is made.

  8. siamesekitty Dec 20, 2005

    very kawaii ^^ the scan is adorable. not to mention the cake...is that an actual person in ther o.O tis still very cute. the background and colors seem to flow together perfectly, but i must ask...why is she glowing? XD Love your work oracle-san til next wall byes

  9. jaderabbit Dec 20, 2005

    Very cool, very smooth! ^_^ i love this wallpaper goes to my favorites ;)

  10. candy-chan Retired Moderator Dec 20, 2005

    flawless wallie Mr potatoe, perfect in it's style \o/
    merray christsmass

  11. KittyCyn Dec 20, 2005

    Hi OA! :) Happy Holidays to you too! XD
    Excellent wallie! Long time no see this kind of style from U LoL ^^
    I love Specially the COLORS *_* They aren't the "traditional" christmas colors, but still give the wall the Christmas Mood ;)
    A very original and different way to represent the holidays!
    Keep it up! +Favie

  12. okaasan Dec 20, 2005

    This looks fantastic! I love the colors. Thank you for sharing this and have a Merry Christmas. ^_^

  13. Akaiken Dec 21, 2005

    A Happy Holidays before anything else. :D

    Hmm... this is kinda lonely but I like the atmosphere. Simple... and yet good.

  14. Sir-Boingal0t Dec 21, 2005

    that thing on the cake is pretty cute >xD
    very cozy indeed

    g00d stuff!

  15. benni Dec 21, 2005

    beautiful job~ its a very cute wall if i do say so myself XD keep it up and happy holidays to ya (and everyone else of course;) )

  16. zaira Dec 21, 2005

    i love it! she's soo cute! i like the small cake! looks very tasty! XD i love the snowy effects and the lighting around her! :D +fav!

  17. Milkiyo Dec 21, 2005

    hahaha..funny poem n.n
    throwing poop >3
    the wall is nice but it looks a bit too plain around the girl..the shadows are nicely put and the cake.. n.n I'm hungry now..food.. XD
    hey..that's a kawaii scan XP

  18. studio Dec 21, 2005

    Ooh christmas wall - very nice. I have the original scan from a chinese mag actually. Simple, but as always - a nice feel.

    <33 it.

  19. quantixar Dec 21, 2005

    Cute x-mas wallpaper. The best thing in x-mas is these amazing wallpapers. Thank you and good job!

  20. rythem Dec 21, 2005

    eeeh ? @_@ *rubs eyes* is it just me but her hat is ... glittering ? O_O

    lol neways ~ nice simple wallie na OA ~ nice quality n colours ~ X3

    edit --> nope .. no glittering .. XD it was my pc screen .. *__*

  21. levezzali Dec 21, 2005


    great one this wall, hehe I liked very much, the scan is sweet, hehe...

    btw, thanks for the compliments, and have happy holidays you too! merry christmas and a happy new year!

  22. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Dec 21, 2005

    Still the king >o<,simple but very nice wall,with small but very detailed stuff [like those lights],like rythem says,there is something weird with that hat,anyway nothing more to say,except happy holidays -takes the cake and runs away into his hide-

  23. chingetscook Dec 21, 2005

    Nice, simple clean, but not plain, thanks for posting I will add this one to my favorites.

  24. Axelerate Dec 22, 2005

    Nice wall, it's a tad grainy though, but I'm not sure if it was intended

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