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no, no... was watching lunar legend: tsukihime when drawing this (in ref. to the doodle) >_< ..this is a doujinshi from 'to heart'... haven't watched it yet - but the first time i saw this scan, i knew it'll be just a matter of days before i try my hand on it.. OX (that thing on her hair, her seemingly careless pose..etc) really enjoyed giving effect on the trees. T_T (hai, hai honto ni tanoshi desu) :sweat:

this is for the folks who's been very supportive of the douj's i make in my short stint in MT. :)

domo arigatou gozaimasu!

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  1. unicorn2006 Retired Moderator Dec 18, 2005

    Ohh another beautiful sketch by you :) I like how the background creates a complementary mood and helps bring out the character. Do you also do still life pencil drawings? I didn't see any in your DA account, but I think you'd be good ^^

  2. kyohimura Dec 18, 2005

    Oh my..... is that wind blowing back there? looks terrific!
    the shaind is the most outstanding of it as always.
    I like her blushes :nya:
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. BlkLotus Dec 18, 2005

    wow again you do amazing work! please keep it up and submit more. you should do a winter one if you can!
    anyway must add to favs list

  4. Milkiyo Dec 18, 2005

    the bg and girl..I like ur style^^
    it looks really artistic with that strong brush and stroke of work..
    n.n keep it up!

  5. Kiako Dec 18, 2005

    nice drawing, the chara's pretty and the shades are good since u used lots of different tones.
    and the background fits to the chara
    keep it up

  6. jasaiyajin Mute Member Dec 18, 2005

    the shading and line etching ability is very manga/comic rough draft type of techinque... it's like the sketch before the final product, very nice.

  7. DarkShinobi223 Dec 18, 2005

    I love it as much as your other works!
    The details on the skirt, shirt, and the breeze in the background...........
    Hey, what is that thing you drew on the left bottom corner?
    An egg?

    Plus, your shading is very good.......
    Add to favs *click*

  8. nolove Dec 18, 2005

    wow, awesome doujinshi from you ^^, I'm always ur fan ><, how can I draw such beautiful like this ><.
    Add to my fav for sure ^__^

  9. EternalBlue Dec 18, 2005

    Awesome sketch as always ^^. I totally love your anime sketches xD. I wish I could draw like that :D +fav

  10. cybergirl Dec 18, 2005

    Aww, she's so pretty! I hate you, grrrr!

  11. melonbrust Dec 18, 2005

    Its beautiful.. youre very good at this ^^ I love it

  12. studio Dec 19, 2005

    Love the skirt there. The folds and shading around the waist are good. Hair needs the same amount of time as the clothes though XD DOn`t you like doing the hair? Rofl. Looks good.

  13. Aki18 Dec 19, 2005

    Hey... Nice background! dunno how you did it but it sure looks swell!
    I see you have added a bit of your own style in drawing this picture instead of plainly following the scan.. and i really like that, sorta reminds me of those freelance cg artists who draw characters from many animes but with their own little flavour...

    Cool job!

    Anyway... I was about to say that the skirt was short but i realised since this iwas toheart it was meant to be like that... the fussy me does not spot any errors at all...
    GReat JoB!

  14. fudgeCake Dec 21, 2005

    ur great!

  15. Devildude Dec 23, 2005

    amazing indeed, u captured the feeling of the character well, it is beautiful, much cleaner than your other doujins, and this one has a BG to match. The shadows are very beautiful, character shape is perfect, overall effect and feeling is great. A fav!

  16. CosmoStar Dec 24, 2005

    Thanks! This is perfect! You scored one more point with me! The trees are just perfectly shade! I love your sketchy style, for me is so delicious to look at your art! Congrats!

  17. nostyle118 Dec 25, 2005

    Hey chisai. I love this. The shading is really awesome. Plus the cool background. Hindi tao! Deserves a fave. Sige na.

  18. SilentNymph Jan 02, 2006

    You have my deepest admiration for what you do. The way you play with textures and drawing tehniques. I would really like to discuss with you this thing that me and a friend are trying to put together and in which your help and participation would be really appreciated.

  19. yuna92 Jan 11, 2006

    woooo nice work! I really like it you're talented! ^^

  20. LeeAnn Feb 24, 2006

    kawaii! short skirtz! weee!
    this is just great!

  21. celestial-Ceres Mar 14, 2006

    This looks so great^^
    The shading is perfect^^

  22. diana64331 May 31, 2006

    keep it up

  23. PrairieDogGuy2006 Jul 27, 2006

    She is soo kawaii ! I wonder what this sweet onna isw thinking of ? By the looks on her face, she is pondering what to do or what to say. It sounds like she is thing of an answer, the answer will not be favorable.

    I am not too knowledgable of the anime/ manga series "To Heart 2", from what I see, this kirei onna comes to life ! Honte ne !

    I honestly like how you used the pencil (s) to make your lines go in different directions to create the subtle shading. Love the creases in the fabric Chisaikame san ! You have a real knack to make the details of the person/ clothing come alive. To me, this has a sensual feel to it. I want to not touch the fabric this onna is wearing. Forgive me for being silly, I want to touch her hand or her face ! That's how real she is to me, "a Grazer !" When an illustrator can use different levels of shading to get a sense of realism out of a pencil, to create an image of the person (subject), to me, it's like seeing alittle of that person's soul coming alive w/ the brightness of the ONE above !

    The clothing she (Onna) is wearing is awesome, Makes me think of the school outfits the "Nihonesque onna no kodomo wa kirumasu desu". Very kawaii, very sekushi na ! He ! He ! He ! The background has a gentle feel to it, by keeping the B/G plain, you are allowing the viewer to focus on the subject, I like alot !

    I notice on some of your illustrations, there is a rather kawaii little fellow w/ a vice on his head. I can only imagine he is getting a headache because there is a "C-clamp" on his head, ow !

    I have enjoyed viewing your artwerk Chisaikame san very much. "Arigatoo Gozaimasu Chisaikame san !"

    merged: 07-28-2006 ~ 03:59am
    Gomannasai if my spelling is not 100 %, that's where a "spellchecker" will come in handy !

  24. skysoldier81 Sep 27, 2006

    i really like your technique great stuff ^___^ +fav

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